ProSolution Gel Review: Could This Really Enhance Your Performance?

Medically reviewed by William Gonzales, MD FACT CHECKED

In this ProSolution Gel review, I talk about me using this gel. I have also talked about my pre-usage and post-usage period.

Not to miss, the post usage period includes, results and changes that I was able to notice in myself.

As a result, if you are looking to enhance your sexual health naturally, you should definitely read this ProSolution Gel review until the very end.

ProSolution Gel could be described as a chemical stimulant that claims to provide a rapid solution for those with libido and erection performance issues when rubbed into the penis.

The fact that this product is available in a gel form might make it easy to use. ProSolution gel’s recipe is said to contain solely natural and extremely efficient ingredients. The ingredients used might be looked at as safe for health as well.

Ingredients Used In Manufacturing ProSolution Gel

prosolution gelTo provide ProSolution Gel with its form, consistency, and taste, it is said to contain seven major ingredients and eight additional ingredients, as well as natural and artificial flavours and preservatives.

The seven essential chemicals in its overall recipe might be seen in a lot of other male enhancement medications, whether pills, patches, or other topical treatments as well.

According to the manufacturer, each ingredient could improve the quality and duration of male sexual performance, with a particular focus on raising nitric oxide levels in the bloodstream.

The general recipe was said to be created with a slightly fresh mint aroma in mind, and it’s contraception-friendly. The ingredients that could be found in ProSolution gel are:

  • L-Arginine USP

    L-Arginine could be called a well-known substance in the world of male sexual health. It could be seen employed in varying amounts in a variety of products, most notably in penis pills, but also ProSolution Gel. This might be the active component, which when absorbed into the body converts to nitric oxide.

    It could be called a vasodilator, which means it relaxes blood vessels and improves blood flow to the penis. Though it might have a few side effects as well. This ubiquitous amino acid is also used to treat diabetes and high blood pressure. Before applying anything containing L-Arginine to the body if, on blood pressure or diabetes medication, it might be better to consult a doctor.

  • Aloe Vera Extract

    Aloe vera is a succulent shrub that might be used for everything from sunburn to sticky bottled drinks. Its gel consistency and moisturizing characteristics make it an excellent topical product, not to mention that it could be described as an excellent all-natural lubricant.

    Aloe is also a vasodilator and could boost testosterone levels in the body. The sole disadvantage of aloe vera extract is that it may cause discomfort in people who are allergic to latex.

  • Bearberry Extract

    Bearberry extract is commonly used in facial treatments to address uneven skin tone and includes antioxidants and nutrients for the skin.

    While it isn’t directly beneficial for erections or pleasure, it might be regarded as a benefit in terms of maintaining healthy penile skin.

  • Algae Extract

    Algae extract, another substance with established moisturizing and antioxidant benefits for the skin, has been claimed to treat erectile dysfunction but lacks scientific support.

  • Mango Butter

    Mango butter could be described as a creamy moisturizer made from mango seed oils with a light fruity fragrance. It has high absorption and might contribute to ProSolution Gel’s nice feel.

  • Menthol USP

    Menthol might give ProSolution Gel a fresh, minty flavor and scent, but when applied to the skin, as we’ve seen with ProEnhance patches, it could also help to open the pores of the skin.

    This could mean that the compounds in ProSolution Gel may be absorbed more effectively. And, this might further increase the efficiency of this male enhancement gel. Menthol is a frequent ingredient in topical applications that could provide an immediate cooling effect.

    It could boost blood flow to the skin, so if the body enjoys that sensation, the erection is likely to improve. While the data demonstrates that topical menthol does little more than function as a filler, it’s worth mentioning that the placebo effect might work in most cases.

  • Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)

    Ascorbic acid could be described as a healthy, organic preservative, which keeps ProSolution gel fresh without the use of hazardous chemicals.

  • Other Ingredients

    On top of the 7 essential chemicals highlighted in ProSolution Gel’s marketing campaign, the gel also contains:

    Di-Propylene Glycol USP, which might serve as a carrier for fragrances and flavours, including menthol.

    To give it a liquid consistency, purified water is used. Carbomer, which is said to give the gel its sticky consistency.

    Triethanolamine might act as an emulsifier as well as providing a good overall pH balance.

    Vegetable Glycerin contributes to the gel’s mildly sweet taste and gives it a lovely consistency, but it should be avoided to get into unprotected sex after using it. This is because glycerine is known to trigger yeast infections.

    ProSolution Gel’s viscosity is provided by hydroxyethylcellulose, a thickening and gelling ingredient. It could also be used in capsules to help a medicine dissolve better during digestion.

    Methylparaben could be described as a food preservative that also has antifungal properties. It could be found in a variety of skincare products.

    In the field of skincare, parabens are a source of debate. They are endocrine disruptors in greater doses, therefore it must be noted that it is not a natural ingredient.

    Citric acid might be looked at as a food additive that not only adds flavour to ProSolution Gel but could also extend its shelf life.

How Does ProSolution Gel Might Work?

L-arginine could be looked at as the main active component. With its quick absorption, the organic molecule might start to work almost immediately after application.

It stimulated the production of nitric oxide in my penis, resulting in vasodilation and improved blood circulation.

This effect could have high potency and improved stamina during sex.

The drug’s amino acid might have a good effect on male sexual strength, but the total positive effect is not solely due to it. Other substances in the gel could boost sexual desire while also improving overall absorption.

The dosage form enabled me to hasten the onset of high potency. This gel does not take time to take effect after being administered.

Prosolution Gel could begin to act as soon as it is applied. It might help in never being caught off guard by unplanned sex again. After using it, I never have to question my ability.

It is supposed to be put 5-10 minutes before sexual intercourse begins, and it started working immediately in my case.

Why Did I Use ProSolution Gel In The First Place?

I had been having trouble finding an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. I used to be so tense because of that and used to feel ashamed as well.

I tried many products in the form of pills and oils but none of them worked on me. After wasting a lot of money, I got tired of trying all those products and lost hope.

I had considered utilizing powerful medications such as Viagra at first, but after considerable consideration and discussion with two of my friends who had used similar pills, I decided to try something else.

Most of the products I heard about from people were simply too dangerous. I used to hear about a product, come back home, do some research, see a lot of negative effects, and give up the idea.

So I kept looking for an excellent erection product for almost 3 to 4 years. I was looking for one that works quickly and is simple to use. I also didn’t want my spouse to see that I needed assistance to do the task.

Finally, I discovered the solution in the form of sexual enhancement gel. I heard about ProSolution gel from a colleague, and he told me that it had provided him with positive results. So, that’s why I thought of trying it as well.

My results With ProSolution Gel

I started using it and the results I got were great. I just had to rub the gel on my penis and it used to start working nearly instantly. I had an erection in less than a minute.

As a result, I am able to satisfy my partner in the bedroom and able to last longer. This really turned me into a confident man in the bedroom.

Prior to this, I used to give excuses to my partner for not having sex, but now, I am looking forward to each and every occasion where we both indulge in wild lovemaking.

ProSolution helped me impress my wife a lot.  With ProSolution gel, I don’t have to worry about failing because ProSolution gel never lets me down.

Final Words On ProSolution Gel

Prosolution Gel could be looked at as a product that is both safe and effective. All of the chemicals in Prosolution Gel are said to be completely natural and have been used to treat sexual dysfunction in many cultures for ages.

Prosolution Gel could be called a good solution to erection issues or loss of stamina. Prosolution Gel works by addressing the root cause of the problem. Moreover, it might be looked at as a fully hassle-free solution that might not leave any residue behind.

Though when I started using this gel, I didn’t completely get dependent on it. I rather joined a gym and started doing aerobics as well to increase my stamina which along with ProSolution gel helped me perform well in bed.

On the other hand, I also improved my diet and gave up alcohol consumption.

ProSolution Gel

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