EverlyWell Review- Are These Home Test Kits Really Reliable??

Medically reviewed by Eleanor Thompson, MD FACT CHECKED

This EverlyWell review has all the details that I experienced during my usage of EverlyWell services.

Have you ever imagined multiple health testing from the comfort of your home? Sounds amazing, Right!

With medical innovation, everything is possible in this era. Hence, if you want to know what EverlyWell is and how it works, then you might want to read this review till the end. 

I am pretty sure that after reading this review, you would be able to decide whether you want to purchase EverlyWell or not.

Are you tired of visiting pathology labs and centers for multiple testing? And in the Covid-19 situation, you don’t want to take the risk of getting infected. 

If you are dealing with any issues like mentioned above, then EverlyWell might be a good option for you. 

EverlyWell comes with a range of home testing kits that ease out the burden of visiting pathology labs and centers consecutively. 

And there are no age and gender criteria on the usage of these kits. It is designed for both men and women. 

Moreover, the best part about EverlyWell is that it comes with a majority of tests that come in daily testing norms. 

You could order any kit at your convenience and do all the tests from the comfort of your home. 

Moreover, makers have also claimed that you would get home tests to offer for 30+ tests, free shipping, physician-reviewed results. 

And all the insight would be sent to you within a few days. Additionally, all the kits added in EverlyWell are at affordable prices.

Besides, EverlyWell is also featured in many top magazines due to the amazing results experienced by customers. 

Overall, EverlyWell gives everyone extra leverage in taking care of their health from the comfort of their home. 

Why Use EverlyWell?

In the market, there are many options available to do the testing. You could easily opt for many diagnostic centers and pathology labs to do the testing. 

But there comes a time, when you are stuck in a situation and it gets tough to approach the same pathway. 

Suppose you want to check your blood sugar test but due to an emergency you can’t go out of the home. 

In this scenario, you could easily order the test kit from EverlyWell’s official website. The EverlyWell kit comes with a finger prick sample collection. 

Once you get it, all you are required to do is prick your finger, and hold it over the card, and bloat in a circle by touching the paper. 

Once you are done with the procedure, your sample would be collected by EverlyWell. And you would be provided results within 5 working days. 

Moreover, the best part about EverlyWell is that all the labs and centers connected to the company are well authorized and government certified. 

In this way, you would get authentic test reports and results in the end. Besides, all your data and information are secure with EverlyWell. 

Additionally, EverlyWell has also provided expert advice and professional help in case your results are positive and needed immediate treatment.


Test Kits Included In EverlyWell

Here are the full lists of kits that are offered by EverlyWell-

General Wellness Kits

  • B- Vitamin Tests

This  test is an efficient and easy way to evaluate three different levels of vitamin B in your body. By using this test you could easily figure out the deficiencies that are creating trouble in your health and body system. And you could easily make some lifestyle changes to maintain the required balance after the test results. 

  • Cholesterol & Lipid Tests

If you want to measure your cholesterol level from the comfort of your home, then it is a feasible option to go with. Besides, it also measures total cholesterol, LDL, triglycerides, and others. Overall there is no other better way to optimize your cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of complications that come with Cholesterol. 

  • Sleep & Stress Test

This is another important test that is included in EverlyWell. By doing this test you could easily figure out the hormone imbalance that is affecting your sleep. Your test results would tell whether you have high, low, and normal critical point levels in your body. By evaluating these results, you could make necessary changes in your lifestyle for better health. 

  • Heart Health

This test would be a great help for the one who has pre-medical conditions related to cardiac health. Along with Cholesterol, you could also figure out the level of triglycerides, HDL, and hsCRp in your body. In this way, this kit gives you extra leverage in keeping your heart healthy and active. 

  • Indoor & Outdoor Allergy Tests

This is another test kit to check your response to indoor and outdoor allergens such a grass, dust miles, tress, and many others. Whether you are unsure about symptoms like sneezing or itchy throat, and watery eyes, you could figure out by using this test. It measures your body’s immunoglobulin and gives authentic results for further treatment or process. 

Food Sensitivity Tests

To figure out whether you are allergic to a certain food or not, this test might be the great option to go with. 

The food sensitivity test measures your immune system’s IgG antibody reactivity to the 96 foods. 

Unlike telling you the real diagnosis related to a certain disease, this test guides on what type of food might be the best to choose for an elimination diet. 

Sexual Health Test

This is another important test kit that is included in EverlyWell. Whether you are female or male, you could easily use this test to maintain your sexual health. 

This kit comes with a wide range of tests such as HIV test, hepatitis test, STD male & female test, syphilis test, gonorrhea test, and many others. You could choose any test as per your preference and maintain your health in a better way. 

Men’s Health Test

In the Men health’s test, EverlyWell checks the hormone imbalance that triggering disturbance in your health. This test checks the four hormone levels in your body such as cortisol, DHEA-S, Estradiol, and free testosterone production in your body. By evaluation these values you coils make the required changes in your lifestyle. 

Women’s Health test

Makers of EverlyWell has claimed that it is one of the most comprehensive hormone panels for women at all stages of life. 

Women’s health test kit includes many tests such as HPV test, ovarian reserve test, perimenopause test, and post-menopause test. Besides it also offered a fertility test and another women-related test in this kit. 

Corona Virus Test

Covid-19 test kit rules out the need of visiting clinic and lab centers to check whether your positive or negative. 

If you experience the Covid-19 symptoms, you could easily do the self swab collection at the comfort of your home and sent it directly to the authorized centers. 

Moreover, within 24-48 hours you would get the results digitally without any human interaction. 

My Personal Experience With EverlyWell

I am a 35-year-old man who got the blood sugar issue at an early stage of my life. Due to this reason, I have to take extra care when it comes to my health. 

And frequent lab visits were the daily norms of life for me. Moreover, when I have taken some desserts and sugar food then it is a must to check the sugar level. 

Due to this reason, many times I have suffered a lot in maintaining the exact balance. I was unable to figure out how to check the increasing and decreasing levels of sugar. 

One day my friend told me about  EverlyWell and its benefits. He told me that he has been using Everly Well for a long. 

And now it’s too easy for him to know where he stands when it comes to health. Besides, he told me to use it. 

I was confused that whether it would work for me or not. As trusting on the services for the first time is not an uphill task in the beginning. Even my family told me that how could I trust ion these services. 

But I ordered my kit and was done with testing. After the sample was taken, I got the results within 24-48 hours. 

It was so convenient. Earlier I sued to wait for many days to get the results. But with EverlyWell everything was smooth. 

The makers have promised safety and security along with all the tests. And all the information and data are secured. 

You would not have to worry about any security issue with EverlyWell. My experience was amazing. After seeing the rich experience, other members of my family also started using EverlyWell. Since then it is the first to go choice for me and my family members.

Where To Purchase EverlyWell?

If you are willing to purchase any kit for home testing, then the only palace to order is the official website. 

All you are required to do is ordered the tests as per your need and preference. And once your order is done, you would get the kit at home where you could do the testing and send the samples for testing. 

See how easy and convenient to do the tests on your own and get the results digitally. Overall, EverlyWell is a great option to take care of your health from the comfort of your home and without any trouble. 

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