KY Duration Spray Review- Is It Worth The Hype?

Medically reviewed by Eleanor Thompson, MD FACT CHECKED

Are you struggling with your sexual health and searching the fastest way to overcome it? In this KY Duration Spray review I will share the fastest hack to overcome your sexual issues.

In this review I have tried to cover each & every aspect of this supplement. This is because I don’t want you to be in doubt before you buy this supplement.

So if you are truly serious over your sexual health issue then I would advise you to read this information till the end.

I have also shared my personal experience to make you understand things in a better and simple way.

Many times I have seen people take illegal measures to improve their sexual health. But if you ask me personally, these things just make your health worse.

Most of the time you must want a fastest way to overcome your issue. But that’s not the case with sexual health.

You need a perfect male enhancement pill or supplement that can work on your body in a natural way.

Ky Duration Spray

In this way you can save your body from any harm and get the results in the limited time. You can easily get so many options in the market.

And the best thing with these products is that along with increasing your erection level it also increases the pleasure.

You can feel a great amount of satisfaction while having sex with your partner. This is because without the satisfaction you can’t enjoy much.

As a result it gets important to take care of your sexual health. In this review you will get a complete picture of this product.

Additionally, these products work on your overall sexual health and well-being. So before I tell you about my experience let me tell you first the basic mechanism & details if this product.

KY duration spray is a topical treatment that is specially designed to help you to overcome your sexual health issue.

With the use of this supplement you can treat your erectile dysfunction without any adverse effects.

And when it comes to sexual health it is affected by many factors. Sometimes your poor lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, and extra stress take a toll on your life.

As a result it gets tough for you to maintain your relationship with your partner. This is because without satisfaction you can’t enjoy much during sex.

Additionally, premature ejaculation affect your sex life more than you can imagine. Moreover, sometimes despite all your hard efforts you failed to overcome your issue. 

At this juncture KY duration Spray can help you to erase all the issues. This product comes in the form of spray that you have to apply on your shaft.

And the best thing about this product is that it works so fast on your body that you get instant results. Moreover, it is very safe and secure and also approved by the FDA.

You can easily access it and make the difference in your life. Apart from this is formulated in a way to increase your pleasure quotient.

And when it comes to the working procedure of this supplement then it’s pretty easy to understand. 

When you indulge yourself in sex sometime your shaft get numb. And this spray increases the sensation around your penis.

As a result you are able to hold for more time while having climax. And you can also get a fuller and thicker load of orgasm that too multiple times.

Additionally the amazing thing about this spray is that it will help you to the time until you reach the climax.

Let’s move to the list of ingredients.

Ingredients Of KY Duration Spray

Unlike other supplements or products, KY duration spray is not bombarded with a list of huge ingredients.

This spray cones with one primary ingredient that is Lidocaine. And this ingredient you can easily find in male enhancement cream or oils and spray.

It works on your body in the most efficient way to give you the desired result without any issue. While having sex you need a lot of energy and erection to get the full satisfaction.

And if you don’t have the same level of erection you can’t hold it for a longer time. But this spray works on your skin firstly. 

This substance desensitizes the area or skin around your shaft. In this way you get more relaxation around that part. 

It will make you feel that skin is not the part of your body. And you will be able to enjoy to do sex for long time.

And in this spray the amount of Lidocaine is just 9.6 percent that means there will be no damage to your skin.

Apart from this that KY Duration spray has gone under many safety protocols.

Moreover it is also approved by the FDA and doesn’t pose any harmful effects to your skin. But still you are advised to take care of something before using this.

Here I am penning down some of the instruction for you better understanding-

  • If you have a history of any kidney related problem you are advised to take doctor’ advice first.
  • Don’t use this product if you are allergic to its ingredients.
  • You can’t use this product on your inflamed or broken skin
  • Don’t use more than 20 spray in 24 hours.
  • You are advised not to inhale this spray
  • You can’t use the spray with a condom.

My personal experience With KY Duration

If you ask me personally Never get shy away from sharing my sexual health. And this is the reason I always take the help of male enhancement pills or supplements.

Moreover, I also take care of my physical health. I follow a healthy lifestyle and exercise schedule. 

In this way I am able to increase my sexual health. This is because your sexual and physical health go hand in hand. 

Without having good physical health you can’t have more energy. And with less energy you can’t enjoy sex with full intimacy.

And that is the reason I  take help of male enhancement pills. Even my wife totally supports me in this context.

She likes my performance in bed in a lot. And that’s the reason I always try new things and was looking for the same. 

One of my friends told me about KY duration spray. Though I was hesitating in the beginning he made me assure that it won’t affect my body in any way.

So I ordered my package and started using it. Though in the start nothing was changed. But I continued my usage as I was hopeful of getting results.

But later on one day when I was having sex with my wife my penis totally went numb. My wife told me that she is not enjoying it even a little.

I also felt nothing.Moreover, I thought maybe it will take time to react to my body so I continued its usage. 

But to my dismay it didn’t work at all. It was a total waste of time. I was not even enjoying the sexual intercourse like I used to.

On the other hand my wife complained that she doesn’t like the smell and sticky content of this spray.

Hence, I stopped using this spray.

How To Use KY Duration Spray?

When it comes to usage the best thing you should do is follow the given advice on the product.

In this way you always get the right amount of dosage.

And if you want to take full advantage of this product then you are advise to take the supplement before the 5 to 15 minutes of having sex.

But one thing you have to take care of is to keep your penis 2 to 3 inch away from your penis. Moreover, you can use three more sprays if you are not getting benefitted with one.

Additionally, I would advise you to not exceed the amount of sprays more than 10. You can rub this product to your skin.

In this way your body absorbs the spray well and you get the instant results. Besides this in any case if you had applied excess spray on your shaft you can wipe it easily with clean cloth.

Moreover, you will have to wash off the spray after your sexual intercourse.

Pros & Cons Of KY duration spray

If you ask me personally I hardly got any benefit with the usage of this spray.  But for you better understanding I have researched some of its pros & cons.

In this way you will be able to decide whether you want to use this spray or not. 


  • The best thing of this product is that it comes in the spray form that means you don’t have to consumption any pills or supplement. You can easily use it before your sexual intercourse and enjoy your sexual life.
  • This spray comes with a measured spray bottle and helps you to get the right amount of dosage.
  • And the best thing about the spray is that it doesn’t leave any residue on your shaft. In this way you are able to enjoy sex with full satisfaction.


Frankly speaking, except the sexual dissatisfaction and its faint smell I never experienced any side effects.

But if you will use this spray for more than the given amount then it might pose any hard effects on your skin.

It may cause rashes and bruises on your broken skin. So I would tell you to never increase the given dosage. 

In this way you can save your body from any harmful effects. Here I am penning down some of its side effects–

  • Skin Rashes & itching
  • Hives
  • Swelling caused on the tongue
  • Drowsiness & dizziness
  • Slow or fast heartbeat
  • Restlessness, anxiety, seizures

KY Duration Spray Alternative

You might find this spray the fast and efficient method to get the instant result, but its not the permanent solution.

The only ingredient of this spray is Lidocaine. And this substance gives you a dealing effect after its usage.

You will not be able to enjoy your sex life with so much potency. Moreover, it can create rashes and bruises near your shaft.

And you might suffer from any other skin itching and other problems. You will never be able to get the fulfilling results for a long time with its usage. 

With these complications you will need your doctor’s advice. And this thing will further create stir in your relationship.

So I would definitely not recommend you to try this spray. There are many other options such as Male extra available in the market.

And if you ask my personal choice then Male extra works amazing on your body. It works on your overall sexual health and gives you results in an efficient way.

By using this male enhancement pills you can take your intimacy level up to zenith and can satisfy your partner like never before.

Male Extra

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