Total Curve Review: Does This Breast Enlargement Support Really Works?

Medically reviewed by William Gonzales, MD FACT CHECKED

In this Total Curve review, I have added a usage experience from a young girl who wanted to improve her overall breast health. Hence, she decided that she would work upon the same.

This is when she was introduced to Total Curve and she started using the same. As a result, she tries to bring forward her experience of using Total Curve and has talked about her results as well.

If you are also in the same situation and looking to improve overall health of your breats then you might want to be with me until the end of this Total Curve review. 

total curveThe Total Curve could be looked at as a natural breast enhancement system that might firm and elevate the breasts. According to the manufacturer, a Total Curve daily tablet and a Total Curve lifting and firming gel could really help you achieve great results.

According to the official website of Total Curve, it contains a blend of 100% natural phytoestrogens. This could help to increase the size and shape of the breasts.

Phytoestrogens are plant-based substances that are said to imitate estrogen in the body. This might improve firmness and raise the tissues of the breasts.

Total Curve could be described as a substance that combines powerful herbs and vitamins. As a result, it might promote breast care while also easing PMS and menopause effects, lowering arousal, and preventing vaginal dryness.

 The whole curve lifting and firming gel is the second portion. It is said to stimulate the cells in the breasts to plump up. The major ingredient in this gel is Volufiline, which could expand the size of the breasts by up to 8.4%.

 Volufiline is a chemical that could replicate liposuction’s actions. Volufiline contains sarsasapogenin, which might aid in the growth of fatty cells in the breast.

How Does It Work?

The manufacturer claims that Total Curve tries to work by layering up the skin tissues for a fuller, firmer appearance. It could aid in the retention of water and the growth of breast tissues.

The official website states that these pills include phytoestrogen, which could have estrogen-like effects on human bodies. This might aid in the firming and enlargement of the breasts.

According to the researchers of Total Curve, it is said to offer a wide range of nutrients, vitamins, and hormone balancers that could help with breast health as well as PMS, menopause, and other hormonal abnormalities.

 The whole curve breast augmentation gel could help to expand the volume of the breast by providing cell plumping action to the breast tissues.

 The key ingredient in this gel is said to be Volufiline. Sarsasapogenin, which is found in Volufiline, might aid in the growth of breast tissues as well as the number of adipose tissues in the breast. Both of these things could work together to give a bigger, firmer-looking breast.

Ingredients in Total curve

As per the official website, here is the list of the ingredients used in the manufacturing process.

  • Buckwheat leaves and flowers

    Buckwheat isn’t only a rice substitute for the allergic; it’s also said to have medicinal characteristics, such as lowering the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and gallstones.

    Buckwheat has recently been proposed to enhance collagen, the skin’s elasticity, which might help firm the breasts.

  • Fennel Seeds

    Fennel seeds could be considered to boost oestrogen, and they are said to contain the phytoestrogen we discussed before. It could be used to help women with menstrual problems for a long time.

  • Dong Quai Root

    Dong Quai Root might stimulate the production of progesterone, a hormone connected to breast development. It could also be used to improve blood circulation, anaemia, and blood pressure.

  • Volufiline

    The primary ingredient in the gel is said to be Volufiline, which is said to promote the fatty tissues in the breasts. It could make the breasts plump.

  • Aloe Vera

    Aloe Vera could be looked at as a sunburn reliever and all-around moisturiser that may be found in a variety of skincare products.

  • Algae Extract

    This could be described as Seaweed with a foul odour. But, this Seaweed is said to be beneficial to health. It contains minerals that might help trap moisture and may have anti-irritant qualities.

  • Caffeine

    Caffeine is supposed to fight free radicals (not the band) that degrade collagen and produce undesirable changes in our bodies. This could be the reason why it is said to be included as an ingredient in the total curve gel.

My Experience With Total Curve

I had saggy and small breasts from the very beginning. When I was in high school, my classmates used to make fun of me saying I looked like a boy as I had small breasts.

I used to get bullied every day for the same reason. By the time I reached college, I had lost all the confidence and started alienating myself.

I had no friends as no one used to talk to me. None of the boys were attracted to me. I lived all my student life like this.

I always used to search online for breast enhancement products and supplements that could help me out. But, every time I thought of giving some product a try, I used to come across negative reviews about that product. This kept on going for two more years.

When I started going to the office for work, one of my female colleagues told me about Total Curve and referred to it as a natural breast enlargement therapy. She told me that she got to see positive results after using the Total curve.

I was unsure whether or not it would work. So, I did some research on the supplement and got to know that the Total Curve daily breast enlargement plan included both natural breast growth vitamins and a natural breast lift cream that drew my attention.

Aside from that, although possessing a long list of promising ingredients, Total Curve products were fairly affordable and had many positive reviews.

 Then one day, I decided to buy it. I started taking it as directed.

My Experience With Total Curve

I used to consume the tablet every day and massage the gel regularly in circular strokes for better penetration. The first month went like a jiffy due to my exams & I was not able to track the progress.

The next month, I got a little breather, this is when I decided that I should start tracking the changes if there were any.

In the second month, I recognized that I had a little improvement in the size but I was still not hugely impressed. Anyhow, I kept on using the same as per the directions.

From the mid-period of the second month, I could really see a great improvement in my size. This really got me excited. Personally speaking, I never saw my breasts with such a big size and firmness.

As a result, I finally believed that it was actually working for me. Post the second month period, I was really a satisfied user of Total Curve.

I was ecstatic because my breasts became bigger and firmer with time. I got an attractive look because of the same. The best thing was the return of my confidence levels that went missing from my overall personality.

I still feel that with regular usage, I would be able to make my breasts even firmer. I personally now believe in this natural breast enhancement support.

I’m happy that I used the Total Curve because it presented me with positive results.

How To Use Total Curve

The manufacturer says that the pill and the gel are supposed to be used in this breast support system. The pill is said to be consumed two times a day. One could be taken with breakfast and the other could be taken with dinner.

They also recommend that Total Curve gel needs to be used twice a day. It could be massaged in circular strokes for deeper penetration.

Not to miss, the manufacturer claims that this is not a magic pill. It could take some time to show the results. For this very reason, I made sure that I am pretty regular with the usage.

Benefits of Total Curve

Using the Total Curve cream and pills improved the appearance of my sagging breasts by firming and lifting them. Since the entire curve products are said to be made up of natural substances, there were no major negative effects that I experienced.

Total Curve aided in the reduction of PMS and menopause symptoms. It aided in the treatment of my hormonal imbalances as well. Moreover, I found this product quite simple to use.

As Total Curve is a breast enhancement product, it helped me achieve a stunning& sexy look (according to my friends) without the use of any surgical breast implants, which is something I only used to fantasize about. But, this product gave me great breast shape and size.

This breast enhancement supplement ensured my natural breast expansion as it is said to have natural ingredients. It.was a really simple and straightforward procedure that finally helped me get a natural breast.

On the other hand, the amazing part was that I was able to achieve all these benefits without having to go through any breast surgery or pain at an affordable price.

Final Words On Total Curve Review

In the end, I would like to state that, when I decided that I need to work on my breasts, I was never fully dependent on Total Curve or any single cream.

I made sure that I am also following other natural procedures to support my breast growth. As a result of which, I also contacted a local gymnasium and asked the lady trainer for tips to achieve firmness in my breasts.

Hence, I also followed the gym exercises as well.

Not to miss, the nutrition part involved. I got myself tested for nutritional deficiencies as well. As a result, I made sure that I am able to fulfill all the nutrition deficiencies that I was able to know about.

In my opinion, with all these combined steps along with the regular usage of the Total Curve support system, I was able to observe all these benefits.

As a result, I am going to use the Total Curve gel and pill regularly and along with that, I would be continuing the gym and other nutritional fulfillment steps as well.

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