Dermefface FX7 – Could This Really Helpful For Reducing Scars On Your Skin?

Medically reviewed by Tuan Suarez, MD FACT CHECKED

In this Dermefface FX7 review, I have added my wife’s experience with this skincare product when she was in the final days of her pregnancy.

I have also added her application story along with the results that she experiences through the course of its application.

However, if you are also someone looking for something like this that could help you in reducing your scars and other ordeals, then you might wish to continue reading this Dermefface FX7 review through the end.

dermaefface fx7 reviewAs per the official website, it is developed by Skincpeption. They claim that Dermefface FX7 is one of those scar reduction therapy.

They also affirm that these skincare medications might help you in reducing your scars naturally.

They also affirm that this skincare medication might reduce your established as well as developing scars.

Further, it could enhance your overall appearance through the course of its application.

The makers of Dermefface FX7 also mention that the regular application might help you in fading off your scars gradually. They also claim that the natural ingredients were considered in its developments.

Natural ingredients considered might help you with the enhanced levels of absorption of the nutrients required by your skin. This might also further enhance your appearance.

Apart from improving your appearance, the manufacturers also affirm that it could also help you feel attractive. This might also improve your skin health and keep it rejuvenated.

How Does Dermefface FX7 Works?

The manufacturers of Dermefface FX7 claim that the regular application of this skincare product might help you in decreasing your scar through the course of its application.

Along with this, you might experience rejuvenated skin. It could also help you in keeping your skin moisturized and healthy.

The makers also affirm that the blend of several moisturizers and antioxidants is included in its development. These might improve the healing process altogether.

It might help you by pushing the dead skin cells on the edge, as a result, this could get washed. Then they might enhance the new cell formation.

These new cells could be restored in place of scarred and affected areas of the skin. It might also improve your skin texture and make it smoother.

As per the official website, Dermefface FX7 might help you in dealing with several types of scars such as contracture scars, atrophic scars, stretch marks, etc.

Ingredients Used In Dermefface FX7

  • Symglucan

    It might help you with skin regeneration. This could also enhance skin cell production. Further, it might also improve the moisture of your skin and could fade skin complications such as wrinkles.

  • Dl-Panthenol

    It is also known as provitamin B-5. This might play an important role in hydrating your skin. It could also help you in preventing epidermal water loss.

  • Pro-Coll-One+

    This might help in enhancing collagen synthesis. It could also be considered a common form of collagen in human fibroblasts. This might also improve skin smoothness.

  • Pentavitin

    This is a plant-derived ingredient that might help you in moisturizing your skin. It could also reduce the itchiness, flakiness, and dry skin and might enhance the smoothness of your skin.

  • Niacinamide

    This might help you with the enhanced immune system and also improved keratin production. It could also help you in decreasing wrinkles and fine lines.

    More about Niacinamide here.

  • Vitalayer

    It is rich in peptides that might help you in maintaining the skin barrier function. This could also enhance your skin health and moisturization of your skin.

  • Allantoin

    It is also known as Vitamin U. This might play an important role in moisturizing your skin. It could also act as a keratin softener on your skin. This consists of several anti-inflammatory properties which might stimulate skin regeneration.

  • Hydrolite 5

    It might act as a skin moisturizer which might help you with the bioavailability of other ingredients. This could also improve your moisturization.

  • Beta Glucan

    It consists of several anti-wrinkle properties. This might help you in dealing with complications such as eczema, burns, scars after surgery, etc.

    It could enhance the function of macrophages, who might be responsible for reducing bacteria and other harmful organisms from your skin.

  • Verbena Officinalis Extract

    It is extracted from the Verbenalin plant. This might be responsible for dealing with several skin diseases, inflammation, and other women’s diseases.

  • Hydrolyzed Soybean Fiber

    This might enhance the fibroblast. As a result, this could trigger collagen production. Soy extract might be considered a powerful antioxidant as it consists of several anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Vaccinium Myrtillus Fruit Extract

    It might help you with the enhanced strength of your skin. This could also reduce the redness on the skin that is caused due to certain infections and diseases.

  • Euterpe Oleacea (Acai) Fruit Extract

    It might help you by nourishing your skin. This could also enhance the natural collagen production in your skin which might help in combating cell damage and dealing with free radicals.

  • Lycium Barbarum (Goji) Extract

    This is a type of berry that consists of powerful antioxidants. It might help you in dealing with the free radicals. This could also help in maintaining your skin structure. It might also help in dealing with premature aging.

    This link to a governmental sourced article might help you with more information bout the usage of the Lycium Barbarum (Goji) Extract.

  • Aristotelia Chilensisui (Macai Berry) Fruit Extract

    These are black and purple berries derived from plants. They consist of powerful anti-inflammatory agents. It might help you in dealing with dry eyes, weight loss, and other complications like diabetes, diarrhea, fever, etc.

  • Aronia Arbutifolia/Aronia Melanocarpa (Chokeberry) Fruit Extract

    It might help you in reducing the symptoms of acne. They have high levels of the mineral zinc. This could help you in reducing the irritation of acne wounds.

  • Garcinia Mangostana Fruit Extract

    This is considered native to Asian countries. It might help you by providing an ample amount of antioxidants required for your skin.

  • Punica Granatum Fruit Extract

    It is derived from pomegranate. This could also be considered as high in antioxidants such as catechin, quercetin, kaempferol, and equol. They might help you with collagen production and could help you by protecting you from UV rays.

  • Morinda Citrifolia Fruit Extract

    It consists of several anti-inflammatory properties. This could enhance the ability of your skin to regenerate. It might also improve collagen production.

Why Was Dermefface FX7 Recommended?

I am a businessman in my early thirties and my wife just delivered another human. She is in her later twenties. She works as a social media influencer.

She needed to keep herself presentable and maintain her appearance throughout the day. After a week of giving birth, she was experiencing stretch marks in her belly area moving towards her abdomen.

She had several projects that she had kept on hold for the final week of her pregnancy. She used to tell me that the stretch marks are not painful.

But she was getting irritated through its appearance. Through this, she was feeling irritated and it was a toll on her mental health.

This was also affecting her overall body function day by day. In the initial days, she was also feeling demotivated. All this was affecting the baby’s health.

I and my family were worried. One evening, she told me to hand over her laptop. When I was giving her the laptop, she told me about this skincare product from Skinception called Dermefface FX7.

Along with this, she told that one of her friends told her about the skincare product.  She also said that she is considering purchasing Dermefface FX7.

I also agreed if she finds the product from Skinception suitable. Then she should purchase it and follow their guidelines as directed.

Experience Of Using Dermefface FX7

A couple of days after purchasing,  the skincare product Dermefface FX7 got delivered to my doorstep. She was happy to try this medication as she had observed all the reviews on the internet.

On the same evening, she started applying Dermefface FX7 on the affected areas of her skin. She was confident that it could reduce her stretch marks.

Every night, she used to apply on the affected areas of her belly area and then sleeps through the night. Every midnight, she used to wake up with the baby.

Earlier, I was worried when she was purchasing Dermefface FX7. I through how she might manage everything. But as time was passing, everything was magical.

The first week of regular application of Dermefface FX7, helped her in removing the dead skin from her stretch marks that occurred post-pregnancy.

When she was observing the desired changes without pain. She was confident and happy that now she might get her smooth and soft skin back as earlier.

After six weeks of Dermefface FX7 application helped her in getting the improved and new visible skin. In the latter days, she was experiencing itching that helped her in removing more dead skin.

Benefits Of Using Dermefface FX7

  • Speed Up Healing

    Through the course of the Dermefface FX7 application, she was happy and confident with the outcomes she was experiencing. This also helped her in getting her desired skin texture easily.

  • Promote The Regrowth

    After six weeks of regular application, the dead skin on the top layer was getting reduced. While all this was happening, she was experiencing negligible pain.

Final Words

Now it’s been two months of her Dermefface FX7 usage. Her stretch marks were cleared and replaced with smooth and clearer skin.

Through this, she was happy and confident. This impacted positively on her work as a social media influencer. It also gave her more projects and she was free.

Along with this, she also gained more followers on her social media platforms. Eventually, it helped her with more earnings, projects, and advertisements.

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