Ykbulk Review: Is This Really An Effective Alternate To YK11 Myostatin?

Medically reviewed by William Gonzales, MD FACT CHECKED

If you are searching for a first-hand user experience with the consumption of Ykbulk consumption, then this Ykbulk review could be just for you.

I have added my experience and consumption results as well. Hence, you could find some of the useful pointers here if you read this Ykbulk review until the very end.

Also, I have discussed with the health professional post which, I am compiling my experiences through this write-up.

Ykbulk is claimed to be the alternate of YK11 Myostatin Inhibitor and is manufactured by brutal force. It is said to have the growth-enhancing power of YK11 Myostatin Inhibitor, which is the synthetic steroidal selective androgen receptor.

At the same time, it has been added to the list of prohibited classes of substance and prohibited methods by WADA and IOC.

Consumption of YK11 Myostatin Inhibitor might show a number of side effects such as liver toxicity and excessive hair loss.

At the same time, you might also experience an elevation in blood pressure in the initial days of consuming YK11 Myostatin Inhibitor. Also, this study suggests that the myostatin inhibition did not increase the strength of the mouse.

Hence, you could say that due to these reasons Ykbulk was brought in, as YK11 Myostatin’s alternative.

Also, the manufacturer states that could prove to be more effective. They also state that Ykbulk enhances workout sessions and helps that, in turn, helps in gaining muscles.

How Ykbulk Works?

Regular consumption of Ykbulk may boost morale that could help you in experiencing limitless gains and may also improve stability.

According to the manufacturer, these properties are included in Ykbulk with the help of all the ingredients used.

It might as well help your body in pushing the limits as a result of which, your body would try its best to enhance the weight-training process that could result in a proper muscle gain. This has been possible because of the fact that Ykbulk also tries to improve blood circulation.

Ykbulk is claimed to surpass the power of YK11 Myostatin Inhibitor with the help of natural testosterone boosting ingredients included in the manufacturing process.

You may also feel muscle hardness due to rapid growth and might also be able to achieve a bulky physique with the help of regular consumption.

With the proper exercise and dependent on a strict diet, it helps to experience a cut and dry look.

The manufacturer claims, consumption of Ykbulk, help to recover faster that leads to excessive muscle gain. Recovering muscle tissue and maintaining stability that would help you in reducing anxiety issues and fatigue.

Ingredients Used In Ykbulk

  • Puncture Vine Extract

    It is also known as Tribulus Terrestris and is a natural supplement that contains various nutrients which may promote supplements to enhance muscle growth and form new muscle tissues and would eventually help in gaining more strength.

  • Bulbine Natalensis Powder

    It is also called Phyto ingredients, as it is derived from plants in all-natural habitats. Bulbine Natalensis may help in increasing testosterone levels and elevating the functioning of other hormones. An increase in testosterone levels is said to be helpful in gaining extreme size and strength.

  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCL

    It may enhance the oxygen supply to the muscle tissues by increasing blood flow and improving nitric oxide production. Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCL is also claimed to act as a mood energizer that results in reducing fatigue. Researches say, that the consumption of Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCL in healthy substances helps to enhance testosterone production.

  • Muira Puama Powder

    It is said to be used in health substances, that it helps to relieve joint pain, menstrual disorders, upset stomach, etc. Muira Puama Powder is also would be used as a general tonic and have a vital role in appetite stimulation.

  • Longjack powder

    It could help in boosting performance in athletics, bodybuilding, etc. It is claimed that Longjack powder cures high blood pressure and enhances muscle strength. Powder also may cure several other complications such as fever, malaria, ulcers,  cough, etc.

Why did I choose Ykbulk?

I, in my early forties, was really keen on bodybuilding and weight training. But since adolescence, I was very thin and skinny. I had a dream to compete at a body-building competition someday.

Due to my weak physique, could not register for the same. Now I was busy in my life, working at a corporate firm on a decent profile.

It was the time when The International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) announced a bodybuilding competition that is to be held in the city in the next eight months.  As soon as I got the information about the same, I was very glad that now my dream can be fulfilled and searched on the internet about the competition.

The chief guest of the bodybuilding competition was the person, whom I really admired. Now I was just waiting for the weekend to arrive so that I can start preparing and finding a suitable gym according to my needs. I found out that one of my friend’s mothers was a nutritionist. My friends and family were really supportive throughout the journey.

It was a Saturday, winter evening I moved out of my workplace and straightaway headed to meet the nutritionist at my friend’s place. We had a nice conversation regarding the body-building competition over a cup of coffee. She told me about the different kinds of foods that could enhance muscle growth naturally but could take years to build muscle.

Foods such as Eggs, Salmon, Chicken breast, Greek Yoghurt, Tuna, Soybeans, etc can help gain muscle mass naturally. She suggested I should connect with a gym trainer for a more detailed overview according to the body requirements. She gave me the contact details of a gym that was nearby to my friend’s place.

I immediately rushed to the gym, met a man with a huge physique standing in front of me. Later found, he’s the trainer. We sat together and had a nice conversation regarding the upcoming bodybuilding competitions.

I told him that I am fit and fine physically and mentally, just want to change my appearance in order to compete. He said, everything is possible and nothing to worry about, just time and patience is needed. Regular training and consuming a proper diet is really helpful, he added.

Then, he took me to the supplement compartment inside the gym and instructed a worker to pass on the Brutal Force’s Ykbulk, which is consumed mainly for muscle growth, enhancing strength, etc.

According to him, this could be the best health substance for me. I bought the product then and there. He said to meet one nutritionist and plan a diet chart accordingly.

I went back to my friend’s place and sat with the nutritionist for planning a diet chart. After two to three hours of brainstorming, I got my diet chart according to my needs. It was really a heavy diet plan to be followed.

By following the rigorous training program, consuming required foods and substances help me reach my goal. Now the time was around the corner for registering in the body-building competition.

My Experience Of Using Ykbulk

It was the first day of my training, felt like I’m eating every time something or the other. I felt really tired after the first day of my gym.

The next day, my whole body was sore, I was not even able to move my hands for normal day-to-day work. As the days passed in that first week, the muscle soreness went away.

This is how the first week of training ended. Not to miss, I was still thinking about my goal always energized me throughout the training process.

After every month as training was going on, the trainer used checked my weight and it always had a suitable increase.

This really motivated me further in order to achieve my goal. Having said all that, I could have some decent gains in my muscle mass as well. But according to my trainer, it is just a beginning phase for me and I have the potential to achieve much bigger targets.

Not to miss, I am still consuming everything according to the requirement. It has been six months of muscle gain i.e. bulking phase in the exercise program.

And I am really loving each and every day in the gym.

Benefits Using YKBULK

  • Extreme Muscle Growth

    After six months of training and following all the guidelines, I was able to gain some decent muscle mass and regular consumption of Ykbulk has also helped me maintain my muscle growth up to the requirement.

  • Rapid Strength Gains

    Consumption of Ykbulk also helps me in obtaining strength, which helped me in leveling up my bodybuilding game with the help of lifting heavyweights. It increased the performance intensity that helped me in working out for an additional hour without feeling much tiredness.

  • Enhanced performance

    Regular consumption of Ykbulk also helps me to increase overall performance. It encouraged me to spend more time in the gym working out. Enhanced performance was like a reward to my workout session, it gave a dopamine kick that has been helping me reach my goal easily.

  • Fast-acting formula

    According to the manufacturer Ykbulk consists of mostly natural ingredients, with that it started giving me initial results in a month or so. Being regular to the gym and the consumption helped me gain muscle and strength at a rapid pace. It has also been helping me reach my muscle strength potential, which played a major role in my overall transformation process.

Final Words On Ykbulk Review

Consumption of Ykbulk, as directed by my trainer helped me gain mass and enhance overall strength that helped me throughout the transformation process.

Now it feels really easy to maintain my physique, as I have developed my stamina to work out daily and spend hours in the gym.

My lifestyle has changed because I brought a number of positive changes to my day-to-day life. As a result of which, I am able to balance my professional and personal life.

I and my trainer are pretty positive that I would be able to compete in the competition may be somewhere around next year if I keep following the same routine or maybe tighten the loose screws here and there in the daily routine.

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