Hims Hair Loss Treatment Review: Does This Really Help You Re-Grow Your Hair?

Medically reviewed by William Gonzales, MD FACT CHECKED

If you are someone who is trying to save their hair from thinning or from falling, then this Hims hair loss treatment review could be just for you.

This is because I have discussed a use case from the real-life usage story. At the same time, discussed some of the aspects that might clear your doubts in this Hims hair loss treatment review.

As a result, you should definitely read this one until the very end.

hims hairloss treatmentHIMS is a telemedicine company, that was founded in 2017. This Francisco-based Company provides several health and wellness products, including some of the best hair loss treatments for men.

Generally, the brand sells products related to different male issues like sex, skin, and other problems. The brand even proffers different hair loss treatment kits and products online.

However, if you require a prescription then you may receive an online medical consultation as well. There are a number of factors that might contribute to your hair loss.

Generally, the primary reason behind male pattern baldness could be androgenetic alopecia. This condition is a hereditary condition under which a byproduct of testosterone known as dihydrotestosterone, might result in hair loss.

It could lead to hair loss by causing your hair follicles to shrink and thus, evading them from growing new hair. Due to this, you might look for different supplements or products that could help to reverse, slow, or even evade hair loss.

To satisfy your requirements, the telehealth company known as HIMS tries to provide you with a hair loss treatment. Since the brand is focused on different wellness products, it could help to ameliorate your physical and mental health, sexual function, hair, or even skin health.

How does HIMS Hair loss treatment work?

You would be able to consult a licensed healthcare provider and get a prescription for the HIMS Hair loss treatment.

The brand may provide you with easy and quick online consultation with their medical professionals. However, before receiving any consultation with a dermatologist, you need to create a HIMS account.

The encrypted data platform of HIMS could help you to create your profile. After creating your profile, you need to answer some basic questions related to your hair loss status like the receding hairline or thinning hair.

Besides this, the brand might also ask questions related to your erectile dysfunction, anxiety, depression, and if you have used the other products of the brand or not.

Once you have submitted your information, you might perceive a response within approximately 24 hours. This response will get you connected with a medical professional of the brand.

After this, you might receive a medication related to finasteride from the healthcare provider. Besides finasteride, you may receive other hair products even without a prescription.

Since this is a telemedicine brand, you could easily connect with a doctor online through your smartphone or computer. Once you receive the different products related to the hair loss treatment, you might see a change in your hair loss.

This is because the hair loss treatment of HIMS could help to address the root cause of your hair loss issue. Thus, it may not only help to prevent hair loss but might even take care of your receding hairline.

What Does Hims Hair loss Treatment Consists Of?

This telemedicine company might encourage the men to open up about their hair loss issues and hence combat the problem of hair loss.

Different products or ingredients present in the HIMS Hair loss treatment are modified according to the specific and unique requirements of different men.

So no matter if your hairline is receding or you have witnessed no hair on your crown, the different products of Hims hair loss treatment might not only prevent hair loss but also help you in growing new hair.
Let me now talk about the different ingredients or products of the Hims Hair loss treatment

  • Minoxidil

    Also referred to by the brand name Rogaine, Minoxidil is a hair loss solution that might help to regrow hair in different situations. The major reason behind including Minoxidil in the HIMS hair loss treatment is because this ingredient might help to augment the blood flow to the hair follicle. Due to this, it might bolster the size of the hair follicles and hence help in the regrowth of hair. Generally, if you purchase this ingredient alone then you may receive it at a starting price of $15 for a single month.

  • Thick Lather Shampoo

    The thick lather shampoo includes Saw Palmetto that might be aimed at strengthening your hair. Hence this shampoo could help you to get hair all over your head. Besides this, the shampoo also consists of a eucalyptus Grove scent. You could get one bottle of this shampoo for $19.

  • Biotin Gummies

    Also known as vitamin B7, you could find cherry-flavored biotin supplements in the HIMS hair loss treatment. Generally, biotin gummies might be linked to healthy skin and hair. Hence, when you consume biotin gummies in the HIMS hair loss treatment, you might experience hair growth. You could receive a single bottle of biotin gummies for $16.

  • Finasteride

    Finasteride is an oral medication that you may receive after a prescription. Finasteride could help to increase the health of your hair follicle and hence strengthen your hair. This is because this medication could truncate the DHT levels of your body. You could get a one-month supply of Finasteride starting from $22.00.

  • Thickening conditioner

    Besides the shampoo, the thickening conditioner is another product of the HIMS hair loss treatment. Since the conditioner is made from niacinamide, it might help to increase the health of your hair and make it stronger, thicker, and silkier. A single bottle of conditioner costs $22.00.

  • A combination of finasteride and Minoxidil

    Sometimes you might even find a combination of finasteride and Minoxidil in the HIMS Hair loss treatment. This could be possible in situations where some customers require a combination of both these ingredients. This is because different studies have shown how the combination of both these ingredients might lead to better results as compared to using each ingredient alone. The combination of both these ingredients might be available starting at $33 for a single month.

Why Did I Go For Hims Hair Loss Treatment

I had always been quite proud of my hair growth, its thickness, and its shine. However, sometimes due to stress and worries, I had seen an increase in my hair loss.

But each time, my hair loss was only for a short span and after a few days, I received my hair grow back. However, since the time I got married and entered my 30s, I noticed something quite different.

I observed how my hair loss had augmented to an unbearable extent. Initially, I thought that it might be due to work overload or stress and my hair loss would stop soon like every other time.

However, when I started seeing no positive impact, I decided to talk about it with my friends. I told my friends how my hair density was reduced to ½ of its original one. Besides this, I even saw a change in my hairline and crown.

Then one of my friends suggested I take up additional supplements that could not only help to stop hair loss but even facilitate the process of hair growth.

Then I researched the net and came to know about Hims Hair loss treatment. I researched a bit on the internet to search about its ingredients and different reviews.

When I came to know that the brand could help me connect with doctors and even make my hair follicles strong, I decided to opt for its hair loss treatment review.

My Experience With Hims Hair Loss Treatment

Once I created my profile and was connected with a medical professional, I was given the different ingredients of the HIMS hair loss treatment. Since my hair follicles were not completely dead, the doctor said that I had a chance of growing my hair back instead of opting for a hair transplant.

I purchased the different products and even emailed the doctor to clear out certain queries. One of the best aspects of the HIMS hair loss treatment review is that they provided excellent support services.

The doctor replied to my email within 24 hours and hence I started taking different supplements of the hair loss treatment.

After I had started using the different ingredients of the HIMS Hair loss treatment, I saw a slight difference in the texture of my hair after approximately one month.

However, since the doctor had told me to wait for approximately 5 to six months, I did not expect much results in the starting.

Then as the doctor had mentioned, it was roughly after three to four months that my hair follicle had started growing new hair.

This is because the supplements that I had been using were providing the required nutrients to the hair follicles and helping them to grow new hair. Besides this, approximately around six months later, I saw how my hair had grown on the top of my head and was 50% thicker.

Presently it has been more than six months since I am using the HIMS Hair loss treatment. I have been quite satisfied by its usage.

How I Used the different products of HIMS Hair loss treatment?

I am using different products of the hair loss treatment as recommended by my doctor. First of all, I am consuming finasteride each morning. Finasteride is in the form of a pill.

After that, I apply minoxidil daily once. Minoxidil is a liquid that you may apply to your hair.

This product is applied through an eyedropper and then I massage it with the help of my fingertips. One of the best aspects of minoxidil is that it did not have any burning sensation, even if it trickled down to my face.

Besides this, I even used the shampoo of the treatment that helped me reduce the DHT production. Since it is not the core ingredient of the HIMS Hair loss treatment, I use it only twice a week. However, it is an additional bonus on top of the hair loss treatment.

Moreover, I consume the Biotin gummies each morning along with my cup of coffee. The Biotin gummies are quite delicious and I consume one each day.

Benefits of HIMS Hair loss treatment

Since I am using the different products of Hims Hair loss treatment, I have received a number of benefits.

Let me discuss them one by one.

  • First of all, the Hims Hair loss treatment has helped to augment the durability of my hair follicles.
  • Hims Hair loss treatment has not only stopped my hair loss but also bolstered my hair gain process.
  • In the past six months, I have found a 50% increase in the density of my hair at the top of my head.
  • The online consultation services of Hims Hair loss treatment are quite great. So whenever I have a query related to my hair loss treatment, I can easily get connected with the doctor either through phone, email, or online consultation.
  • The texture of my hair has improved. It has now become thicker and silkier.

Final Words On Hims Hair Loss Treatment review

I am quite satisfied after investing my money in the Hims Hair loss treatment, which has unequivocally helped me to receive a plethora of hair health benefits.

The different products included in the hair loss treatment of Hims help to combat the major cause of lower dihydrotestosterone levels in my body.

Due to this, it has strengthened my hair follicles and thus helped in hair regrowth. Now I am quite proud of my silkier and thicker hair.

Since I am sharing everything here, I will also add one of the most important points that I am also consuming Prime Male in order to maintain a proper testosterone level in my body.

This also has had a major impact on my hair growth in my humble opinion.

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