CholesLo Review- Does It Really Reduce Cholesterol?

Medically reviewed by Eleanor Thompson, MD FACT CHECKED

If you want to lower your cholesterol and improve your lipid naturally, then you might be interested in this CholesLo review.

In this review, I have tried to cover every basic detail related to this supplement. So if you are serious then read this information till the end. 

This review contains an authentic consumption experience. That would help you to understand what’s best for you or not.

Moreover, this supplement has been popular for the last couple of months as claimed by manufacturers. 

Having said that let me tell you first about what CholesLo is and how it works on your body to produce results.

In this era of ready to eat food, everything has just become very handy. You could easily get any food just in minutes.

On one hand this thing has made all your work a cake walk process. But these ready to eat processed food affect your health in many ways.

It contains a high level of triglyceride and fatty acid that increase the cholesterol level in your body. And with increased levels of cholesterol the risk of heart disease also increases. 

Moreover, you could also be at risk if you are smoking, drinking and following unhealthy habits. And these things could further create complications in your blood sugar and lipid levels. 

Additionally genetic factors also play an important role in your health. If  your family has the history of cholesterol levels you might experience the same in future.

Hence, it is important to maintain the right balance at the right time to save your body from any disease

What is CholesLo?

CholesLo is a natural and organic supplement that has been clinically tested for more than 20 years.

It is an effective solution and very safe and secure to use as claimed by manufacturers. And company also said that it has only natural ingredients.

That means there would be very rare chance of any side effect on your body. Along with improving your cholesterol levels it also maintain the whole lipid balance in your body.

And the best thing about this supplement is that it produce the result in efficient way. Moreover those results are not temporary it stays for longer period of time.

Hence, you could  expect that this supplement works on your overall health and well-being. Additionally, without the use of any strict diet schedule and exercise program you could get the positive outcome.

Choleslo Pills

Why Did I Choose CholesLo?

With increased age our body starts losing the right balance for efficient health. And you might find it hard to cope with the day to day activities of life.

And the same was happening with my father. With the increased age health complications were also increasing. 

Moreover, his cardiac health was also getting deteriorate. And even after the medication nothing was working at all. 

At this point of time I contacted one of my friends who is a physician. I talked about my father’s condition.

After getting all my points he suggested that I can use the Choleslo supplement. Its naturally proven formula that can help my father in the long run.

What CholesLo Actually do?

There are certain factors that affect your health when you start aging. Such as degraded health, poor life habits, regular medication and many more.

And in the beginning some medication might improve your health but their results are not stationary.

In this case CholesLo stands far ahead. Along with balancing your cholesterol level it gives the results that stay for long.

Moreover the main USP of CholesLo is its ingredients. These ingredients are scientifically proven and produce results in an effective way.

With degraded health your body might experience the lack of nutritional substances. And this thing could further create more complications in your day to day life.

This is because without proper nutrients you may feel less energy. And daily tasks become a big hurdle. 

Along with this the metabolic rate and hormone balance also gets affected in many ways. But this supplement makes sure that your body is getting all the nutrition.

Its ingredient makes it easy for your body to equally distribute the required nutrition for each part.

And once you are able to achieve the same. All other factors such as hormone balance and cholesterol level start falling at the right place.

Overall, CholesLo has an optimised dosage and herbal extracts that maximise the benefits. And bring the improvement in lipid and cholesterol level of your body.

So now let’s move forward to the list of its ingredients.

CholesLo Ingredients

The ingredients of CholesLo are the star of this product. All of its ingredients come from the natural resources and produce a positive outcome.

Here I am penning down a complete list of ingredients for your better understanding.

Triglyceride Reducer

This combination of ingredients plays a key part in improving your health. Moreover, these substances lower the amount of fatty triglyceride in your body.

As a result the blood circulation in your body also improves. And there are rare chances of any blockage and complications. Overall it minimizes the risk of heart attack in your life.

  •  R-Alpha Lipoic Acid The main function of this substance is to improve the function of the liver in your body. And it does all this by improving the insulin and blood sugar level in your body. As a result, overall functionality of your body gets improved.


  •  Guggulsterones This substance prevents the hardening of arteries in your body. And this thing is quite important in maintaining your cardiac health. Moreover, this substance has been used since ages and has Ayurveda properties.


  • Panesin D- Pantethine It promotes the formation of HDL. And meanwhile reduces the production of LDL in your body.

Inflammation Reducer

This combination of ingredients improves the overall functionality of your health and well-being.

  •  Tocotrienols It reduces the production of free radicals in your body. And efficiently reverse the effects of inflammation.

  •  Turmeric Turmeric is an Indian spices herb. You could easily find this compound in many dietary supplements. This substance has anti-inflammation properties. Moreover, it has the potential to prevent your body from heart diseases.

  •  CoQ10 This substance improves the overall functionality of your liver system. Along with this it also maintains the blood sugar and hormone balance in your body. And also prevents your body from oxidation damage.

Lipid Optimizer

This combination of ingredients increases the production of good cholesterol in your body.

  •  Polysterols This anti-inflammatory substance absorbs the excess amount of cholesterol in your body. And also improve your overall cardiac health.

  •  Policosanol It increases the production of HDL in your body and breaks down the LDL.

  •  Garlic This substance is quite useful in maintaining the overall health of your liver system. And it does all this by lowering bad cholesterol in your body.


Homocysteine Reducer. 

This set of ingredients helps your body to get rid from the Homocysteine. Moreover, this is the sole reason for a heart attack. But CholesLo helps your body to prevent from any such diseases. And it does all this by lowering the amount of toxic substances from your body.

  • Vitamin B5,B6, B12 Vitamins play a key part in the growth of your body. And CholesLo fulfills the amount of all nutrients in your body and keeps you energized.
  • Folate This is another type of Vitamin B. It maintains the production of WBCs and RBCs in your body. And prevents your body from any skin or heart diseases.

Liver Cleansing Formula

This set of ingredients improve the overall health of your liver. And maintains its overall functionality. 

  • Milk Thistle This substance prevents your liver from any damage. And also maintains the functionality of liver.

  • N- Acetyl Cysteine This substance removes the toxic substance from your body. And keep your overall health of the liver smooth. Moreover, it is a great antioxidant that improves the overall health.
Choleslo Ingredients

Consumption Story of CholesLo

I have earlier mentioned how my father was suffering from a cholesterol issue. And after the consultation I came across CholesLo.

My father is a middle aged man. And he used to work continuously for the whole week. Moreover, his eating pattern was also disturbed throughout the weekend.

And he was also not following any exercise regimen. All these factors were taking a toll on his health. His cholesterol level was also increasing and his energy levels were also getting down. 

Hence, when I came across CholesLo, I did some research on my own just to be on the safe side. After all the research I ordered the subscription for 6 months.

With all the patience and hope my father started its consumption. In the beginning everything was going smooth.

Even to get the more advantage of CholesLo he started following a minimal workout regimen as per his age.

After the fifth week he was experiencing some changes in his daily routine. I have seen the changes myself. 

He was energized and his eating patterns were also improved. I have never seen him following this lifestyle earlier. 

So he continued the consumption for getting more results. Just to check the effectiveness of I thought to take my dad for regular checkup.

And the results were amazing. There was considerable downfall in the level of his cholesterol. He was very happy and so was the case with me. I was feeling so relaxed and content.

Hence our experience with this supplement was quite satisfactory.

What You could Expect From CholesLo?

After receiving the positive result from CholesLo I could say that it truly worked for my father. It worked on the overall health and well-being of my father.

Hence, I am penning down some of its benefits after the consumption of 6 months.

Maintain The Cholesterol Level

When you age it gets tough for your body to maintain the level of cholesterol in your body. And more amount of fat and lipids increase the risk of heart disease in your body.

But the ingredients of CholesLo make sure that there are no toxic elements in your body. It purifies the blood and oxidizes it. I have personally experienced the same in the case of my father. There was considerable change in the lipid levels after its usage.

Improve the Nutrient Deficiency

This is one of the best things you would achieve with the usage of this supplement. It equally distributes the nutrients that you get from the different food sources. 

Along with this it improves your overall health in an efficient way. And that too without posing any side effects on your body.

Keeps Your Mind Positive

It is another best thing that you would experience with the usage of this supplement. Moreover, the natural ingredient of this supplement keeps your body relaxed and positive.

And when your mind is positive and lively you tend to work more to get the results. Additionally, with the improved health every other thing also falls at the right place. 

How To Consume CholesLo?

When it comes to dosage the best thing you could do is follow the manufacturer guidelines. In this way you would be able to get premium results.

As a dietary supplement, manufacturer advice that you could take 2 capsules daily. In this way you would be able to save your body from any harmful  effects.

Moreover, my father did the same. In the beginning he took one capsule every day. This is because his body takes some time to react to the foreign substance.

But as soon as his body got used to the pills he increased the consumption of this capsule. And increased the dosage up to 2 capsules per day. 

Just even in the fifth week he got considerable change without any side effects. Moreover, manufacturers also advised that if you have any other medical condition then first consult your physician.

And if you want to buy the supplement always use the official website for the same. In this way you get the authentic product.

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