Performer8 Review: Really the #1 Male Enhancement Pill?

Medically reviewed by Lincoln Carington, MD FACT CHECKED

With age taking over the best of you, the one drastic fallback is that of low abilities to perform well sexually. This Performer8 Review is all about, how it might help you deal with sexual inabilities.

Low Sexual efficiency means increased risk of erectile dysfunctions and low levels of testosterone production. Such factors consequently lead to even low desire to have sex, Low libido and stress.

However, every problem comes with a solution. And it is no secret that there exist multiple male sexual health enhancement pills in the market. 

In the article that follows, I have laid out all the research that I have done on the product, including the analyses of its components. I have even mentioned how my personal consumption cycle is following through.

Performer8 is a natural aid for treating erectile dysfunction or even can be used as a safe male sexual abilities enhancer.

As per their website, it is a dietary supplement that helps men of all age to maintain and even better their sexual health and performance. 

It promises harder erections that last way longer than usual and also increased thickness of the erections. It drastically reduces any chances of erectile dysfunction and boosts stamina and libido to enhance your sexual act every time.

Moreover, the Performer8 states itself as a distinct product by the fact that while other supplements promise a lot and might fail to deliver them, Performer8 assures to stand by the promises they make. It even offers a lifetime money back guarantee if the consumers are not benefited with it.

is Performer8 Really Efficient?

While all of male enhancement Pills might offer a different mix of ingredients or have a different way of getting to the desired results, all promises the same purpose of sexual health enhancement in men.

Out of all the various kinds of supplements available then, how does a consumer be sure of making the right choice?

Well, for starters, the product you intend to consume could be based completely on natural ingredients. This way, it imposes no risk of harms to the ordinary functioning of your body. 

Acknowledging all the facts and factors, the Performer8 is a recent breakthrough in the market of ED supplements. It is completely organic, in fact, made out of 9 natural ingredients. It even has a lot of satisfied consumers’ reviews coming from all over the world. 

The best part about the pills is that it offers a money back guarantee for a lifetime, if the consumers do not notice any changes after regular consumption of the product. This really instils confidence in intended consumers.


How Does Performer8 Works?

The Performer8 works in a safe and organic manner inside your body. It carefully performs its target functions so that it does not hinder the functioning of any normal organ or gland. 

In fact, throughout its course of working, it claims to make everything only better. It uses a blend of 9 components, each specifically having its own benefits and way of working. 

Therefore, the only things leading to the magical results of Performer8 are its ingredients and how they work.So, the Performer8 works in three major ways.

  • Firstly, it works as testosterone booster by stimulating Testosterone producing glands to produce more testosterone. An enhanced level of testosterone not only improves the levels of sexual desires but even works to improve the overall sexual health of the body. With high libido levels, you can be super sure of never disappointing your partner ever again!

  • Secondly, it works on improving the blood flow in the body and especially to the penis.  By doing so, it makes your erections harder, thicker and reduces chances of erectile dysfunction. It does this by cleansing the blood vessels and repairing them, and also by increasing the flow of blood naturally. The main function of the supplement lies in this major mechanism. The enhanced blood flow even makes sure that oxygenated blood flows throughout your body, to all the organs.

  • Thirdly, it boosts the levels of stamina and endurance. These things help you last longer and more energetic in the act, while also giving you more control over the ejaculations. It makes your sex experience more fun and pleasurable by prolonging it. In this way, it even ensures that your partner is satisfied to their fullest.

Apart from these, the supplement also contains ingredients that reduce stress and anxiety in the mind. This way, it even diminishes the chances of erectile dysfunctions at the last moment.

Having mentioned all of it, let us now move on to study in detail the list of its magical ingredients, where the magic lies.

Performer8 Ingredients

Performer8 has the right ingredients mixed together in the right proportions. This makes it easy to believe how the product delivers its genuine results with maximum effectiveness.

All of the ingredients in Performer8 have been widely used for enhancing sexual health in men. When there were no medical aids, in ancient times, extracts of the same plants and herbs were used to treat any sexual disorders including erectile dysfunction. 

Even in modern times, these are a popular pick among supplements designed to enhance sexual abilities in men. These are:

  • MACA Root Extract: Also referred to as a natural alternative to Viagra, this one originates from Peru. It is widely known for its sexual stamina boosting powers. It helps to take your stamina and strength to another level. This makes sure that your sexual session isn’t a dead one.

  • Panax Ginseng: This extract is popularly added to the majority of sexual enhancement pills and ED aids. It makes your erections thicker, harder and stiffer. It works on improving the blood flow to the penis, which is the mechanism of its working. In ancient times, it was the extract to treat erectile dysfunction in men.

  • Glucuronolactone: This essence is already being produced in the body; however, it might not be up to the adequate amounts. Its main functioning is to repair the damaged blood vessels and maintain a healthy system to make sure that the blood flows even better in the body. More quantity of it would lead to improved functioning of the same.

  • Horny Goat Weed: The next up in this list of ingredients is the magical horny goat weed extract. It is a popular component in all the erectile dysfunction pills and has been historically proven to be capable of treating the same effectively. It also works on making your penis harder by ensuring a smooth and fresh flow of blood to the penis.

  • Pine Bark Extract: This gem specialises in reducing stress and anxiety levels in your body. It makes your focus better and even lets you have the maximum satisfaction from the sex. This one is also a very widely seen component in male enhancement supplements.

  • Grape Seed Extract: The extract from grape seeds helps in boosting the production of nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide is the main chemical involved in cleansing the blood vessels from the inside, so that more blood can flow through them and also faster. This makes sure that your penis is rock hard for a long time and also thicker.

  • Muira Puama: This one works on stimulating the testosterone producing glands to produce more testosterone. Increased T-levels in the body signify better libido levels. It also works on maintaining good health of the overall sexual abilities.

  • Ashwagandha: This one is an Indian herb extract, which works in reducing stress and mental problems that might lead to impotency. The smell of the extract is widely known as a calming or relaxing one. This makes it one of the best ingredients to be included in male enhancement pills.

  • Ferrous Bisglycinate: Iron is a natural blood flow enhancer. However, the general forms of iron might not be easily absorbable by the body. Hence, this component is a softer form of iron, which works the same way and is better absorbable.

Why Should You Choose Performer8?

When I was trawling all over the internet, looking for any such supplement for my elder brother, I came across this wondrous supplement. 

He has been consuming it for quite a few months now, and he has always just praised this one. That is when I decided to try it for myself. It has been just a few months but things are going pretty well.

The supplement is made out of 9 ingredients, all of which are some extracts or essences or substances that have been historically used to treat sexual issues in men and even are a popular ingredient in most of such supplements. 

As I said, using a natural ingredients based product is always a plus point. It makes sure that nothing synthetic enters your body and hence nothing comes in the way of normal body functioning.

With such a magical potion in our hands, I couldn’t help but write a review article for everyone out there who is looking for sexual enhancement or ED pills.

Performer8 Results: My Experience !!

My elder brother was facing some issues with his married life. It was soon after that, that he mentioned to me that they were unable to have satisfactory sex, and therefore they had started becoming distant.

He had already started to look up for supplements online and shortlisted a few of them. Given my health background, he wanted me to make the choice. 

Among many of the options that he filtered, Performer8 caught my attention real quick. While the others had too many or too little ingredients, Performer8 had a very precise and effective list.

He then started with the consumption of the same. Three weeks into it, and I could notice a wide grin on his face. He said it has been working great for him. 

That is when; even I started consuming the pills. I was pretty impressed by the product and wanted to try it for myself.

It has been a month or two since I started, and I won’t lie, the results are so far from expectations. I am amazed by the results! It is tremendous as Semen Enhancer.

My stamina and endurance during sex is wonderful- I can even control my ejaculations! I was so impressed by the product that I even mailed the company for coming up with this gem of a product. 

Performer8 Side Effects

The product, made out of completely organic products, exposes your body to no threats. Each ingredient and its functioning is backed by years of scientific data and medical research. 

As per manufacturers, it has truly picked the best of the best ingredients used by the producers of male enhancement supplements all over the world.

Such naturally extracted products have nothing but benefits to offer to the regular consumer. Consequently, the supplement as a whole too, does not cause any harms to the body.

An important factor to consider might be that if you are already on some medications, you could consult a doctor about the ingredients. This makes sure that the components of this product do not react to the components of the other medications.

Performer8 Dosage

The recommended dosage of the product is three times a day after each meal. This procedure ensures that your body has enough time to digest the food and the pills.

When the body absorbs the supplement fine, they work even finer.

Performer8 Verdict

While buying medical supplements of such sort, it is always recommend to order from a authentic source. In this case, the most authentic and genuine source can be the website of the brand, which is the official website.

I had placed an order from the official website and awaited the delivery. It was pretty quick and neat, I must say.

The official website of Performer8 offers free shipping and absolutely perfect packaging. It even maintains the record for future purposes.

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