Semenax Review- Does These Pills Are Legit To Use?

Medically reviewed by Lincoln Carington, MD FACT CHECKED

Are you looking for the ways to increase your sexual health? And despite your constant efforts you are still struggling? Then in this Semenax Review you may get answers to all your questions.

I will not only share my personal experience with you but also will tell you how this whole supplement works and could benefit you in the long run.

Hence, if you truly want to increase your semen capacity then make sure that you are reading this article till the end.

I have tried to cover each and every aspect of this supplement, so that you could be in a better place to decide whether you really need this supplement or not.

Though we all know that sex is an important part of our life, but we always forget to take care of that thing the most.

There are many supplements that come with fancy claims, you should always do your own research before using any.

This is the reason I am sharing my experience with you. Earlier many times I got stuck with the wrong supplement and affected my health.

Semenax is a male wellness offering that has been designed to help the intimate performance issues in men. 

In simple words semen is a liquid that is secreted from your body during sexual intercourse. And in any case you start suffering from hypospermia, you definitely need the advice of your doctor.

This is because less production of semen may affect your relationship with your partner. At this juncture your doctor might suggest you to take male enhancement pills.

It not only increases semen capacity but also increases your stamina. And with increased stamina you would be able to hold more for long during sexual intercourse.

Additionally, this product comes with natural ingredients that means there would hardly be any side effects on your body. 

If you are looking for something that could bring ecstasy and satisfaction in your sex life then you may consider trying this. Besides this you could take your intimacy level with your partner to another level.

Semenax Features

How Does Semenax Work?

If I tell you in simple words orgasm occurs in your body with some muscle contraction. And in this process mainly muscle around your penis and ejaculatory duct works the most.

As soon as this process progresses, orgasm occurs in your body. But orgasm lasts longer only when there is enough semen volume to release. 

At this point of time, Semenax plays a key role in maintaining your sexual intimacy. This is the reason that it has natural ingredients that make sure you would get all the benefits in the limited time period.

Many ingredients like L Arginine and nitric oxide increase the blood flow around your penis. That further helps in contracting the  muscle easily. 

And as a result you would be able to hold for longer period during sex. Besides this, the erection in your body and ejaculation power of semen also increase in your body.

And all of this only gets possible because of the perfect blend and balance of natural ingredients. Hence you would also see an improvement in your fertility levels in the body.

Ingredients Of Semenax

Semenax has a perfect blend of natural and unique ingredients that would compel you to use this product one and forever. 

These are so versatile and soothing that there is hardly any side effect on your body.

Swedish Flower

Not the whole flower but only the pollen grain of the flower is used in this supplement. This extract helps in reducing the inflammation and maximises the operational capacity of the prostate gland in your body.

It removes harmful cholesterol levels from your body as well as lessen the blood plasma levels. 

Moreover it also works an a mood enhancer in your body that makes you feel content and satisfied after sex.


It is an important amino acid. Your body could not make essential amino acids so you have to take the help of supplements to maintain its balance in your body.

This ingredient helps the testosterone to produce more semen in your body. 

Additionally, it also increases the blood flow near the shaft that means you would be able to hold for longer without any complication.

Butea Superba

This is a native plant of south Asian countries. The roots of the plant have many flavonoids and antioxidants. It helps in producing more amount of semen.

Along with this it also cures the other erectile dysfunctions of your body. Even if you are having low semen capacity since long this ingredient would double it in a very limited time.

L- Arginine Hcl

It is an important amino acid that increases the level of nitric oxide in your body. This element helps the blood vessels to relax which further results in a high level of blood flow near the shaft.

As a result you would get a fuller, longer, thicker, and longer lasting arousal stage. Besides this it also increases the volume of semen. 


This protein derivative has been used in many dietary supplements since ages. But it is a complete package for sexual health.

It increases the sexual desire, sexual satisfaction, erectile function and nocturnal penile tumescence.

With its equal amount in your body the desire for orgasm also increases. Moreover, you totally get free from the clutches of depression. And feel more content and satisfied after sex.

Epimedium Sagittatum

This super ingredient is also called horny goat weed. It is totally filled with aphrodisiac properties that make sure you would be sustaining for longer period.

This is the reason it is also popularly known as natural Viagra. Moreover, it also increases the level of testosterone in your body. 

You would see a great increase in your libido levels and better performance during sex. In a nutshell, it is a perfect ingredient that could cure all the erectile dysfunction without any harmful effects.

My Consumption Story with Semenax

You must be thinking what are the reasons that compelled me to try this product. So it was about the time when I made a hot girlfriend from my college.

Moreover, I am very peculiar about my health. I always make sure my weight is in control and other health conditions are in check. And the testosterone levels in my body were pretty well. 

I was able to hold it for a longer time during sexual intercourse. But I want to impress my girlfriend for more. As she love to try different position during sex. 

And to try different positions the amount of semens in your body should be more. So I was looking for different ways to tackle this problem. After researching for long I was unable to get much. 

Then one day one of my friends from the gym suggested that I should use Semenax. Moreover, he also told me how it helped him in satisfying her partner for a longer time. 

I was elated but was reluctant for its consumption. So to be on the safe side  I researched on my own and got a lot of positive feedback from its customers. 

So I ordered my own subscription and started its consumption. The first week consumption was pretty normal but there was hardly any change.

But I was hopeful of getting improvement in my sexual desires. And after the third week while having sex with my girlfriend I was able to hold for longer time. 

She was quite impressed with my performance. I must tell you it was a surreal feeling that I was able to satisfy her the most.

And this thing continues for a longer time. There was no going back since I used this supplement. I have become a permanent customer of it.

Semenax Pills

Benefits Of Semenax

When it comes to the benefits of this amazing supplement, it truly helped me in gaining what I always wanted to achieve. 

From sexual desire to erection levels everything was at another level. There was a total change in my personality. My girlfriend was impressed with me and I was also able to hold for longer time during sex.

And trust me If you would use this supplement on a regular basis and with adequate amounts you would also get a huge improvement in your sexual health.

Here I am penning down some of its benefits for your perfect understanding of how it may benefit you in the long run.

Enhanced Semen Production

I still remember the time when I used to have less erection and libido levels during sex. But the ingredients like Butea Superba and L Lysine make sure that I have enough semen quantity

This is the reason I love this supplement so much. You would never be out of semen capacity with this product. It would make your ejaculation load fuller and for longer time.

Longer Lasting Orgasm

A core fact of this supplement is that it may arouse you for longer periods. Unlike other Viagra this supplement alters the nervous system and give you more erotic benefits.

With the longer lasting orgasm you could satisfy your partner for a longer time and she would also get a heavenly pleasure with your performance.

Enhanced Pleasure

It is another benefit that hooked me to this product for forever. You would a feel different urge and desire for sex with your partner after its usage.

No matter what position you want to try with your partner there would be enough semen capacity in your body. 

And you would never get tired at any stage, this is because it maintains the testosterone levels and keep you energised during sex.

Long Term Satisfaction

Unlike other artificial compounds this natural blended supplement gives you stationary results. Even if you stopped taking it for a while the results would not wash away.

I am telling you from my experience, I never had any complication with its usage. 

How to use Semenax?

When it comes to usage I am pretty particular as I don’t want any severe effect on my body. So I followed the manufacturer guidelines.

Each bottle comes with 120 capsules or a one month supply. It is advised to follow manufacturers recommended dosage.

You have to take 4 capsules per day. But if you want you could start with less consumption. Once your body gets used to the supplement, increase it.

I have done the same. I started with three capsules per day and once my body got compatible with it I increased the dosage. 

But you make sure one thing that you never have to take more than the prescribed dosage, as it might affect your health.

Where to buy Semenax?

While purchasing any supplement, you should keep one thing in mind that you are buying it from authentic sources.

If you ask me I always make sure that I am getting it from the official buyer. This is the reason I bought it from the official website of Semenax. 

From buying from the official corner you could get rid from the thought of having any fake product. Along with this you could also get 67 days money back guarantee and many promotional offers.

You might find many websites that give a huge discount of 90% and much more. But please beware of them because on the name of discount they sell faulty and fake products that may harm your health.

Hence, the best option is to stay with the official website and have the satisfaction for a long time.

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