SBulk Review- Really #1 Safe And Legal Alternative To Sustanon?

Medically reviewed by Eleanor Thompson, MD FACT CHECKED

This SBulk review contains the details of my personal consumption experience. I have consumed this supplement for 3 months. 

In this way, you would get authentic results and experience stories in this review. Hence, you would also come to know the post usage results in this review. 

Furthermore, I have also added some basic details and ingredients list in this review. I am pretty sure that after reading this review, you would decide better regarding the purchase of this supplement. 

So if you are sailing in the same boat and struggling to maintain your muscle mass, then you might be interested in reading this review. 

Before telling my personal experience, let me tell you about some basics of S Bulk.

SBulk is a natural testosterone booster compound that is designed to maintain physical stamina in men. 

It Is manufactured by the company Brutalforce and is claimed as a safe alternative to the powerful steroid named Sustanon250. 

In the market, you would easily get many steroids like Sustanin250 that might accelerate your efforts but these products also pose serious threat issues. 

This is the reason it is important to choose a supplement that is safe for your health and body. 

And manufacturers of SBulk have claimed that SBulk is one of the natural and safe testosterone boosters. 

It is formulated in a way to bring the desired results in a limited period. And it doesn’t pose any pressure on your body, very effortlessly it enhances the anabolic activity of your body and helps in improving your health. 

Additionally, the ingredients of SBulk are in optimum amount. In this way, you would be safe from any potential side effects. 

This supplement naturally works in your body and along with physical health, it also enhances the sexual stamina of your body. 

Due to this reason, it is one of the favorite choices for many bodybuilders and it continued to gain popularity as per manufacturers. 

What Made Me choose SBulk?

I have a lean body since my childhood. And I never paid any heed to gain the muscle mass. 

Last year I newly joined the college and everyone was here with huge muscle mass and strength. 

However, I was okay with my body but soon after some time, it started taking a toll on my health. 

All my friends started teasing me for my lean body and even girls started making fun. For a long, I was looking for a girlfriend but I was unable to get a little attention. 

All these things and social stigma were affecting me very badly. Hence, I decided to do something about this. 

I started with a regular exercise plan and a balanced diet plan. Moreover, I continued doing this for a month. 

But despite my constant efforts, I was unable to get better results. I needed something to push my efforts a little. Hence, I shared my dilemma with my friend. 

He told me to add some testosterone booster to my daily routine. 

Moreover, he shared his experience with SBulk that how it transformed his body naturally. 

I was excited to know that there is a supplement that could help me in getting a well-built body. 

How Does SBulk Works?

There is no complex process involved in the working procedure of SBulk. This supplement works well due to the presence of quality ingredients. 

These ingredients come with such effectiveness that they help you in getting the desired results at a faster pace. 

There are many vitamins and minerals in this supplement that provides you with enough energy for your daily workout regimen. And these minerals also enhance your immunity to fight against injuries and disease. 

Additionally, the ingredients like Nettle leaf extract and D Aspartic acid enhance testosterone production in your body. 

With the increased level of testosterone, it might get easier for your body to maintain the gained muscle mass with limited efforts. 

Besides, many other ingredients of SBulk also reduce the production of estrogen in your body as it is a female hormone that is not needed in the male body. 

Along with enhancing muscle strength, this supplement also works on increasing the sexual stamina of your body. 

In this way, you might be able to enjoy your sex drive without any trouble. It works on your overall sexual health and enhances your sexual stamina in no time as per claims.

Overall, this supplement has the potential to enhance your health naturally in many ways as per manufacturers. 

SBulk Ingredients

The ingredient of SBulk is the USP of this supplement These natural ingredients are tested and researched well before use. 

And it has shown its effectiveness in improving people’s health. Hence, you might experience considerable change with regular usage. 

Here is the list of its full ingredients

D- Aspartic Acid

It is one of the vital ingredients in this supplement. This ingredient can enhance testosterone production in your body. 

And many types of research have also proven that it enhances testosterone production and helps in gaining muscle mass. And with the presence of amino acid, it increases the effectiveness and enhances the pace of getting the desired result. 

Fenugreek Extract

You could easily find this ingredient in many supplements due to its multiple benefits. This ingredient helps in burning the fat level from your body. 

Along with this it also enhances the testosterone level in your body. In this way, it energizes your body to lift heavy weights at ease with fewer efforts. With all these benefits you might end up getting bulky muscle mass. 


This ingredient comes with thermogenic properties. In this way, it enhances your body temperature. As a result, when you work out you lose more calories than regular. 

And that’s how you lose more weight at a faster pace without losing muscle mass. Moreover, in many studies its is proven that it helped many people in dealing with obesity. 

Ginseng Red Powder

It is an important ingredient in this supplement that enhances the nitric oxide production in your body. 

With increased nitric oxide, it enhances and balances the oxygen level in your body. And this would eventually result in increased strength and stamina. As a result, you would find considerable change in your body. 


In SBulk, you would find a range of vitamins that would maintain your energy level. And these vitamins are B6, D3, & K1. 

These vitamins work on your bone and muscle strength and keep it healthy, In this way, it enables you to leverage the benefits of this supplement and in enhancing your muscle strength. 

Besides, these vitamins also enhance your body’s metabolism and it gets easier for you to maintain your weight with ease. 


This supplement also comes with a range of minerals such as Zinc, Magnesium, and Boron. 

These minerals enhance the testosterone production in your body that results in an excess amount of energy.

Moreover, these minerals come with anti-inflammatory properties and enhance your health in many ways. 

Besides these minerals also works on your mental health. These keep you away from mental strains such as anxiety, and depression. 

And it also enhances your sleeping pattern so that your metabolic rate is effective even while you sleep. 

SBulk Review: Personal Consumption Story

As soon as my friend told me about SBulk, I couldn’t wait for more to use it. But I already have some pre-medical conditions, so I was confused to purchase it. 

As I did not want to affect my health in any way. Hence, I contacted my physician and consulted with him regarding the purchase of SBulk. 

After getting the green signal from him, I was in relief that I would be safe while using this product.

But just to sure enough I searched a little about this supplement on the internet. I was spellbound to see the testimonials and how this supplement helped people in many ways. 

Hence, without any other doubt, I ordered the supplement. And after getting the same, I started using it.

And to get more advantage from it, I enhanced the workout routine and also started taking a balanced diet plan.

However even after doing the same for one month, I was unable to see any significant changes in my body muscle mass and strength. 

This result was kind of demotivating for me. But I continued my efforts as I wanted to get that bulky and fuller muscle body. 

Then one day in the gym I did arm wrestling with my partner. And I was able to win three rounds in one go. 

This was kind of new for me and I was happy to see my strength and stamina. Since that day I was able to see a considerable change in my energy and strength levels. 

I was able to lift heavy weight with ease. And within two months, I was able to maintain the bulky mass without any trouble. 

Moreover, I was enjoying the attention I was getting in college as it was a new experience for me. 

SBulk benefits

 If I tell you from my personal experience, it was a revolutionary change for me. I got the results, I was looking for. 

Additionally, there were hardly any side effects during my usage. SBulk truly changed the way to transform your health naturally. 

But yes results might be different for various people. I was able to get a range of benefits, you might get all the results with proper strategy and planning. 

Here I am sharing some of its benefits that might give you a clear picture of this supplement. These are-

Enhance Testosterone level

This is one of the first things I experienced with the regular usage of SBulk, It enhanced the production of testosterone hormone in my body. As a result, it was easier for me to handle heavyweights in the gym.

With this benefit, I was able to maintain my bulky mass and strength easily with fewer efforts. 

Increase Energy Levels

Before the usage of this supplement, I used to be very weak and fragile even after little exercise. But SBulk transformed my energy levels naturally. 

The quality ingredients of this supplement helped me in maintaining my energy level for my daily exercise routine. Even after a heavy workout, I was feeling relaxed and fresh for my day-to-day activities. 

Improve Metabolic Rate

With the regular usage of SBulk, I have also observed a change in my metabolic activity. It helped in the equal distribution of fat across all over the body. 

With an enhanced level of metabolism, it was easier for me to burn calories at a faster rate. In this way, I was able to maintain my muscle mass for a longer period. 

Safe & Legal

Unlike other supplements and steroids, SBulk stands apart due to its natural ingredients. These ingredients works naturally and with efficiency and enhance your health naturally, I have personally experienced the same during my usage. 

And you would not have to take the pain of injections and syringes. All you have to do is add this supplement to your daily routine to get the desired results. 

Where to Buy SBulk?

If you ask me personally, this is one of the most important steps if you are adding any supplement to your daily routine. 

Usually, in the market, you would get many options to purchase the supplement at a cheaper rate. 

But there would be no authenticity that you would get an authentic product. Hence, in this scenario, it is better to buy the supplement from the official website only. 

While purchasing the supplement from the official vendors comes with other benefits such as customer support, promotional offers, and bulk order option. 

But above all, you get the surety that you are using an authentic product and it would not harm your body. 

Moreover, manufacturers have also advised following the guidelines provided regarding dosages and consumption. 

By following the same guidelines, you would be able to get effective results without any side effects. 

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