Male Extra Review- Is It Really Helpful In Enhancing Sexual Performance?

Medically reviewed by Eleanor Thompson, MD FACT CHECKED

In this Male Extra review I am going to share a perfect solution that could cure your sexual health issues. And I am writing this review after completing my full consumption cycle.

I have added each ounce of details and working process of this supplement. At the same time I have also shared my personal consumption story to give you a clear picture.

Hence, if you are someone who is willing to get rid of erectile dysfunction issues, then give this information a read.

In this way you would be able to make better decisions on buying Male Extra. 

That being said, let me start with some basic details related to Male Extra.

Male Extra Features

Male extra is a widely popular and highly used supplement that aims to improve your overall sexual health. And the best thing with the product is that most of its ingredients come from natural resources. 

As a result your body would not suffer from any hard effects of this supplement. Along with this, it also targets the energy system of your body. 

This supplement brings full satisfaction in you and your partner’s life. You would be able to try as many as positions with the use of this supplement.

You could satisfy your partner like no other supplement could ever do. And it also keeps you away from stress and increases your focus.

In this way your desire of having sex with your partner also increase. In a nutshell this product gives you a chance to rekindle your relationship with your partner.

Why Did I choose Male extra?

It was about the time when I got married with the love of my life. In the initial days my sex life was going very smooth. My wife was totally impressed with me. 

I used to be elated that I am able to satisfy her like no one can ever do. Few months back I met with an accident and was bedridden for months. But I recovered soon after I took good care of my health.

But one thing devastated me to the core. My sexual desire and stamina were not the same. Even my wife was pissed off with me.

And this thing was making me devastated. I immediately decided to do something about it. I started searching for male enhancement pills that can help me to overcome my erectile dysfunction issue.

Hence I contacted my physician and he advised me to add Male extra in my daily regimen. 

How does Male extra works?

When it comes to the mechanism of this supplement, it’s quite simple. And you don’t even need any experience in the science field to understand it.

Moreover, Male Extra contains only natural ingredients that means no side effects on your body. And this formula follows a natural way process to improve your sexual health.

In this way, it may cures your erectile dysfunction issue from the root cause of the disease and gives you stationary results. Male Extra approaches the two way process to improve your sexual health.

Firstly, it increases the nitric oxide levels in your body, which further smoothens the blood flow around your penis.

In this way you would be  able to contract your muscles with ease and could take control over your climax. You could also get thicker, fuller and high load of orgasm through this process.

Secondly, it improves the generation of new cells in your body. With new cell production in your body, your overall health gets improved. And you never get out of energy while using this product. 

Moreover, this is the best part of this supplement. This is because for having sex at regular basis you need adequate amount of energy in your body. And that’s what Male Extra fulfilled completely.

Additionally, it also improves your stamina and you stay stronger for a longer period of time in be

Ingredients Of Male extra

All the ingredients that Male Extra contains in its formula comes from natural resources. And it benefits you in many ways, that too without any side effects.

Moreover, this is another reason for the success of this supplement. You may get stationary results that stay for a longer period of time. It contain following ingredients:


This ingredient has antioxidant properties. It makes sure that your body has equal and good blood flow to the different parts of your body.

Along with this it also improves the erection levels in your body. And you could take full control over your climax and orgasm and could hold it for a longer period of time.

L- Arginine HCL

It is an important amino acid that aims to improve your overall sexual health and well being. And our body can’t produce itself, so it is important to fulfil its requirement from external resources.

This ingredient increases your libido levels and erection levels too. As a result the blood flow around your penis also gets increased and you are able to contact muscle easily.


It is a Chinese herb that increases your sexual desire. Along with this it also works as an anti-aging factor that helps you to look fresh, young and strong.

Additionally, it also improves erection and libido levels in your body. And you may take full control over your orgasm power and could have multiple climax in one night.


Zinc is an important nutrient that increases the metabolic rate of your body. Along with this it also improves the immune system of your body.

It also helps your body to increase the production of sperm cells. With this substance in your body, your semen capacity increases.


Commonly known as Vitamin B3 this substance improves the erection quality and duration in your body.

Along with this it also increases the blood flow around your penis. As a result you get able to contact your muscles easily and have a better and satisfied sex.

MSM(Methyl Sulfonyl Methane)

This substance improves the overall quality of your life. Along with this it also increase the blood flow in your body 

As a result you would be able to hold for longer period of time while having sex. Along with this it increases the generation of new cells and you never get out of energy while using this substance.


This ingredient is the most important part of this formula. It helps your body to block the creation of histamine protein. As a result you never get quick ejaculations.

Along with this it also helps you to hold for longer period of time while having sex. And you are able to satisfy your partner like never before.

My Consumption Story with Male Extra

Male Extra

I earlier mentioned that how I came across Male Extra through my physician. Though I was reluctant to use this supplement, my physician made sure that I would not experience any side effects.

I was excited to use this supplement as I want to regain my sexual power back. Hence I ordered my subscription from official website and started its consumption.

For the first two weeks, I didn’t experience any change in my sexual potency. But I was hopeful of getting a result soon so I continued my consumption. 

And after the fourth week there was a great change in my stamina. And to test the same I planned a night full of steamy sex with my love.

I approached her with full confidence and started trying different moves during sex. She was getting so aroused like never before. 

Even I was able to hold for longer period of time during climax. Moreover my wife was able to feel each and every move that I played on her.

She was totally impressed with my performance in the bed. And she told me that she wants these changes to be forever, hence I continued its consumption.

Benefits of male Extra

If you ask me then this supplement brings a lot of benefits in my life. And it may bring the same  experience in your life.

It not only improve the erection and libido levels in the body but also improve overall sexual health and well-being.

And the best thing with Male Extra is that you would hardly experience any side effects. This is because the ingredients this supplement contains come from natural resources.

Enhanced Semen Production

I still remember the time when I used to have less erection and libido levels during sex. But the ingredients this supplement contain make sure that I have enough semen capacity while having sex.

This is the reason I love this supplement so much. You would never be out of semen capacity with this product. It also helps you to take full control over your ejaculation power.

Longer Lasting Orgasm

A core facet of this supplement is that it arouses you for longer periods. Unlike other Viagra, this supplement alters the nervous system and gives you more erotic benefits.

With the longer lasting orgasm you could satisfy your partner for a longer time. In short you would be  able to satisfy your partner for more time.

Enhanced Pleasure

It is another benefit that hooked me to this product for forever. You could feel different urge and desire for sex with your partner after its usage.

No matter what position you want to try with your partner there would be enough semen capacity in your body. 

And you would never get tired at any stage; this is because it maintains the testosterone levels and keep you energised during sex.

Long Term Results

Unlike other artificial compounds this natural blended supplement gives you stationary results. Even if you stopped taking it for a while the benefits would not wash away.

In a nutshell, it completely improves the libido levels and erection levels in your body and improves your overall sexual health.

Side effects Of Male Extra

If you ask me personally, I hardly experienced any side effects during my consumption with Male Extra.

This is because I have already consulted with my physician and later started its consumption.

But this could not be the case with everyone. As your body might react differently with supplements.

So if you are suffering from a certain medical condition then first consult your physician and then start its consumption.

And manufacturer also advised that you never have to increase the dosage as per the given amount

As it might pose some serious threat to your body.

My Personal Take On Male Extra

By using Male Extra I was able to get all the benefits that I always wanted to be. From overcoming my erectile dysfunction issue to increasing my sexual appetite. It does everything naturally.

And the best thing about the Male Extra is that it removes the sexual issues problem from the core. 

Moreover, the stationary result of this supplement could give you an extra advantage. I was able to reignite the fire of sexual intimacy without any hard efforts.

Along with this it not only enhanced my manhood but also increased my endurance capability. I was able to do physical activity with so much ease.

Hence, my results were satisfactory with Male Extra.

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