Prime Male Review – T-Booster With Risk-Free Trial For 90 Days ?

Medically reviewed by William Gonzales, MD FACT CHECKED

I still remember how my lean muscle mass growth came to a halt and my libido levels were continuously falling down.

I opted for Prime Male to overcome these two issues and in this Prime Male review will tell you about my consumption experience with this pill.

This Prime Male review will provide you an insightful view of my over all consumption journey with this natural testosterone booster and whether it corrected my problems or not.

If and when you are able to go through the article till the very end, I can assure you that you will be in a better place.

You would be able to decide for yourself whether you need a testosterone booster or not and if you need one, then which testosterone booster will fulfil all your requirements.

I have mainly covered the basic things about Prime Male and in the later part, I have tried to give out some of my personal details of the consumption journey.

I will not waste any more of your time, lets get straight to the meaty part of this Prime Male review and start discussing some of the basics first.


Prime Male is one of the well known natural testosterone booster that is used by bodybuilders and non gym goers.

Since this is a natural testosterone booster, it could be used by anyone who faces issues like low testosterone levels.

Bodybuilders consume it to build lean muscles along with they also have the aim to get stronger.

It also helps in shredding that extra fat from the body. This is because, Prime Male makes sure that the testosterone levels are at adequate levels.

Hence, the metabolic rate within the body might see an incremental graph which ultimately help in improving over all health of the body.

For this very reason, Prime Male could be your go-to substance if you are looking to enhance your bodybuilding experience and also, if you are looking to boost your sexual health.

Why Prime Male ?

All the bodybuilders need to make sure that they overcome fatigue quickly. This enables them to go that extra mile and finish that extra set, run that additional mile and increase number of reps.

All these things could be achieved when the adequate testosterone levels are met. Also, the recovery rate post workout is enhanced with the help of testosterone boost.

This is what makes it even more beneficial and effective. It has all the natural ingredients that are included in the manufacturing process.

With the help of these natural ingredients, Prime Male releases “t-boosters” into the blood stream. This is what makes the testosterone levels to rise.

As a result of which, body starts showing positive impact on your libido, strength and energy levels.

How Prime Male Works ?

PrimeMalePrime Male follows the natural composition to boost testosterone levels.

These ingredients when mixed in the right quantity stimulate the testosterone producing glands in producing higher levels of testosterone.

Certain physical factors are also impacted directly when the optimum testosterone levels are reached within your body.

Your skin starts to glow and your hairs start to shine if and when your body has adequate levels of testosterone reserves.

Having said that, let us now discuss the all important ingredients that are used in the manufacturing process of Prime Male.

Ingredients Used In Prime Male

As per the manufacturer, Prime Male uses all the ingredients which are naturally extracted. Hence, let us discuss in detail.

  1. D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate (D-AA-CC)

    It is one of the amino acid that is involved in production of luteinizing hormone (LH). This LH is what triggers the testes to produce higher level of testosterone.

    With decline in testosterone levels with age, it becomes really important to involve external factors to support the decreasing levels of testosterone.

  2. BioPerine

    It is an age old Indian herb which is used to increase the metabolism within the body by raising the body temperature.

    By doing so, the absorption power is increased and hence, the nutrient deficiencies of the body could be covered.


  3. Boron

    Prime Male uses a chelate form of boron. As it is highly bioavailable when compared to other forms of Boron.

    As a result, the component of vitamin D is increased within the body along with, it also acts on reducing the inflammation within the body.

  4. Korean Red Ginseng

    Another addition to the list of herbs in Prime Male. This is one of the well known herb that has been used by men to increase their sexual powers and to treat issues related to erectile dysfunction.


  5. Luteolin

    It includes the benefits of citrus food. Various studies have proven that with inclusion of citrus fruits, levels of androgen could be controlled.

    This would ultimately help in the improvement of testosterone levels.

  6. Magnesium

    To increase the absorption power of our body, inclusion of magnesium is pretty essential.

    The issue of low testosterone also happens because of low absorption capacity of human body. Hence, if the body would start absorbing all the nutrients, then the deficiencies would not be there.

  7. Mucuna Pruriens

    Its main functionality is to prevent the testosterone from getting wasted.
    Hence, it works in the reduction of testosterone binding protein.

  8. Nettle Root

    This root also is essential to protect the free testosterone levels. It binds itself to SHBG.
    Hence, now there would be no binding taking place between free testosterone and SHBG.

  9. Vitamin B6

    It is one of the basic requirements when it comes to elevating the levels of testosterone. It is also regarding as the building block of testosterone.

    Vitamin B6 also serves as the stimulating agent when it comes to making the glands work extra hard in order to produce testosterone.

  10. Vitamin D3

    It is known as the vitamin sun. But most of us are not able to sit in sun for most part of the day.
    Hence, it becomes really essential to fulfill the need of Vitamin B6. This is important because, it promotes absorption of certain essential minerals and vitamins.

  11. Vitamin K2

    It is the vitamin that works towards improving the bone health within the human body.

    At the same time, it directly gets involved with the incremental process as a  testosterone boosting agent. Which is pretty essential for Prime Male.

  12. Zinc

    This is just an amazing mineral. It boosts metabolism, promotes nutrient absorption and directly support the improvement in sexual health.

    The most important aspect is that, it works towards the betterment of sperm count. This part is pretty essential.

My Prime Male Consumption Story & Review

All in all, I was facing a dead end in terms of muscle growth. I was following all the hacks of body building, tried eating clean and following a strict gym schedule.

Followed this path for a month or so, did not notice any results. Post that, I consulted with my gym trainer again, and he mentioned I need to stimulate my muscles by usage of some substances.

Also tried this step and this one also fell flat on its head. I was really exhausted and my sexual life suffered due these issues.

Finally, I went to my dietitian. And what followed next just blew my mind. She recommended me a testosterone booster.

Suddenly a light started glowing within my brain. I always heard about various success stories related to testosterone boosters but never tried personally.

This was the time for me to try the same and see if that works for me. My dietitian left the choosing of exact substance on me.

Hence, I researched for a week and came up with Prime Male as a natural testosterone booster.

I, immediately started with my consumption and followed each and everything that was written on the website and on the bottle.

And as they say, the rest is history. I was so much satisfied with this amazing testosterone booster. That I ordered a complete subscription  of six months after initial month.

Below are some of the benefits that I noticed once I started with my consumption of Prime Male.

Benefits Of Prime Male

  1. Lean Muscle Mass

    This was one of the first things that I noticed in my body. After a regular consumption of 2 weeks, I did not see any changes.

    Once the third week started, I saw a little improvement in the muscle mass. As the time period within the cycle improved, I saw an upward trend in terms of muscle mass.

    Also, I Stacked prime male with my other Legal Steroids supplements for various workout cycles. The results obtained are beyond my expectations.

  2. Lost Excess Fat

    Another great improvement in my body was, I lost the love handles that I started to accumulate as I went into a little depression when nothing was working for me.

    I felt so much lighter and energetic at the same time, I always had that feeling of being supercharged with all the energy from within.

  3. Increment In Libido Levels

    Since, there was no improvement in my bodybuilding pathways. I was kind of slipping into depression. This took a huge toll on my sexual health. 

    Prime Male worked as a wonderful Male enhancer for me. Once everything came back to track, I also saw a huge improvement in my libido levels.

  4. Improved Mood & Energy Levels

    Since I saw a great improvement in my lean muscle mass, I was full of strength and energy.

    I was hitting the gym with full throttle and my sex life also improved. My mood suddenly improved a lot. I started laughing which went missing before the introduction of Prime Male.

My Dosage Schedule With Prime Male

I stuck with the dosage that I was recommended by my dietitian.

Hence, I started with 4 capsules per day. Which was kind of uncomfortable initially. But once I became habitual it was fine.

Believe me, when I started the Prime Male consumption, there was no looking back. I became a fan of this natural Testosterone booster in no time.

Side Effects

Honestly Speaking, I didn’t experienced any side effect of Prime male at all. Though I monitored my progress and effects of prime male on my body.

However, There might exists some component that may bother you in form of any allergy. So inorder to keep yourself on safer side, stay cautious of ingredient list as it contains powerful herbs.

It claims to have no chemical composition but these exotic herbs might cause uneasiness to you. So it is advised to observe your consumption cycle for a reasonable duration.


Prime Male is definitely one of the best testosterone booster if not the best. It is used by thousands of satisfied consumers. You may check out their official website for more information.

Prime Male is a natural testosterone booster. It is being used by thousands of men all over the world. They have found this substance pretty useful and so did I, hence this is a pretty legit testosterone booster.

You need to make sure that you are not falling into trap of huge discounts. As, most of the time they will be selling you junk. You can easily order Prime Male from its official website.

Prime Male is definitely one of the best testosterone booster that could enhance your sexual health and could also provide you great lean muscle boost.

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