Vigorelle Review- Does This Enhance Female Libido?

Medically reviewed by Eleanor Thompson, MD FACT CHECKED

This Vigorelle review is an account of all the information that is related to this amazing female enhancement cream.

The way men suffer with erectile dysfunction issue females also get issues with the clitoral stimulation. And having sexual issues in your life is still a taboo in society. 

Moreover, nothing can be more disappointing than having bad performance on the bed, right? So If you want to overcome your issue just on the blink of an eye then read this review in one go.

Arousal cream like Vigorelle can help you to overcome the vaginal dryness issue very easily. This instant arousal gel can heighten the feeling of sexual desire in your body. 

I have also shared my personal consumption experience to make you understand better.  In this way you will be able to decide what best for you.


Vigorelle is an effective female libido enhancement that helps you to overcome all sexual health problems.

It comes with fully loaded natural ingredients that work effectively on your body. In this way it ignites your sexual desire and urge.

With increased age you might not be able to have frequent mood and desire of having sex. As a result your relationship with your partner hit the bottom. 

Moreover, the inability to make your partner satisfied also creates further problems. At this juncture Vigorelle plays a key role in maintaining your sexual health.

You can easily apply this cream on your intimate area. And it creates sensation around your skin and keeps you relaxed.

In this way you take more interest in having sex. And you are able to get the full satisfaction after indulging in sex. 

By using Vigorelle you can reach up to zenith of this satisfaction with your partner. Along with this it also improves your vaginal dryness, clitoral stimulation and also works as lubricant.

Additionally, you don’t have to make a schedule of taking pills and supplements. It’s too easy to have cream that is too handy to keep anywhere.

You can easily get away with the pain that occurs during penetration. In this way you would be able to get climax more frequently and explosively. 

And your partner will take you as a great lover as you are able to satisfy  him. Moreover there is no better way to satisfy your man on the bed.

How Vigorelle For Women Work?

When it comes to women vaginal dryness and lubrication is a common issue that occur while having sex.

And sometimes family, home, demanding careers also make your sexual desire worse. You don’t get a frequent mood and urge of getting into any sexual activity.

At this juncture Vigorelle plays an important role in keeping your sexual desire alive. Moreover its natural ingredients work on the core factor of your issue.

Vigorelle instantly glides a silky texture and cooling sensation around your intimate area after you apply this cream.

As a result the bloodstream near the clitoris gets very smooth and you are able to get the sexual tension.

Along with this it also increases your excitement level. And you are able to enjoy more while having sexual intercourse.

Moreover, even with a little touch and rubbing you can get orgasm very frequently. As a result you are able to approach your partner with full confidence and intensity.

Vigorelle works on your overall issues and brings the results very instantly. And take you to the next level of your sexual life.

Ultimately, it paves a new path towards sexual healing that helps you to learn the new sensation and discover pleasure.

It intensifies your intimate area and helps you to enjoy more orgasms like never before. In a nutshell you can truly transform your sexual health with its usage.

How To Apply Vigorelle ?

If you want to regularly use this cream, you are advised to use this cream before 35 minutes of your sexual activity.

But before you even touch the cream make sure you have washed your hands. This is because there are germs on your body and touching your intimate area like this may create infection.

So just to be safe and secure, make your hands clean. After that apply the recommended amount of cream to your genitals. 

Simply rub the intimate area just to make close contact with a sensitive part of your body. In this way you get more aroused and excited to have sex.

And just to intensify your pleasure you can ask your partner to run the cream on your genitals. In this way you can intensify your sex more passionate.

Additionally, you will be able to satisfy your partner more with frequent orgasm during foreplay. 

Vigorelle Ingredients

Ingredients of Vigorelle are the start of this female arousal cream. It works on the core issues of your problem and gives instant results.

It has a natural blend of magical ingredients that pose no side effect on your body. You can easily use this cream without having any doubt in your mind.

Below are the details of its ingredients-

L- Arginine

This is an important ingredient that makes your sexual life more pleasurable. It maintains the blood flow in your body.

With lack of blood flow you might feel tightness at the time of penetration. But this substance easily lubricates your intimate area. In this way you are able to enjoy sex more without any pain.

Aloe Vera Gel

You can easily find this substance in many beauty products. This is the reason it is very helpful in overcoming the issue of vaginal dryness.

It hydrates and moisturized you intimate area and help you to get read for your sex drive.

Damiana Leaf

This is a herb that help you to improve your sex drive. Damiana leaf make sure that you have enough lubrication while having sex.

In this way you can completely take over the control of your orgasms and satisfy your partner.

Ginkgo Biloba

It is another natural remedy that maintains the hormone balance in your body. This is because hormones play a key role in your sexual life.

With time and other factors you might not get the urge of having sex. But this substance enhances your sexual urge and also treats menopause.

Horny Goat Weed

This antioxidant substance improves your overall sexual health. You can find this ingredient in many erectile dysfunction pills also.

It increases the libido levels in your body. Along with this it also maintains your immune system and cardiac health.

Wild Yam

Wild yam is an essential ingredient in Vigorelle. This substance increases the androgen level in your body. 

And increase your sexual mood and energy level that keep you active and lively during sex.

Other Ingredients

Vigorelle cream also contains some other ingredients such as Suma roots, peppermint, Vitamin A, C & E and natural blend of oils. 

These ingredients work on several issues such as increased lubrication, reduce anxiety, and balance the hormones.

In a nutshell these ingredients work on your body in natural and organic way and improve your sexual health.

My Personal Experience with Vigorelle

In my college I have been a very popular personality. Every second boy used to approach me to be in their life.

But I already had a boyfriend so I never paid much attention to anyone. I used to be very happy but 5 months back I got some issues with my hormones. As a result my sexual desire was just getting low.

Whenever my boyfriend approached me for the sexual activity I used to feel very uncomfortable. 

And this thing was irritating my boyfriend. Even he was losing interest in me and getting apart from me.

This thing was making me tense as I didn’t want to lose him. It was high time to do something to overcome this issue.

Hence, I started searching for the ways to overcome the vaginal dryness issue. At last I finally came across Vigorelle.

Just to be on the safe side I researched little more and then ordered my 3 months subscription. After I got my package I started using this cream.

And the best thing with this product is that you don’t have to consume anything orally. All you have to do is apply this cream around your genital area.

In the beginning everything was pretty normal. Though there were hardly any effects in vaginal dryness and lubrication. But I was hopeful of getting the result.

So I continued its usage on a regular basis. And after the third week I was feeling some sensation down there. 

I was feeling aroused and craving for sex. It was like my pleasure reborn again. Just to check its  effectiveness I planned a special night with my boyfriend.

And it was truly steamy nigh full of sex. Every move of my boyfriend was making me feel heavenly.

Hence, I was truly satisfied with its usage.

Does Vigorelle Work?

If you ask me personally Vigorelle truly worked for me. And it might work for you. Its natural ingredients work on every aspect of the issue and provide you relief and satisfaction.

Along with this it truly changes the way you look at sexual health. You can enjoy a lot while engaging with your partner.

It works on  your body in a five way process that I am penning down here for better understanding.

Firstly, after application of Vigorelle cream the blood flow near your intimate area gets increased. As a result you don’t feel any pain during penetration.

Secondly, it works as a lubricant and enhance your sex drive. In this way you can enjoy multiple orgasms in one night sexual drive.

Thirdly, it relaxes your muscles around the clitoris and creates a sensation near your intimate area. This thing further increases your pleasure and satisfaction.

Fourthly, ingredients like Ginkgo Biloba maintain the hormone balance in your body. And enhance your mood and pleasure quotient.

Lastly, it brings back your sexual energy without any adverse side effects. And you feel intense pleasure every time you get indulge in sexual drive.

Hence, you can totally transform your sexual health and lift the mood of your partner with its usage.

Who Should Use Vigorelle?

Vigorelle is a female libido enhancement cream that is specially designed for women. Anyone who wants to enhance their sexual drive can use this cream. 

Moreover, you can also experience frequent orgasm and satisfaction after its usage. Although it’s a completely natural product, pregnant and lactating women are advised to not use this cream.

Also if you are using it on a regular basis make sure that your skin is not getting any rashes. In case if you are getting any itching problem just wash that area for more time and then reuse it.

Additionally it is also advised by many that buy this product only from the official website. In this way you can save yourself from any fraud and mishappening.

Many times you may get lure into the promotional offers of third party websites and end up with the wrong product.

So always make sure that you are buying the product from the official website. And if you are a regular customer you get many discount offers on your purchase.

Why You Should Use Vigorelle?

Usually in the market you can easily get any supplement or product that can help you to overcome your sexua health issue.

But if you want the fastest and efficient method to overcome the clitoral stimulation issue, then Vigorelle stands far ahead.

It is a 2 in 1 product that improves your vaginal dryness and lubrication issue altogether. Along with this it also enhances your mood and pleasure. 

And to get all its benefits you just have to apply this cream on your intimate area. Moreover  the rest of work will be done by the product itself.

You can easily enhance your self esteem and approach your partner with confidence.

At last the decision is all yours. Additionally when it comes to the effectiveness of this cream it truly depends on your body. As different bodies produce different reactions.


Vigorelle is applied on your genital area, underside of  the clitoral hood. It smooths the blood flow in your body and enhance sensitivity.

Vigorelle is 100 % natural and organic cream. It doesn’t pose any harsh effect around your skin.

You have to apply this cream before 35 minutes before you sex drive. It instanly reacts and produce results.

Absolutely not! You can easily buy this cream in both small and large quantities. Moreover, you get large quantity at cheaper price.

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