Nugenix Review- Find out Shocking Truth About This Pill!

Medically reviewed by Eleanor Thompson, MD FACT CHECKED

Are you stressed about not getting enough muscle strength even after the strict exercise regimen?

Or are you looking for some formula that can make you bigger, stronger, and faster? Then you are at the right inspiration.

Here in this review I will share my consumption story of a product called Nugenix. It is a free testosterone booster.

Though there are many ways to boost our muscle strength, but I have seen people who got too much involved in artificial supplements.

And sometimes they go up to the extent of consuming junk piercing needles, and going through extreme pain to get their dream body.

But they later end up having all harmful effects on the body. So In my opinion the best way of getting results is going the natural way.

And more important thing to keep in mind is choosing the right product. In a nutshell if you are looking for an authentic and natural testosterone booster, you must read this information till the end.

I have done some research on my own part to give you all the little information at one place. Having said that, let me start with basic first.


Before we head towards what Nugenix is and how it works, let’s know the basics of testosterone. 

And how it plays a key role in increasing body strength and muscle mass.

It is testosterone levels that is responsible for deciding how much extra muscle can be gained to get a perfect fit body.

As a result when we  get muscular & fit, our body looks more attractive and besides that our strength increases too.

Testosterone is a steroid hormone of androgen group that is found in most of the vertebrates. Primarily, this hormone plays a key role in development of male reproductive organs.

It also promotes secondary sexual characteristics such as muscle growth bne mass and growth of body hairs.

However after a certain age testosterone levels start diminishing. As a result our body starts losing muscle mass and lacking in strength.

And with this it gets difficult to maintain the daily rhythm of life. Whether you want to be active in the daily routine of life or in gym workout you lack energy.

You may also suffer from poor libido. At this juncture testosterone booster plays a key role. It not only helps you get your muscle strength back but also helps in providing enough energy surge.

There are numbers of testosterone available in the market. And one of them is we are going to discuss right here right now. 

Let’s get back to Nugenix and the science behind this formula.

What is Nugenix?

Nugenix is a free testosterone booster that claims to give tremendous results without any side effects. Moreover, there is no limitation of its uses.

It can be used by both service men and women. According to the manufacturer, they have used a pretty effective and efficient blend of ingredients that naturally increase the testosterone levels. 

And researchers have performed hundreds of tests in order to give a complete perfect formula to its customers.

Additionally, all the ingredients are clinically tested that means there is hardly any doubt on its authenticity.

Hence, you may find that this product works best on the core functionality of testosterone booster. 

Over and above this product is manufactured by Adaptive health. And they have a great reputation in manufacturing some other quality products.

Hence, you can easily rate the product among top quality products. And you can try it without having a single donut on its authenticity.

How does Nugenix works?

If you have ever been on a mission to build strength and gain muscle mass then you must have heard  about the mechanism of testosterone booster.

In my case  my health is my top most priority, so before taking any product I completely get the pros and cons of a product.

And what effect it will pose on my body.  So before we deep dive into the core functionality of Nugenix, you would need to understand what SHBG is.

SHBG hormone binds itself to testosterone. As a result the levels of testosterone start diminishing in our body.

That creates a lesser amount of testosterone in our body and we tend to lose our strength and muscle mass. 

But Nugenix contains a unique blend of ingredients which binds itself to SHBG. As a result, it stops the bonding of SHBG with the free testosterone present in our body.

With this our body starts having a huge amount of testosterone that is needed to perform our day to day activities.

Along with this it also helps us to maintain the energy level during workout. And you tend to do more  core strength exercise to build your desired muscle mass.

In a nutshell, we never get out of energy content and testosterone level with the usage of this product.

Ingredients Of Nugenix

The best thing about Nugenix is the perfect blend of natural ingredients. That means more benefits and hardly any side effects.

And if you ask me personally, I choose to prefer natural blends over any other synthetic compounds .Because you may get faster results with synthetic compounds.

But to get the stationery result natural ingredients work best, that too without any side effects.

This product contains the following ingredients.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is a water soluble vitamin that is easily found in many foods and added in dietary supplements. 

As our body can’t produce B6 itself, it is important to fulfil the requirement of this vitamin from different foods and sources.

Vitamin B6 is significant to protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism. Apart from this it also works as neurotransmitters and helps in creation of red blood cells.

Along with providing a healthy metabolism it also helps in reducing the risk of any heart disease.

We all know that good metabolism plays a key role in gaining lean muscle mass. With good metabolic rate  fat distribution occurs equally in our body.

As a result we tend to lose more weight in considerate time.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin is an essential vitamin that our body needs but can’t produce.

It is found in many foods and can also be taken as a supplement or through injection. This vitamin supports the normal function of nerve cells that is needed for red  blood cell formation and DNA synthesis.

Along with this it also helps in improving memory, boosting energy and reducing heart risk disease.

Hence, when you have an adequate amount of Vitamin B12 in the body, you hardly lack energy. Apparently, it is also prescribed to anemia patients.


Zinc is necessary for a healthy immune system. And if you ask me personally, I make sure that I am taking enough zinc added fruits and vegetables.

And moreover only a small amount of zinc is needed to reap all the benefits. Because this element is extremely helpful in maintaining metabolic rate of the body.

Additionally, it also makes sure that the testosterone level is maintained in our body. But one important thing to note that you must not only depend on zinc for maintaining testosterone levels.


Nugenix Free Testosterone Complex

It is a patent complex that is only used in the manufacturing process of Nugenix. Though the specification of ingredients is not known.

At the same time, the manufacturers have made sure that the consumers know the specific ingredient in this formula. 

And those are L-Citrulline Malate, Testofen, and Fenugreek seed extract.

My experience with Nugenix

It’s about the time when  I took part in a bodybuilding competition. And I was looking for a product that can help me maintain strong muscle mass.

I did some research on my part but thought to take some upper hand advice from others. So I took the initiative and asked my gym instructor about this.

As he has huge experience in this field so he was the best person whom I can rely on. He advised me to try Nugenix testosterone booster.  And also told me about its benefits that he experienced himself.

I instantly ordered the six months of Nugenix subscription. So that I can be the regular consumer and have all the benefits at one time.

With all the enthusiasm I started with the consumption of free testosterone booster. Moreover, my workout schedule was already on point.

And to take full advantage of this product , I included a particular diet plan in my daily schedule.

And it was pretty easy for me, as I hardly eat any junk food.

As far as my Nugenix consumption goes, my first couple of weeks went smooth. Though there were not many changes but was hopeful for seeing changes further.

And it’s also true in many senses because our body takes time to get used to any substance. So I calmly continued with my consumption.

But to my surprise even after a month there were hardly any changes. I was disheartened to the core.

As a result , I had to withdraw my name from the competition. Then I researched this product on my own and came to know its true working functionality.

And here it clicked my mind that this free testosterone booster might not work for me. I may need some other natural overall testosterone booster.

Who should Skip Nugenix?

I hardly got any benefit with the use of this free testosterone booster. Though it claims to give enormous benefits such as boost energy level, muscle mass, and enhance mood.

So  I would definitely advise people to first go for the SHBG test and then try this product. If your SHBG is at lower level then you must not use this free testosterone booster.

It means that if our body produces a lower level of testosterone, hence, there is not enough testosterone to bind with SHBG.

In this scenario you need an overall true testosterone booster that can fulfill all your requirements.

When I read all about Nugenix, I was pretty disheartened that I spent my hard earned money on this product without getting any result.

In a nutshell, I didn’t want the same thing to happen to others.  Because when with all the bated efforts you failed to get the result, you hardly believe all the claims.

So I would recommend you to not try any product on someone’s advice. Just do your own research and then buy.


It was hard hitting experience with this product. So I would not recommend you to use this product. But results may vary person to person.

Maybe it didn’t work for me but can work for others. But before anything I would definitely recommend you to know all the basic science of this product and then buy it.

Moreover, any product takes time to show some effects on my body. Hence this was not truly for me. 

And one thing I learn from this experience is that along with the product our body chemistry also plays an important role in showing effects.

Hence, I definitely needed a true overall natural testosterone booster. Post Nugenix consumption, I tried Testogen.

Testogen is a true natural testosterone booster. It not only helps me in building my strength but also helped in gaining muscle mass with perfection.

It is my  go to  testosterone booster. I consume it whenever I feel any kind of halt in my body. WIth its usage I am able to di hardcore workout without any hurdle.

Now you must be thinking why I haven’t tried this product earlier. Then I would tell you that there were many factors that affected my decision.

I totally believed my gym instructor instincts without any research on my own. I have learned one thing that from now on I will believe on my research first then on others.

In this way you can save yourself from any mishap. As results are better than regret.


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