Oxitrim Plus Review: Does This Diet Pill Really Work? Or It’s A Scam!

Medically reviewed by William Gonzales, MD FACT CHECKED

In this Oxitrim Plus review, I have included a consumption story of a middle-aged man who was suffering from overweight and health issues. As a result, he started consuming Oxitrim Plus.

Hence, in this Oxitrim Plus review, you would be able to find his consumption experience, post-consumption results, and other related and essential aspects of Oxitrim Plus as well.

Having said all that, if you are also someone in the same league, then you might want to read this one until the very end.

oxitrim plus review latest updateOxitrim Plus by ASresearch could be regarded as a diet pill that could promote weight loss. The manufacturer claims that there are high chances that you might not feel any jittery effects with regular consumption.

It is said that it could be effective in overall weight loss, may help in reducing waist circumference, and might also help you with hip circumference in just a few weeks time period.

As per the claims on the official website, Oxitrim stays away from harmful ingredients and stimulants.

How oxitrim plus works?

As per the official website, I was able to make out that Oxitrim Plus tries to work with the collective help of ingredients included in the manufacturing process.

It works on the common strategy. The few ingredients present in Oxitrim plus like gelatin and rice flour might help you in boosting metabolism.

The manufacture claims that with regular consumption one might be able to achieve a decent weight loss. At the same time, they also mention that there could be a boost in the natural metabolic process.

As a result of which, there may not be any sort of fat accumulation in the future as well.

Ingredients used in Oxitrim plus

All the ingredients used by the manufacturer in the manufacturing process have been listed below.

  • Sensoril Ashwagandha

    It is a root-based ayurvedic herb. It could help in maintaining BMI i.e. Body Mass Index. As the manufacturer stated other than weight loss, it might as well helps in stress relief, muscle strength, sexual and heart health, etc.

  • Vitamin D3

    A fat-soluble vitamin helps in absorbing calcium and phosphorus. It further strengthens bones to maintain body balance. That’s why it’s present in Oxitrim plus because due to muscle loss, bone strength becomes a priority.

  • Sphaeranthus Indicus

    It is a widely used Ayurvedic medicine that helps in treating certain physical and mental conditions. This could result in weight loss.

  • Mangostana

    It is also called Mangosteen is a tropical fruit mainly found in the Indian Ocean region. It helps in treating urinary tract infections, osteoarthritis, etc. Which later helps in reducing post weight loss joint pain.

Why did I choose Oxitrim plus?

Last year I turned 32 but it was not a happy moment for me. This was because of work stress at the office. I started eating more and more which lead to obesity and gained weight and I started looking really bulky.

With time, I started experiencing indigestion and pain towards the left shoulder. Due to my work and ill time management, I did not really care and never thought of going to the doctor.

Time passed like this and all I did was postpone the health-related stuff and never really cared about my eating habits as well.

As months passed, my family also became a little worried about my weight gain and unhealthy eating habits. Hence, they started pointing towards my weight and increased belly fat.

On seeing all these things happening to me, I also started to feel a bit depressing.

From that point, I started finding and talking to people regarding weight loss. This is when one of my friends suggested Oxitrim Plus capsules.

I went onto the internet and tried to gather more and more information about the capsule. After thorough research, I felt Oxitrim Plus would be the best supplement for weight loss, as it has been manufactured by the usage of all the natural ingredients.

I bought one bottle of Oxitrim Plus capsules from an e-commerce website.

My experience With Oxitrim Plus Capsules

After a month of consuming the Oxitrim Plus capsules, I was feeling better and started losing weight too.

But after five weeks of taking the Oxitrim plus capsules, my digestion started being inadequate, and at the same time, I started feeling dizzy throughout the day.

I didn’t stop consuming the capsules. On experiencing all these issues, I went through the phase of depression, and always felt demotivated, and didn’t feel like working at all.

I told myself that the capsules might start showing results in a few days hence, I continued taking capsules for another fifteen days.

Sadly, that was just a hope that diminished really really soon for me. This attempt of reducing weight failed miserably and my overall health started deteriorating rapidly day by day.

Then my family decided that I need to see my doctor. When I told him about the Oxitrim plus capsules, he instructed me to stop consuming them as soon as possible.

Afterward, I was on a number of medications for a week. Thankfully, I started feeling better, and came back on track, and was able to perform my regular tasks of daily life.

Side effects with Oxitrim plus

The regular consumption of Oxitrim Plus really affected my digestive system. Because of indigestion, I really was not able to concentrate on any of the office tasks as well.

All these things really elevated my stress levels which ultimately lead to depression.

I started feeling dizzy all day long after a month of having the Oxitrim capsules. This also affected me mentally and started feeling demoralized and demotivated to work, like absent-minded.

Thankfully, I didn’t experience any serious complications, as I went to my doctor on time and he suggested that I should immediately stop consuming Oxitrim Plus.

Alternate for Oxitrim Plus

After consuming the Oxitrim Plus capsule, I was now determined to lose weight. Then, I decided to do more research on the internet, from one of the websites I got to know about PhenQ.

The manufacturer states that PhenQ helps in burning fat and increasing energy. I looked for reviews for PhenQ and found out that it had shown positive results and is one of the better alternatives for losing weight.

At the same time, the consumers also mentioned it as a good substance for long-term consumption.

I consumed PhenQ regularly and in the initial weeks, I felt normal and after a month things started noticing good changes. I was not feeling dizzy and was feeling motivated.

After eight weeks, I was completely filled with energy and also got positive results through losing a few pounds of weight.

Having said all that, I am still consuming PhenQ and I hope that I will be able to achieve the same good results in the long run as well.

Final words On Oxitrim Plus Review

I was searching for a product supplement to lose weight, then I gave Oxitrim capsule a try. But after experiencing ill effects, even thinking about it gives me goosebumps.

Now I stopped stressing and am more focused on my diet and improved my day-to-day lifestyle. I also managed to motivate myself to join the gym so that I am able to maintain my physique that would give overall positive results.

I learned that every food substance available on the internet might not yield positive results. Some may be harmful to health and others may work in your favor.

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