Performance Lab Flex – Is This Really Capable Of Keeping Your Bones Healthy?

Medically reviewed by Tuan Suarez, MD FACT CHECKED

In this Performance Lab Flex review, you could find about the usage journey of my grandfather when he was dealing with the initial symptoms of arthritis.

I have also added his consumption journey along with the other aspects that he followed through its usage, I have also mentioned the precautions he took when he was consuming Performance Lab Flex.

If you are also someone looking for getting away from your reducing bone health, you might wish to continue reading this Performance Lab Flex review through the end.


performance lab flex reviewThe official website of this Sports range claims that it is a pre-workout that might help you in maintaining the flexibility of your body.

This could also improve your overall movements throughout the day. Performance Lab Flex is caffeine-free and other stimulant-free diet support substance.

As per the makers, its regular consumption could help you in keeping your bones healthy.

They also affirm that natural and vegan-friendly ingredients were considered in its development. This could further play a major role in enhancing the absorption of nutrients while muscle building.

Along with this, the manufacturers claim that they are gluten-free and soy-free. They also mention that Performance Lab Flex is a synthetic additive-free health support substance.

The makers claim that it is packed in prebiotic nutricaps. This could help you with safe consumption and also keep you away from several digestive problems. It might also enhance your immune system.

Other than this, they say that its development follows all the Global Manufacturing Practices. This is one of the pre-workout health substances that is GMP certified.

How Does Performance Lab Flex Work?

The manufacturers of Performance Lab Flex say that its regular consumption might help you in dealing with unbearable joint pains. This could also help you in keeping you away from stiffness.

The flexible joints might further help in promoting your bone strength. Its consumption could also help you in maintaining your bone mineral density.

This maintained bone mineral density might play a major role in keeping you healthy. It could help you with enhanced absorption of nutrients and minerals to keep them strengthened.

The makers of Performance Lab Flec claim that its consumption as directed might help you in combating the free radicals and enzymes that could affect your healthy bones.

Further, this diet support substance might help you in hydrating bone cartilage. Maintained bone hydration could help in improving shock absorption in your bones.

Through the regular movements, there could be rubbing between joints. As per Flex makers, its consumption could help you by nourishing your limber function and repairing them.

They also claim about the usage of vegan-friendly ingredients during its development. This could also enhance the process of making your bones healthy.

One of the ingredients considered for the development of Performance Lab Flex is NutriGenesis® strontium. Its supplementation could help you in maintaining your bone health.

Further, this might also enhance your overall skeletal strength. It could keep you healthy and strong by providing you with the required nutrients for your bones.

Ingredients Used In Performance Lab Flex

  • CurcuWIN Turmeric (Curcuma Longa) (Root)

    Curcuwin might help you with the enhanced recovery and circulation in your joints area. The supplementation of turmeric in a diet support substance could help you in dealing with the inflammation.

    This might play an important role in reversing the conditions caused in the bones by arthritis. It could also improve your cartilage repair.

    More information on this governmental sourced article about the usage of Curcumin or Turmeric and how it could significantly decrease the complications of arthritis.

  • AprèsFlex Boswelia Serrata (Gum Resin)

    Its consumption could help you in supporting your overall bone health. This might also help you in dealing with uneven joints problems such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

  • Glucosamine Sulate 2KCL (From Corn)

    Glucosamine is mainly present in corn. Its supplementation might help you by keeping your bones strong. Further, this could enhance your bone health. It might keep you away from several deficiencies and bone diseases.

  • Mythocondro (Chondroitin Sulfate [Vegan])

    Chondroitin Sulfate is considered an ingredient in a diet support substance for joints that might help you in dealing with the initial symptoms of osteoarthritis. It could enhance nutrient absorption in your cartilage.

    This link to the governmental sourced website might help you with its usage on the regular consumption and how it could help you in the reduction of the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

  • OptiMSM (Methylsulfonylmethane [MSM])

    MSM supplementation might play a major role in developing cartilage and making the tissues flexible. This process could help you in dealing with and reducing the inflammation occurred at the end of the joints.

    This link to a governmental sourced article might help you with the detailed information about the usage of MSM and how its consumption could improve bone development.

  • NutriGenesis Strontium+

    Its consumption might help you with the enhanced levels of bone formation. This could play a major role in supporting bone health in a postmenopausal woman who is also dealing with osteoporosis.

    This article from the authorities might tell you about the influence of Strotium+ on bone metabolism and how its consumption could help in improving the bone formation process.

Why Was Performance Lab Flex Recommended?

My grandfather was in his late fifties. He used to work as a manager in a restaurant. His lifestyle was quite busy and throughout the day he used to get tired.

In a couple of years, he was planning for early retirement. His birthday was also round the corner. We were planning for the same.

It was a sunny morning and was his fifty-ninth birthday. Everybody at my place was happy and that day grandfather took a leave from his work.

That was the evening to be remembered for years. After his birthday, everybody got busy in their lives. I also caught up with work at my workplace.

My grandfather used to go for a morning walk session every day. This helped him maintain his energy and healthy all these years.

One day, he came from his morning walk, I took off that day so was at home. I observed that he is walking too slow as compared to other days.

Since then, I started observing him every day when he came back from his morning walk. After a week, I sat with him in the living room and asked him about his ongoing health condition.

I used to get indulged in my work, so couldn’t spend time with him. I was mostly unaware of his health conditions. He asked to sit on the couch. In no time I sat there and we had hours of conversation about everything.

In between the talks, he started telling me about his health conditions, I was upset after getting to know all this. He told me about how he is dealing with the pain in his knees and body ache turns unbearable at times.

He told me that when he walks in the morning, he experiences needle pricking pain in his knees and this flows through his ankle. Later, he told that’s why he used to walk slowly.

Afterward, he told me that when I was at my workplace, he tried to contact me but the call hung up after multiple rings.

Later, I went on the internet to know more about needle pricking pain in the knees. I found out that this might be the pain of arthritis or any other underlying disease.

So, I thought of consulting a medical professional could be a better option. Then I tried to contact several medical professionals but couldn’t get the appointments.

Luckily, I got the appointment at the city hospital nearby my place. My grandfather was also comfortable with consulting a medical professional for his ordeals.

The next day I took off from work and took my grandfather to the health provider’s place. The city hospital was huge, I somehow helped him in sitting in a wheelchair.

I dragged and pushed to the medical professional’s cabin. He was waiting for us to arrive. As soon as we reached there, he asked about his ongoing health conditions.

I told him about my grandfather’s ordeals. Immediately, he told me to undergo an X-ray test in the cabin beside his.

After fifteen minutes, we again went to his cabin and he asked about his lifestyle. I told him, especially about the daily morning walk sessions that he conducts.

After observing the X-ray reports that we got immediately from the lab, he told us that the complications are indicating towards the initial stage of arthritis.

Afterward, he told us need not worry, just to follow the guideline and take precautions. Later, he told me to give my grandfather, the healthy foods to consume. Foods such as green vegetables, garlic, onions, fish, etc.

Then he added that for the supporting diet substance, Performance Lab Flex might help my grandfather in enhancing his joint healing and could improve his flexibility.

After his suggestions, we went to the ground floor of the city hospital. I purchased the Performance Lab Flex from there and came back to our place.

His Experience Of Using Performance Lab Flex

The next morning, I explained the usage and consumption of this diet support substance. I told him to consume two capsules every day.

Along with this, I explained to my family to give nutrient-rich foods to my grandfather for consumption. I also said them that I will be bringing all the veggies and other things required.

Since then, when I  come back from work, I used to ask my grandfather about his health and if he experiencing any change.

He also was consuming the foods that were suggested by the medical professional earlier. He used to consume such as salmon, vegetables, onions, etc.

The initial weeks of Performance Lab Flex consumption were normal. After a month of regular consumption, he was telling about the changes he encountered.

He told me how he could move his joints freely and the pain in his knees is also reducing. After some days, he had started performing brisk walking every day.

Through the course of its consumption now after three months and following the precaution along with the right amount of food consumption, he was experiencing the desired changes.

The symptoms of arthritis also seemed a long story now.

Benefits Of Using Performance Lab Flex

  • Protect Joints

    The regular consumption of the Performance Lab Flex helped my grandfather in reducing his joint pains. Now he could walk easily without the ankle pain he used to tell earlier.

  • Joint Lubrication

    He used to consume and then he rested on his bed through its consumption. This helped him in reduction of pain and rubbing of joints on movements.

  • Flexibility

    After three months of regular consumption, he was starting to experience the flexibility he was desiring for months.

    Now he could walk like an earlier. This made him happy and the next day he tried to move out with his morning walk friends.

Final Words

When a couple of bottles of Performance Lab Flex my grandfather had consumed. I planned to conduct the same X-ray test that was done earlier.

The other day, we went to the city hospital and the medical professional also agreed to undergo the tests. Within an hour we got the reports from the hospital lab.

Surprisingly, the reports observed that his cartilage is under development and the joints are also working normally now.

After this, the medical professional was also happy about this change and he said that the dedication to maintain the health was also commendable at the age of my grandfather.

I was also glad to observe the change in my grandfather’s health. As he could now easily walk on the flat surface, now the use of a wheelchair was also reduced.

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