Roman Hair Loss Treatment Review: Should You Really Take Chances With This One?

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Recently, there has been a surge in the queries regarding Roman Hairloss Treatment.

As a result, in this Roman Hairloss Treatment review, you would be able to know about a story from one of the readers who used their services.

Hence, you would be able to make yourself aware of the first-hand experience when it comes to Roman Hairloss Treatment.

Most importantly, this writeup has been reviewed and additional information has been added by the medical professionals.

roman hairloss treatmentRoman hair loss treatment is a hair loss treatment provided by Roman. Roman is a telehealth brand that was founded in 2017.

The brand primarily focuses on the health and treatment options for men. As per the official website, they have thousands of customers use their products to date.

This is because the brand includes licensed doctors from all over the United States of America. The Roman hair loss treatment formula may primarily focus on the hair loss problem in men, its different causes, and solutions.

Roman Hair Loss Treatment: Step By Step Working Procedure

When you enroll yourself for the Roman hair loss treatment you could get its services at the comfort of your home.

All you need is a phone or a computer to connect with your doctor. This is because the brand, Roman has made it possible for you to seek online consultation regarding the treatment of your hair loss.

Then you are connected with a licensed doctor over a phone call by the company. You may need to answer certain questions related to your health.

These doctors might even inquire about the symptoms of your hair fall or its history. Once they get information related to your symptoms and hair loss history, they may choose the best treatment option for you.

After this, you could follow up with the doctor by using the secure messaging feature of the company’s portal. The best aspect of this treatment is that you do not need to visit a doctor for treatment or medication.

Everything could be done over a phone call and you could even receive the medicines at your doorstep. This is because the brand, Roman makes it possible for all the users to seek online consultation for their hair fall treatment.

To make sure that the medicines which reach your doorstep are safe, the company guarantees good packaging and free shipping for the medications. Not only this, but you may even take up the free follow-up ongoing care of the brand.

Roman Hair Loss Treatment Methods

In today’s era, hair fall has become a common problem in men. There could be a plethora of reasons for hair loss, which needs to be treated all at once.

This is possible with the help of Roman hair loss treatment. The brand could help you in your treatment with the following treatment methods, that relate to the major cause of your hair fall.

  • Minoxidil

    One of the methods that could help to treat your hair loss is minoxidil. Minoxidil may even be called by the brand name Rogaine. This is one of the best treatment options that could help the males with their pattern hair loss issue. Under the minoxidil process, you might be given an oral blood pressure medication to treat hair loss at the crown.

    Due to this, the minoxidil method could even encourage the blood flow to the hair follicles that are initially weak due to the lack of blood.

    An augment in the blood flow could help the hair follicles by providing them with more oxygen and nutrients. This further leads to hair strengthening. Besides this, minoxidil might even help to enhance the growth stage of a hair follicle.

    Hence, the topical treatment of minoxidil could help to regrow your hair by about 5%. The application of minoxidil is quite easy and safe for men. All you need to do is wash your hands before applying for the medicine.
  • Finasteride

    The technical name of this medication is 5-Alpha reductase inhibitor. The major function of finasteride is to stop the functioning of an enzyme known as 5-alpha reductase. This enzyme may be generally responsible for thinning hair growth.

    The reason behind this could be because 5- alpha-reductase might transform testosterone into the male sex hormone. This male sex hormone, known as dihydrotestosterone, or DHT may be responsible for the baldness prevalent in men.

    So finasteride could block the DHT in your body to prevent the thinning of your hair. However, you may see the results of this treatment only after some time. The reason behind this is because once the thinning of the hair stops, your hair follicles may take time in the growth of new hairs.

    Hence, you could see the positive effects of finasteride after three to four months. This treatment method is quite safe. So, you may choose it.
  • Minoxidil and finasteride

    The doctors at Roman may even suggest you a treatment method that combines the effects of both minoxidil and finasteride. By consuming both these drugs simultaneously, you may treat your hair fall.

    According to the brand Roman, the combination of minoxidil and finasteride is one of the most robust treatments related to hair loss. However, the doctor may suggest you this treatment only if you are liable for both.

    Generally, the root causes of hair fall may be different in different individuals. So the combination of both these methods may enhance your chances of controlling hair loss and promoting hair growth at the same time by taking care of the root causes.

    The reason behind this could be because minoxidil could help in growing the hair. At the same time, finasteride could help in stopping the hair fall at your hairline. As a result, both the combined hair treatment methods could help to stop your hair fall or hair thinning.

    The best aspect of this combined method is that both the particular drugs finasteride and minoxidil do not interact or react with each other. So there could be no risk associated with this mixed treatment.

My Experience With Roman Hair Loss Treatment

The cherry on the top of my cake of personality had always been my hairstyle. I was always appreciated for my hairstyle until I crossed 35 years of age.

It was since then that I have been facing severe hair fall issues. Initially, I did not care about my hair fall and thought that it would stop after some time.

However, this did not happen and my hair fall continued itself all over time. It was then that I realized that this has become a concerning issue for me.

There was a phase in my life during which I was only concerned about my hair fall. It was only after last year that I started noticing a drastic change in my hair fall pattern.

Then I started researching on the Internet all about hair fall and the different supplements that may help to stop it.

I also started the general solutions like avoiding smoke, eating a healthy diet, and then making sure about the amount of my protein intake.

But these solutions also did not work out for me. Then I had a word with my colleagues.

On further research, a number of internet articles also suggested that the cause of my hairfall  might be related to alopecia as well. This really made me anxious.

This is when, one of my friends told me about the Roman hair loss treatment.

I was quite intrigued by their services due to their online consultations and their convenience. So, I surfed the net to know more about the Roman hair loss treatment.

Since the price of the treatment was not quite high, I thought to give the Roman hair loss treatment a try. Today it has been four months since I am trying the hair loss treatment of Roman.

The results of this treatment are remarkable. For four months, my hair loss has completely stopped. In the past, the thickness of my hair was reduced.

However, the Roman hair treatment solution has made me free from this. So now I have gained back the thickness of my hair.

My hairline had also been reduced from the sides. This was one of my major concerns. But the specialists of Roman have taken care of this and I have seen regrowth in this area.

So whenever I meet my old friends, they compliment me again about my quality hair. They tell me how I have the same level of hair that was during my 20s.

At the same time, the specialists at Roman have also recommended that I should eat a healthy diet full of proteins.

Since I have only completed my initial four months, so this is just the start. I am quite happy with the results and looking forward to more.

Roman Hair Loss Treatment: Benefits

Since I have been a witness to the Roman hair loss treatment, I know its different advantages. Due to the different advantages, it becomes easy to opt for this hair loss treatment.

  • The biggest advantage of the hair loss treatment at Roman is that it is quite convenient. I could get my appointments scheduled with the doctors and hair loss specialists at Roman online. I did not have to wait in long queues for my appointment. All I needed to do was connect with the doctors on a call to get my online consultation fixed.

  • The three different hair loss treatment methods provided at Roman are quite efficient. So I did not have to lose my fortune in getting these treatments done. Besides being affordable, they are effective at the same time and did not put heavy pressure on my pockets.

  • I did not have any side effects after opting for the hair loss treatment at Roman. This is because I was prescribed the hair treatment only after the doctors had known about my medical history, symptoms, and other conditions.

Final Words On Roman Hair Loss Treatment Review

Personally speaking, the hair loss treatment has proved to be quite effective for me. I feel like I am back in my 20s again and can flaunt my hairstyle.

At the same time, since the doctors at the Roman knew about my history, symptoms, and other conditions, they were able to suggest me the ideal hair treatment option according to my requirements.

As a result, I was able to achieve the most out of this treatment. Also, I am positive that, this treatment will continue to work for me for the longest time and I would be able to continue with my amazing hairstyle.

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