TestoGen Review – #1 Substance To Raise T-Levels Naturally ?

Medically reviewed by Lincoln Carington, MD FACT CHECKED

Selecting an authentic Testosterone booster from ample of available hyped products stay a quite tough task to accomplish. I myself struggled with this dilemma, hence I would like to share my personal opinion in this TestoGen Review.

From the beginning of my bodybuilding journey, I was aware of the fact that health supplements are essential for this regimen. 

Those who fails, always opt for harmful products in order to cut short their actual hard work.

However secret of successful body building lies in Healthy and safe supplements. These products do not work in a magical way like synthetic and illegal supplements.

Safe health supplements take sufficient time to show results as they work by naturally enhancing your body mechanisms. I experienced the results, when my body adopted the supplements gradually.


One such safe and legal supplement is TestoGen. I heard so much about TestoGen from various sources. Also, the composition of the same convinced me to go for it.

Here, I would discuss all aspects of the TestoGen Consumption and advise you to consider reading this article for knowing every detail about the same.

TestoGen is one of the most effective and safe Testosterone Booster in current market. 

The reason behind the popularity of TestoGen is its manufacturer. Wolfson Berg Limited is a well-known name for health supplements.

This supplement aims at naturally enhancing your T-levels without playing with your vital organs. All synthetic T-boosters out there destroys the essential organs by interfering in their normal functioning.

However, TestoGen claims to not initiate any such process that harms your body. It naturally pushes the testosterone generating glands to produce optimum level of Testosterone.

This way it removes the difficulty that your body faces because of low testosterone production. 

The perfect level of Testosterone maintained by TestoGen made it exceptionally famous among normal users as well. 

People who are not body builders and just want to balance their low T-levels, loved the goodness of TestoGen.

Why TestoGen ?

TestoGen contains the ingredients that over all forms a composition which is orally active. 

You could consume it just by swallowing a pill. This way you save yourself from painful and harmful injections and skin patches. 

As per product description, TestoGen have all natural and herbal composition. That’s why you need not to worry about getting a prescription for the same. 

It is completely legal and safe to buy TestoGen and you could start consuming it like any other health supplement.

Hence, it do not introduce any sudden activity in any part of your body. Injecting synthetic T-boosters surges your heartbeat and increase the risk of heart stroke.

TestoGen Mechanism

TestoGen stimulates the testosterone regulating glands and allows a better production of Testosterone. It do not poke the functioning of any vital organ including heart.

Unlike synthetic T-boosters which directly get injected into blood, TestoGen follows a complete digestion process and get absorbed by your body normally.

That’s why it do not create any cardiovascular disturbance and maintains natural protein retention. 

Also, your organs remain efficiently active even after using TestoGen in long run, which is not the case with Synthetic T-boosters.

You would observe a change in your stamina and energy level, but gradually. Additionally, it shows significant improvement in Sexual performance.

Low testosterone level degrades the sexual ability in males and everyone has to face this with ageing process. 

TestoGen Ingredients

The best part of TestoGen is that your body gets familiar to the ingredients quite quickly. You wouldn’t feel any uneasiness because of the consumption of TestoGen.

  • Nettle Leaf Extract

    It is also known as Urtica dioica. On high level this herb is quite famous for improving stamina and removing fatigue. Basically, that is the outcome of improved T-levels.

    The main impact of consuming Nettle leaf extract is surge in energy. It also have anti-inflammatory tendency that allows rapid recovery of bones, tendons and sore joints.

  • D-Aspartic Acid

    D-Aspartic Amino acid is naturally generated by our body. Its deficiency plays a significant role in lowering the Testosterone levels.

    Hence, increasing its intake would increase in testosterone production. It also supports protein retention. Thus high T-level and improved protein absorption allows better muscle growth.

  • BioPerine

    This is the bio available form of Piperine which is the pungent extract of black pepper. This possess thermogenic effects which help in increasing metabolic rate and provides energy boost for better workout.

  • Fenugreek Extract

    Fenugreek seed extract is a herb that popularly used for the correction of digestive issue. It aims at increasing metabolism rate for better fat dilution.

  • Red Ginseng Extract

    Ginseng extract is proved to have results in terms of improving male reproductive power. It do so by improving natural testosterone producing tendency of your body.

  • Minerals

    Involving minerals in body building supplements improves its ability for better retention of gained muscles.

    TestoGen contains minerals like Zinc, Magnesium and Boron. All these have combined tendency to promote weight loss, muscle gain and increase in testosterone level.

  • Vitamins

    Again a supplement without Vitamins in its content is incomplete. It contains Vitamin D3, K1 and B6.

    Vitamin deficiency could lead to muscle loss, hair loss and instant fatigue. Taking Vitamins would keep you energised and active.

My Journey With TestoGen

I personally took many Testoterone boosters before TestoGen. Some worked but most of them failed and wasted my money.

Initially I started T-booster for the sake of body building. I was so satisfied with the supplement I was using. As time went by, I started losing my muscles and felt so tired after every workout session.

People around me who used complement me for my body, started pointing out the degradation of my muscles.

I myself observed the loose skin and severe hairfall. That kind of bothered me and forced me think again about my overall regimen.


After observing my workout pattern for a week, one of my gym buddy John reached out to me. John informed me about low testosterone level being a potential cause of these problems.

Suddenly, a collection of all scenes where my wife complained of my poor sexual performance crossed my mind. I recollected all the facts and concluded that it is indeed low T-levels.

But I was extremely shocked as I was taking T-booster without fail. Then what led to this situation. 

John explained me that some T-boosters may remain less potent to fight with ageing and hence couldn’t help in maintaining correct T-level.

He shared his story that how he recovered from low testosterone issue and about his Testosterone booster TestoGen with me

I was so glad to get all this authentic advice and implemented that immediately. I ordered TestoGen from its official site and started following manufacturer’s recommended dosage.

Honestly Speaking, I observed the positive changes from 3rd week of TestoGen consumption but I wanted to make sure that those results were not temporary.

The first complement I got was from my wife regarding improvement in my sexual performance and suddenly everyone started praising me in gym as well.

TestoGen Results

With TestoGen consumption, I gradually experienced ample of benefits. I would like to sum up most of these in following results.

  • Rapid Recovery & Super Stamina

    TestoGen overpowered my previous testosterone booster and proved itself in terms of energy surge.

    As my performance was degrading day by day, TestoGen saved my body building career from falling apart.

    In just a month of TestoGen Consumption, I started working out with same pace and was able grab more weights for lifting.

    Also, I started feeling same energy and zero fatigue like I used to feel during my teenage years. Quick recovery rate pushed me to follow my exercise regimen without fail.

  • Improved Muscle Retention

    With improved stamina, I was working out vigorously that helped me gaining my muscles back. TestoGen supported Protein retention and hence I gained hard and real muscles again.

    Also the changes that are the part of TestoGen use are quite stationery and long lasting. It helps in water retention and maintaining lean muscles.

  • Improved Libido

    As I have already mentioned, my wife complemented for my sexual performance. I felt a positive surge in my sexual drive.

    Additionally, it improved my sleeping pattern and also helped in recovering from mood swings. Testogen also prevented the hairfall and improved the overall texture of my skin and hair.

My Recommended Dosage

In most the cases, I prefer following manufacturer’s recommendation. But if someone is new to overall supplement intake then in that case it would be advised to take a mild dosage.

As I have already mentioned, I was facing low T-level issues. Hence, I opted for dosage mentioned by manufacturer officially. That is 4 Capsules per day with water.

It is highly advised to take these capsules 30 minutes before the breakfast. Also it is a recommendation to workout daily and follow a calorie restricted diet in order to get maximum results.

Additionally, it is recommended to take Testogen without fail even on the non-workout days following same dosage.

For all those who never tried T-enhancers previously, should take suggestion from their trainers about the use and dosage of Testosterone boosters.

Side Effects

Honestly speaking, it’s been years of TestoGen consumption and I never faced any bad outcome of Testogen.

Initially I started with 4 Capsules per day and experienced excess sweating in comparison to normal days. I was under impression that maybe it’s an ill effect of TestoGen.

But later on my buddy John enlighten me with the fact that with improved T-levels I need to extract all the extra energy gained. I was working out more efficiently and hence sweating hard without fatigue.

I was surprised to know that, it was not at all a negative sign but actually a positive outcome of TestoGen and reflection of the fact that my T-level was improving.

However, it is recommended for you to have a detailed look of ingredient list before opting for any supplement. You might end up knowing about any component, that you are allergic of.


TestoGen show positive results within 2-3 weeks considering you are consuming TestoGen without fail. It is recommended to take TestoGen even on non workout days.

TestoGen is widely available on most of the E-commerce portals. However to prevent yourself from cheap and duplicate products it is recommended to buy it from official website

TestoGen is one of the most consumed and trusted natural testosterone booster. It contains no side effect causing substance and have positive reviews in terms of testosterone boosting.

No. It is suitable for people who are non gym goers as well. TestoGen basically aims at improving the enhancement of Testosterone production tendency of your body. Apart from body building, people with low testosterone issues widely consume it. 

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