Confitrol24 – Could This Really Helpful For Reducing Your Frequent Bathroom Visits?

Medically reviewed by Tuan Suarez, MD FACT CHECKED

This Confitrol24 review might help you get updated about my friend’s usage of this medication when she was dealing with her bladder problems.

I have added her consumption story along with the foods that she consumed through the course of her consumption.

However, if you are also someone looking for something that could help you in reducing your bladder complications, then you might wish to continue reading this Confitrol24 review through the end.

confitrol24 reviewThe Confitrol24 is manufactured by the Leading Edge Health Company. They claim that it is a proprietary urox blend.

They claim that it’s developed for usage mainly by women. Along with this they also mention that Confitrol24 is ready to be consumed by them at any age.

The makers also affirm that Confitrol24 could help you in enhancing your bladder tone and its performance.

Further, it might also prevent your frequent bathroom visits. Through this, it could reduce bladder leaks and accidents.

As per its makers, Confitrol24 consumption might help you in keeping your bladder healthy and could enhance your body’s drainage system.

They also say that the natural ingredients were considered in its development. It could help you with the safe and exponential changes in preventing the overactive bladder.

Apart from improving your urinary incontinence, this might also help in promoting anti-aging effects. It could also maintain your sleep cycle.

How Does Confitrol24 Work?

The manufacturers of Confitrol state that it is developed mainly for consumption by women. This could help them in improving their lifestyle.

They claim that it might help them in taking control of their bladder through all the natural ingredients that were used for its development.

This blend of natural ingredients might help in preventing the leakage that was affecting your lifestyle. It could also strengthen your bladder muscles.

As per its makers, the regular consumption of Confitrol24 might help you with the minor leakage from the bladder. The leakages could be prevented that occurring while coughing and sneezing.

Apart from preventing your bladder problems, this might also help you in enhancing your overall lifestyle. It could also improve your concentration and let you remain focused away from your bladder complications.

The manufacturers claim the use of natural ingredients in the development of Confitrol24. One of the ingredients considered is Lindera Aggregate. This Chinese medicine could help in preventing frequent urination.

Ingredients Used In Confitrol24

  • Raw Horsetail

    This is also known as Equisetum Arvense. It might help you in breaking down Vitamin B1. This could also deal with urinary tract infections (UTIs), and osteoporosis.

    Further, it might also help in dealing with the complication related to loss of bladder control.

  • Cratevox

    This is extracted from the three-leaf caper. It contains oxidants that could help you in reducing the inflammation caused in the bladder.

    This might also help you in dealing with the pressure occurring on the kidney and the bladder while passing stones.

  • Lindera Aggregate

    This is one kind of herb that is also considered a Chinese medicine. Its supplementation might help you in preventing incessant urination.

    This could enhance your urinary tract function. It might also deal with the complications of unintentional urine that occurs due to cold.

More on these ingredients here.

Why Was Confitrol24 Recommended?

One of my friends was in her mid-twenties. She used to work as an entrepreneur on the internet. She sold crafts stuff in the online shops.

We used to catch up in the restaurants around the city. Sometimes I used to visit her place within a week or two. Mostly she kept herself busy by making products like photo frames, decorative items, gifts boxes, cards, etc.

One evening in winter, I went to he place and she was busy creating some orders that she received regarding the farewell party organized by the school nearby her place.

She asked to sit and I was observing her making everything with extreme concentration and precision. We used to exchange thoughts about everything from intimate hygiene to mental and physical illness.

That evening she was getting up from the table and visiting the bathroom after every fifteen minutes. This happened to her two-three times then out of curiosity I asked her the reason.

She told me about the frequent urination that she is dealing with for a couple of weeks. She was getting irritated with this and was also angry at me as I was busy with my work for a month.

I asked her why not consult a healthcare provider regarding the tendency of frequent urination. Then she told that she has too much work to finish and she can’t miss the chance of completing her order on time.

I thought of a plan that she shouldn’t go out of her place and might get the medication too. So, decided to find a healthcare provider and make an appointment for an online consultation.

While being at her place, I started searching for a medical professional that could help deal with her complications. After thorough research luckily I found a urologist that was nearby to her place in the city.

The appointment with the urologist was scheduled for the next day. So, in the morning, I went again to her place. The appointment was online, so everything was sorted out for the online video call consultation.

As soon as we connected, the medical professional asked my friend about her complications. Further, she told him about her ongoing ordeals.

She told about her ongoing ordeals about the frequent bathroom visits and the pain she feels in her lower abdomen throughout the day.

After listening to all this, the medical professional directed that my friend should conduct a few OAB tests. This could help in getting a clear picture of the current situation.

As directed by the medical professional, she underwent the tests. In the later evening, we got her OAB reports delivered.

The next morning we again connected with the medical professional. I sent him the reports via email immediately. He observed the reports throguh the same. Afterward, he told me that my friend’s bladder muscles are weakening.

We got worried after listening to him. Afterward, he consoled us and said need not worry. Then he sent the text message with the prescription slip.

He had also advised about the exercises, which could also help in supporting the medication. This might also improve her overall medication process.

He told that considering Confitrol24 as medication might help in dealing with all the bladder muscle problems. It could eventually help her in reducing her frequent bathroom visits.

Along with that, she should consider fiber-rich foods in her diet. Foods like lentils, beans, barley, bran, oats, almonds, etc. After his recommendation, she bought the bottles of Confitrol24 from their official website.

Later, the notification popped on her phone that medical might be get delivered in a couple of days.

Her Experience Of Using Confitrol24

After a week of Confitrol24 purchase, it got delivered to her doorstep. She was happy that day and informed me about this. I visited her place that evening.

From the next evening, she started consuming three capsules daily of this medication as directed by the medical professional.

Along with this, she has also changed her diet. She used to consume foods the medical professional suggested. She consumed roasted almonds and oats while doing her crafts work.

The initial weeks of the Confitrol consumption were normal. But after two weeks of regular consumption of regular consumption helped in beginning the reduction of frequent bathroom visits.

The change in her diet also helped her in controlling her overall food consumption and also helped in reducing the intake of daily junk food that she used to consume on normal days.

It helped her in maintaining her overall lifestyle through the course of is consumption. The other day during her ongoing medication, I visited her again.

She told me about the problems she was facing for a few days at the beginning of the course with the exercises. But now everything was fine. I helped her with the exercises that day.

I observed that she was doing her crafts work and making a photo frame for her shop. But there was a change that she was not visiting the bathroom frequently. I was impressed with her determination.

Through the course of its consumption, it helped in maintain her focus and remain confident while connecting with the people for her orders.

Benefits Of Using Confitrol24

  • Gain Control Of Bladder

    When I used to talk to her while her ongoing medication, she used to tell me about the positive changes she is observing in her body.

    She told me that now it’s been a month with the COnfirtrol24 consumption, she now controls her urge to go to the bathroom. This also helped in preventing the complication of pain in her lower abdomen.

  • Enhance Confidence

    The regular consumption of Confitrol24 has helped in gain some self-confidence. Now she is not hesitant to talk to any stranger. This also enhanced her lifestyle and it helped in growing her business further.

  • Prevents Embarrassment

    Earlier, she used to avoid talking to people, whether they are related to her business. Since she started consuming the Confitrol24 and got rid of her embarrassment.

    She is now facing everyone full of confidence and it helped in dealing with the different people without thinking of visiting the bathroom frequently.

Final Words

After completing her medication journey. She was satisfied with the working of Confitrol24 as it helped her in enhancing her overall lifestyle. It helped her in reducing her bladder complications.

Now she was more confident and focused throughout the day. This positively impacted her business. It helped grow her business.

As of now, she need not worry about her bladder complications and other difficulties like frequent bathroom visits. She was thinking of expanding her internet shop to a physical shop.

This change was quite impressive and it was something that I was observing. Her behavioral changes were making her an altogether different person post medication.

The next day she called up and said that she might need to keep the medication for further complications if they occur. So I again contacted the medical professional.

Luckily he agreed to continue consuming the Confitrol24 in the future. This helped in developing confidence in my friend with her complications.

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