Sustanon – Is This Really Capable Of Enhancing Your Male Sexual Characteristics?

Medically reviewed by Tuan Suarez, MD FACT CHECKED

In this Sustanon review, I have added my younger brother’s usage journey of this testosterone esters blend when he was in need to develop his male sexual characteristics.

I have added his overall experience with this medication along with all the changes he got on his body through the course of its usage.

However, if you are also someone looking for something that could enhance your testosterone levels, you might wish to continue reading this Sustanon review until the end.

sustanon reviewAs per the manufacturers, it is one of the anabolic androgenic steroids which might enhance your testosterone levels.

The term anabolic refers to muscle building and androgenic is related to the male characteristics.

Anabolic steroids are synthetic substances that could create variations in the male sex hormone called testosterone.

The manufacturers also claim that it is developed to be injected into men.

They also claim that it is one of the popular testosterone boosters among athletes and bodybuilders. Due to its easy usage and as the manufacturers mention that its usage could provide instant results.

Through your desired results, this might also overcome your testosterone deficiency and could further stabilize your testosterone levels.

Your ignited testosterone levels might help you in impacting your male characteristics such as body hair, growth of facial hair, enlargement of the larynx that might result in the deepening of your voice, etc.

As per the FDA drug safety, it is claimed that anabolic androgenic steroids for enhancing testosterone might be misused by adults, adolescents, athletes, and bodybuilders.

How Does Sustanon Work?

The manufacturers of Sustanon affirm that this chemical steroid might help you in vitalizing your testosterone levels. Further, it could also enhance your male characteristics.

They also claim that the regular usage of these testosterone esters might elevate your energy levels. It could also enhance your muscularity and fat burning.

The combination of testosterone substances such as testosterone propionate, testosterone phenylpropionate, testosterone isocaproate, and testosterone decanoate is present in the Sustanon.

Its blend could enhance your testosterone levels in the bloodstream Duerinf bodybuilding. It might also elevate your gym sessions.

Along with this, it could also enhance the absorption of nutrients required by your body while muscle building. As a result, this might also keep you energetic through the course of its usage.

Ingredients Used In Sustanon

  • Testosterone Propionate

    This is the androgen that might help you in dealing with the tendencies related to low testosterone levels. It could also enhance your liver metabolism. Further, this could improve your overall digestion.

  • Testosterone Phenylpropionate

    One of the androgen esters which could enhance your testosterone levels. Through the course of its usage, this might also reduce the complications regarding osteoporosis.

  • Testosterone Isocaproate

    It could help you by preparing the mixed testosterone levels. This might also help you in dealing with the complications regarding hyperthyroidism in men, reduced sexual desire, etc.

  • Testosterone Decanoate

    This might enhance your male sexual characteristics like body hair. It could also deal with certain complications arising in adolescents.

Why Was Sustanon Recommended?

My younger brother was in his mid-twenties. During his college days, he used to get embarrassed because of the negligible amount of facial hair growth and other appearance factors.

Due to this, he was bullied on the college campus. This was also severely affecting his mental health. As the days passed, it also affected his academic results.

One day, he refused to attend his lectures and didn’t go out of his place. I went into his room. He further explained to me all the complications and the humiliation he is facing for a few days.

He told me that, it was a Saturday noon. He was in the lecture hall. The teacher went out of the hall after finishing the lecture.

His male classmates surrounded him in a minute. Everybody was laughing at him. One of them slapped him and cussed continuously.

As the day went on, one of them came to him and started humping him from behind. He was crying and the teachers were also non-supportive.

So, he decided that he will not attend the lectures. Eventually, the college might cut off his name from the on-roll list. After listening to him, I was filled with anger and contacted the college authorities.

They hung up immediately. I consoled him and asked him about the use of any medication to enhance his facial hair growth if he is provided with the same. He smiled and said it could be great.

So I went on the internet to search for something that might help in improving his overall growth safely. After thorough research, I found this blend of testosterone esters called Sustanon.

I found this medication best suitable for my brother, the reviews were also impressive. It was a packet of injection vials. In no time, I ordered the Sustanon vials from the internet.

His Experience Of Using Sustanon

Within a week of ordering, the vials of Sustanon got delivered to our doorstep. He was happy to see that now he could get rid of the embarrassment that he was facing these days.

From these next day, he started using Sustanon as directed by the manufacturers. The initial weeks of its usage were normal.

He used to stay happy throguh its usage. It was making him a psychologically change person. Now it had been three weeks of regular usage of Sustanon.

But he was not getting any energy push as was mentioned on the manufacturer’s website. We were hopeful that he could get the desired changes quickly and might resume his college lectures.

After six weeks of regular usage of Sustanon, he was getting silent day by day. He used to be sad throughout like he was thinking something.

Further, his health kept deteriorating, he was experiencing sleepless nights along with the enhanced heartbeats. Someone told me that these are the initial symptoms of depression. I got worried.

Side Effects Of Using Sustanon

  • Sleepless Nights

    Through the regular usage of Sustanon, he was developing the habit of not sleeping in the night. Gradually, he was getting into the tendency of insomnia. As the days were passing, it was getting worse.

  • Uneven Heartbeat

    Due to less sleep and drowsy mornings, he used to experience uneven heartbeat throughout the day and night. It was making him more depressed and stressed.

Alternate To Sustanon

Immediately I took an appointment with a medical professional. Luckily, I got one for the later evening. We both went to him that evening.

As we reached and are called by the nurse in the cabin. Within a minute, we were sitting across his table. He asked about the ongoing complications.

My younger brother told him about his ordeals and told him that he is facing them for a few days. After listening to him, the medical professional told us about the reduced usage of Sustanon as a testosterone booster.

Later, he suggested considering Crazy bulk’s Testo Max replacing Sustanon. He further, told us that it is developed by using natural and chemical-free ingredients. So, it could be safe for my brother.

Along with this, he had also suggested enhancing his overall diet and considering nutrient-rich foods that might improve his consumption journey. It could also provide safe and quick results.

After the suggestion, I bought the bottles of Testo Max from their official website. Through the course of its consumption, it was like dream come true for him.

The initial weeks of its consumption were normal but afterward, it was magical. With this, he was also consuming nutrient-rich foods like oysters, pomegranate, ginger, leafy green vegetables, fatty fish oil, olive oil, etc.

This also helped him through the course of consumption. The signs of depression were also getting reduced gradually.

After regular consumption of Testo Max for a month, he was feeling more energetic than before, and exponentially, his facial hair was also getting observed.

Final Words

It’s been six months of him consuming Testo Max. He is getting into the muscularity signs. Now he has changed his college where he attends lectures every day,

Apart from this, he is now more confident and fit than before. After completing his consumption journey, h continued consuming Testo Max for more than three months.

It made him more focused on his life. Earlier, he used to get tired very easily. Now the tiredness and drowsiness, everything is a gone story for him like a nightmare.

This was also helping him with his studies and was now developing the habit of reading books. Recently, he also planned to write a book on his college life and all about the bullying incident.

He is now trying to work independently and applying for various internships. This is making him more productive and all the confusion has diminished.

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