Figure 8 Fitness Review: Is This Program a Scam?

Medically reviewed by Eleanor Thompson, MD FACT CHECKED

Are you one of the people who got bored of the regular exercise regime? In this Figure 8 Fitness review I am, going to share about a program that might help you to regain your interest in exercise.

Then no need to stress out. There is one particular way through which you could revive the interest of work out.

Here I am talking about a fitness program called “Figure 8”. It has become quite popular recently and has gained so many trusted users.

As I was already looking for a program that can help me shred some extra pound, I thought to give it a shot. And moreover this program has all the natural methods and techniques.

And when all combined together could help you to surface up abs which are hidden beneath the fat layer.

Figure 8 fitness program claims that it is a very effective and fast method. And according to testimonials many customers have experienced a lot of improvement in their overall health.

After listening to all the positive reviews from my folks I did my own research. And come  to know about the basics and science behind this program.

Here in this review I have also shared all the details of this program in brief. In this way you would be able to decide better whether you want to enroll or not.

Figure 8 is a popular dance workout full of energy and fun. It is presented as a dynamic cardio workout specially designed for ladies. 

This is a workout program available online that comes in three phases learning, engraving and craving.

Usually this program is quite similar to other workouts but the little fun factor makes it ahead of other workout programs.

This particular program might help you to cut fat effectively with a little faster rate by targeting your abdominal muscles. 

And with this formula you don’t have to focus particularly on core muscle as it would cover everything in one phase.

This program comes with a nutritional blueprint and fitness guide. Apart from this you would get belly fat reports linked with a success tracker.

In a nutshell, this program is more than just an exercise. It is hyper focused on your core muscle with effective fat loss.

How Does Figure 8 Program Work?

The figure 8 package consists of DVDs that teach the art of dynamic core cardio training. That would help you lose fat and build muscle.

Along with this you would get to know how to perform three dimensional exercises. Each exercise comes with a time limit of half an hour.

In each exercise your core muscles are targeted including external obliques, transverse abdomens and back muscles.

According to research and scientific analysis it is stated that aerobic cardio is as effective as jogging or cycling.

It helps your body to improve your stamina and energy and aid in reducing weight loss with constant rate.

Who Started Figure 8 Program?

Figure 8 fitness program is designed and started by Janna Kuntiz. She is a professional ballroom dancer.

Along with this she is a well known personality. She is known for choreographing home exercise and home workout routine.

And here in this program she mainly focus on a combination of exercise. That could work effectively for the people who want to be both stay fit and strengthen their muscle being at home.

But the most unique and exciting feature of this program is that you would never get bored of workout routine. It’s totally fun and full of energy.

What Does Figure 8 Fitness Program Include?

Once you purchase this package you get full access to training material produced by the company. And you have to agree with the terms and service of company.

It has 14 different video coaching and workout sessions that would make it easy for you to enjoy your work out.

 And this complete package would help you to strengthen core muscle via body’s fluid movement alongside basic exercise routine.

And most important thing to notice is that you never get bored with any exercise. Everything is made in fun way.

Other materials that this system contains are a workout journal, a success tracker and nutrition guide.

Is Figure 8 Fitness Program Can Be Access on YouTube?

As figure 8 program has its wide reach on social media sites it is also available on YouTube.

And it is absolutely free on YouTube and has more than 31.3k subscribers. 

Whether you are a dietician searching for workout videos or a customer who wants to know what Figure 8 is all about. You would get everything on this channel.

What You could Expect From Figure 8 Fitness Program ?

This program is specially designed for women who want to lose weight and get everything straight on their home. It definitely has a lot of benefits that might compel you to try this program and see the change yourself.

Fast metabolism 

With low metabolism rate it may be tough for you to lose weight consistently. As your body create error in the equal distribution of fat in different parts of the body due to low metabolic rate.

And it doesn’t convert much fat into energy at the time of emergency. But with the usage of this program you could increase the metabolic rate effectively and reduce the weight at a consistent rate.

Core Muscle  

As this program contains many three dimensional exercises that particularly target your core muscle like external oblique’s and back muscle. 

It becomes easier to tone muscles. Additionally, it increases the body flexibility that gives room to muscle to get conjugated together. As a result the muscle mass also get increased.

Energy and Stamina Surge

If you follow this program with a regular diet it becomes a little easier to lose weight at constant rate. And with less weight you might experience an inner surge in your energy. 

That motivates you to do exercise regularly without any stoppage. Thus, your strength and stamina increase considerably.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Figure 8 Fitness Program ?

Let’s consider it briefly. First of all what you need to understand is that this program is designed especially for women irrespective of their age, and body types.

Since I started using this program I haven’t experienced any side effects. I only experience a lot of improvement in my body composition and muscle strength.

And many of the customers also shared positive reviews of this product that how exercise is becoming fun for them. This program contains workout that demands a lot of energy and challenging moves. 

And it may be not easy for the women who are having back problems. So if you are one of those women refrain from using this program as claimed by programmers.

Is There Anything In Figure 8 Fitness Program for Men ?

It must be shocking to know but men could also try this fitness program. It is a regular exercise program after all.

And when it comes to exercise there is no distinction between men and women exercise. A lot of men who sincerely followed this program lost many pounds even in one month of usage.

Figure 8 Fitness Program for sale?

The figure 8 fitness program is easily affordable for the people who want to lose weight at a constant rate. The price starts at $47 only. It is also supported on other platforms that too without any cost. Some of this platform including:

  • Apple TV
  • Android
  • I-Pad
  • DVD
  • PC
  • iPhone
  • Chromecast
  • Roku

Along with this you would not need much except may be a light resistance band. And in case you want to buy a DVD it costs $9.95 only.

Additionally you could also get an app called Body Fx that is the parent company of figure 8 fitness. This app is very beneficial as it provides many workout and exercise videos free to the customer. It also provide you 60 days money back guarantee. 

Should You Try Figure 8 Fitness Program?

My Experience

If I tell you about my experience I  become a fan of Figure 8 fitness program. This program helped me in shredding extra pounds effectively.

Generally speaking you could lose up to 12 pounds after 8 weeks of usage of this fitness program. 

And I used this program not only for losing weight but also to tone my body. And within two weeks it started showing improvement in my body composition.

But it is important to remember that any program would help you only if you follow up sincerely with a restricted diet.

And at that time I combined this program along with some diet pills to get results at faster rate.

So the outcome particularly depends on how much effort you are putting in. And it truly differs from person to person. 



If you are looking for an alternative to fat burners and herb then you might use this product.

Additionally it is a clinically proven rich program so there is no reason to worry about any side effects; You could directly get any information from the official website. 

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