Keeps Review- Does Keeps Help in Growing Hair?

Medically reviewed by Eleanor Thompson, MD FACT CHECKED

This Keeps review has been written in keeping the interest of people who are looking for a hair loss supplement. 

In this review, I have shared my personal consumption experience. Hence, you would be able to know whether this supplement was effective for me or not. 

Moreover, I have tried to include every basic detail in this review. In this way, you would know every single piece of information related to this supplement. 

I am pretty sure that after reading this review you would be able to make a better decision regarding the purchase of Keeps.

Having said that let me begin with some basic information. 

Keeps is a subscription-based treatment designed for males to cure baldness and hair loss issues.

 And to get the subscription you don’t have to go anywhere. All you need to do is share tour pictures and fill a questionnaire. 

Once you are done, the doctor will scrutinize your case and will proceed with hair loss treatment. 

Hair loss is a common issue faced by many people even at a young age. Many clinical studies show that hair loss affects 30-50% of men by the age of 50.

Many factors affect your hair health such as hormone imbalance, nutritional deficiency, and many others. 

And with increased age, maintaining the proper balance becomes a challenge. In this scenario, Keeps might be a great option to start with. This program is popular throughout the world for the following reasons. 

Firstly, the supplement used in this program is backed by years of research and scientific studies. 

Secondly, these products are approved by FDA. And many doctors are recommending the same to their patients. 

Thirdly, it is affordable to every customer. Anyone willing to use this compound could use it after a doctor’s prescription. 

Overall, makers have used unique formulas and solutions to bring efficient results in the case of hair loss. 

What Made Me Choose Keeps Program?

I am a banker who is always down with files and excess account work on my desk. Due to this, it was tough to manage my health. 

And all these things were taking a toll on my health. I was losing my hair even at the age of 25. 

And in summers hair loss was happening at a faster pace. Due to this reason I was getting very tensed. 

And this tension was just adding more hair loss. Hence, I decided to take matters into my own hands. 

I started searching for different ways to get rid of hair loss. I have used many hair gain supplements, oils, and medicine. 

But nothing was working for me. Then one day my boss told me about Keeps. He told me about the benefits and after results of this product as he used it in past. I was reluctant to use it but my boss told me to try at least once to see the results. 

How Does Keeps Grow Hair?

The makers of Keeps has used a different range of product depending on the case studies. Due to this reason, it has gained popularity among the masses.
Moreover, the product of Keeps brings stationary results, unlike other supplements or compounds. 

In most cases, hair loss occurs due to genetic reasons. And in this scenario, you could hardly do anything about it. 

But if you are using external dyes and chemicals on your hair, then it would be the worst thing for your hair. 

These dyes and hair get into the scalp of your hair and stops the growth of your hair. And eventually, it results in severe hair loss. 

But products designed by Keeps help you to get rid of hair loss and baldness at a constant rate. 

These scientific-driven products naturally help you to gain lost hair in a limited period.  You could expect timely results in a constant period of time. 

Now let’s move forward to the products designed by Keeps to maintain your hair at a constant rate. 


product By Keeps

The product designed by Keeps include:

Minoxidil Solution

This is the first supplement designed by Keeps to help you regrow your hair. Minoxidil has been used in the treatment of hair loss that occurs due to genetic reasons. 

Accordion to research, Minoxidil promotes hair growth in men and reduces the sign of baldness. 

This is a topical solution that you would have to apply to your scalp at the crown of your head. 

Makers have advised that to use 1 ml twice a day to bring effective results. And this solution is just for external use so no consumption schedule. 

And it is also advised to not use it more often and don’t wet your hair for 4 hours after applying the solution. Moreover, it is advised by makers to use it for 3-4 months to get the desired results. If you would stop in between you might lose the gain results. 


Finasteride is a prescription pill that you would have to consume orally. This product is approved by FDA and it has proven to prevent the spread of receding hairlines boost hair regrowth. 

And the best thing about this product is that it works perfectly on the hairline, crown, and vertex area of your head altogether. 

Additionally, you could easily take it without any food. But Finasteride is only prescribed for males only. 

Makers have refrained women from using this product as it might create hormone imbalance in your body. 

And Finasteride might pose some side effects such as tenderness in the breast, pain in the testicles, depression, and inability to urinate.

Hence if you have pre-medical conditions then first consult your doctor and after getting green signal use this product. 

Minoxidil Foam

Minoxidil is another foam that has been used to treat hair loss and baldness. You would have to apply this foam to your head clown and vertex area daily. 

Moreover, you have to massage twice a day on your scalp at a hair loss area. And with continuous usage of 2-3 months, it would promote thicker, fuller, and longer hair in the limited time period. 

And makers have advised not to shampoo your hair after the use of Minoxidil foam each time. 

But if you are looking for long-lasting results you would have to continue using this solution for 3-4 months. 

With continuous usage, you might experience itching and burning sensations on your skin. Hence, if you are suffering from any symptoms for more than a week then consult your doctor and stopped using it. 

Ketoconazole Shampoo

Along with hair loss, Ketoconazole also helps in treating dandruff issues. This shampoo has been used to treat fungal and yeast infections. 

Besides, it also reduces the itchiness and redness of scalps. And to get the best results, you would have to let this shampoo on your scalp for five minutes. 

But take care of your eyes while applying the shampoo otherwise it might cause redness in your eyes. 

Moreover, makers have claimed that it brings the desired results within 3 weeks of usage. But it is important to use it for more than 3 weeks to get the stationary results. 

However, pregnant and lactating women are advised to refrain from using this product as it might cause some serious threat to their health. 

my Personal Experience with Keeps

As I have earlier mentioned how I was suffering from a serious hair fall. Due to this reason, I was unable to see even myself in the mirror. 

I used to have full-grown hair in the past. But with my hectic work schedule, I was unable to maintain my hair. 

Hence, at my boss’s suggestion, I took a one-month subscription to Keeps. As soon as the program started I started using the product provided. 

However, I was still confused that how a solution would help me in regaining the lost hair. But I wanted to gain my hair, hence I continued using the solution. 

For more than a month I continued my usage, And I observed that it is regrowing the hair. The area where I had less very little hair is getting filled with new hair.

I was very impressed with the results. Due to this reason, I increased my subscription.  And I starters using it for more than 3-4 months.

During this time, I was able to experience a huge improvement in my hair. Along with the baldness, it also helped me in getting rid of dandruff and fungal issues. 

Overall, Keeps helped me in getting my hair and confidence back with amazon and effective results in the limited time period. 

Keeps Benefits

The keeps program is designed by keeping the baldness issues as per customer needs. And personally speaking, I was able to get all the claimed results in a limited time. 

Here I am sharing a few reasons that might interest you in trying this supplement. 

  • Firstly, this program totally depends on the customer’s need. You don’t have to go here and there to get different products. You could easily subscribe to any program at your convenience and started using the product t get effective results. 
  • Secondly, the makers have used quality products in their package. And all these products are FDA-approved and safe to consume or apply. And you could easily upgrade your ongoing plan for the continuous usage of any product. 
  • Thirdly, there is a very minimal chance of any side effects. Many customers are using this product and were able to get good results with hardly any side effects. 
  • Lastly, you could easily afford this program as per your budget. Even I started with the lowest subscription. And once I started getting results I upgraded my subscription and got the on-time results. 

Where To Purchase Keeps?

As this is a subscription-based program the best place to buy this program is the official website of Keeps. 

You just need to fill the questionnaire form and then the doctor will study your case. After this process, they would prescribe you the preferred medicine as per your condition. 

If you ask me personally, this is the best approach to buy this program. In this way, you would be sure that you are getting the authentic product for continuous usage. 

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