TestoFuel Review – Benefits, Dosage, Ingredients & Side-Effects

Medically reviewed by Lincoln Carington, MD FACT CHECKED

You must have heard a lot about TestoFuel. Now you might be thinking whether TestoFuel is a genuine T-booster or just another hyped product. 

In current scenario of paid shout outs, it is quite difficult to find a genuine TestoFuel review.

Considering this point, I have decided to articulate my journey of TestoFuel consumption. 

I started using Testofuel after researching about the same on internet. I was so surprised to see body building celebs being users of Testofuel.

Though I know that there are paid promotions and testimonials all over the web but I have already heard so much about Testofuel’s goodness.

The bustle created for Testofuel in body building community, motivated me to give it a try.

In this TestoFuel review, you would get all the information about TestoFuel and my personal experience with the same.


Testofuel is one the most consumed T-enhancer all over the world. The manufacturer Roar Ambition are known for their high quality health supplements.

The all natural ingredients of Testofuel make it potent to improve the Testosterone level in your body. It do not contains any synthetic compound and that makes it highly bio available.

The bio available nature of TestoFuel makes it a legal and safe T-booster as it is orally consumable. You need not to inject Testofuel in your body like other illegal and synthetic testosterone booster.

However, being orally active do not make it less useful. Testofuel is indeed very powerful in terms of boosting T-levels and might help you tremendously in escalating your body building tendency.

How TestoFuel Works?

Unlike any other synthetic testosterone booster, Testofuel aims at increasing T-levels naturally. 

External Testosterone introduces chances of heart and kidney failure. As your body opposes the absorption of any external agent.

In the case of Testofuel, natural herbs and minerals stimulates the testosterone producing glands to generate more Testosterone. This Optimised testosterone flow benefits your body in numerous ways.

It’s like the body is getting younger and working in a more efficient way naturally. This increased Testosterone flow do not affect any vital organ as it stays the part of your internal body mechanism.

TestoFuel Ingredients

The composition of Testofuel makes it a safe and legal supplement which do not need any medical consultation or prescription.

  • Oyster Extract

    Oyster Extracts are quite rare but are exceptionally famous within body building community. 

    It is known for its natural tendency to improve sexual thrive and the hormone responsible for the same, that is testosterone.
  • D-Aspartic Acid

    D-Aspartic Acid is famous all across the globe for its testosterone improving ability. One of the main component of Testofuel, this amino acid boost protein retention tendency of your body.

    This is not an externally introduced substance, D-aspartic acid is naturally produced in our body and plays an important role in T-level maintenance.

    Hence, increasing the same would escalate the Testosterone level.
  • Fenugreek Extract

    FenuGreek is a common herb that is normally consumed all over the Asia. Extract from its seeds are involved in Testofuel components to improve the metabolic efficiency of your body.

    This helps in removing stubborn fat and allow you to gain lean and hard muscles.

  • Ginseng Extract

    Ginseng root extract is a herb known for its proven results in terms of improving male reproduction ability.

    It helps in improving Libido naturally which is an outcome of improves testosterone flow.
  • Minerals

    Minerals like Zinc and Magnesium are linked to T-level improvement. Also once your body absorbs them, it prevents water retention hence give you tighter muscles.

    Considering above qualities of zinc and magnesium, both are involved in Testofuel composition. This way you would get improved T-level along with curvy body.

  • Vitamins

    Tetsofuel contains Vitamin B6, K2 and D for strong bones, instant recovery and improving Testosterone production.

    Vitamin deficiency may lead to severe hairfall and bone rupture. Thus, it is highly required to consume Vitamin for better body building.

My TestoFuel Story & Review

Being a gym freak, I was aware of the fact that I need to use certain supplements in order to build and retain my muscles. 

Testosterone booster is one such supplement that you could not avoid to gain chiselled body.

Initially Testofuel was not my 1st choice for testosterone booster. I opted for a different product after reading some fake testimonials.

Just within a single week of consumption of that supplement, I felt a weird kind of uneasiness. I mentioned this to my fellow gym mates and they advised me to report to doctor immediately.

To my shock, my blood pressure was so abnormal and that was not a part of my medical history. 

I was so hesitant to mention anything to my doctor about T-booster that I was taking but for the sake of my health I spilled all the beans.

On knowing about this my doctor scolded me and alert me about synthetic substances present in that T-boosters. Also that product was blacklisted by FDA.

I was shattered about the fact that I missed these points and believed on fake testimonials. 

As I was not facing any low T-level issue, thus going forward I wanted to select a safe product. I researched for Testofuel use and ingredients thoroughly.

Each and every bit of it was so convincing that I opted for Testofuel. From first day itself,  I kept on monitoring my blood pressure for complete 2 months of Testofuel consumption.

From that day till today, I never experienced any health issue including blood pressure. All I got from Testofuel is sharp cuts and super energy.

Testofuel helped me a lot by improving my recovery rate, fat loss tendency, hard muscle retention and sex drive.


TestoFuel Benefits

After having a bad experience from synthetic Testosterone booster, I felt a different joy when I observed the positive results of testofuel.

Honestly speaking, Testofuel rejuvenated my body like never before. Also I have never experienced any side effect from its consumption.

  • Hard & Lean Muscles

    From the second week of Testofuel consumption, I have observed some significant gain in terms of protein retention. I was on same diet but there was a sudden mass gain all over my body.

    Testofuel enabled my body to absorb protein, Vitamins and minerals in a better and optimized way. Also, I started working out longer and harder as an outcome of Testosterone increase.

  • Beast Stamina

    Gradually Testofuel became a part of my body mechanism. It keep me energised all the time and using same power I started lifting heavier weights.

    It regulated my diet, improved the stamina and kept me motivated. This change in my stamina enabled me to workout for gaining lean muscles.

  • Instant Recovery

    It is quite a difficult task to push yourself for daily workout without fail. Initially, I used to feel tremendous pain all over my body because of post workout fatigue.

    But with Testofuel consumption, my bones got stronger and recovered quickly after injuries. Also I feel super charged and revitalised every morning. This helps in following my daily workout.

  • Super Libido & Confidence

    I didn’t started Testofuel for improvement in my sexual power but believe me this was something that carried away me the most.

    There was spark generated by TestoFuel in my sexual life which I never knew was missing. So improved libido is the extra chunk that I got from Testofuel use.

    All above that, it boosted my confidence and pushed me to challenge myself and stand out of the league.

Dosage Information

In terms of Dosage, what matters is an expert advice. I always prefer to stay on safer end when it comes to dosing any supplement. 

Hence, if you are a pro body builder or facing severe low T-level issue and then you could surely go for manufacturer’s advice.

Manufacturer recommends consumption of 4 capsules per day, which is completely fine and I have followed the same dosage all along my regimen.

However, beginners should consult their trainer before opting for this dosage. Normally, I advise my trainees to take 2 capsules per day.

Do not increase your dosage from 4 capsules per day in order to get quick results. Any supplement consumed in excess quantity may interfere with the normal functioning of your body.

Side Effects

As per my consumption story, I only experienced benefits from Testofuel consumption. Additionally, I have never heard any of my folks criticising TestoFuel.

I personally know people who suffered from synthetic and illegal testosterone booster consumption.

Synthetic Testosterone supplements leaves your vital organ permanently damaged and would surely land you in hospital.

So it is advised to take natural and safe testosterone boosters like Testofuel and completely avoid use of any illegal T-booster.

I have been taking Testofuel from past 2 years and thanks to its all natural composition, my organs are fit and running.


You might have seen Testofuel on sale over various e-commerce portals. However, it is recommended to buy TestoFuel only from its official website. This would ensure delivery of genuine product.

TestoFuel provides energy and hence the ideal time for taking it is 30 minutes before the workout. This way you would end up working out better.

It is recommended to take Testofuel for atleast 2 months for getting good results. However you would notice some positive changes from second week of continuous usage.

Testofuel contains 2300mg DAA per serving that is 4 capsules as per manufacturer.

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