Cardarine Review- Does This Supplement Worth Trying?

Medically reviewed by William Gonzales, MD FACT CHECKED

Here in this Cardarine review, I am going to present a sequence of events in front of you. This sequence of events is from my friend’s life who somehow got advised to consume Cardarine.

As a result, he went through a few bad days in his life but finally somehow got himself on track. This was with the help of a few sane people.

Also, I have added a number of important stuff in this Cardarine review when it comes to basic details about this substance.


Cardarine is a peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor delta or beta. It is also known as Endurobol and GW501516. It was invented in 1992 by GlaxoSmithKline in collaboration with Ligand Pharmaceuticals.

Cardarine was mainly developed so that it might help to cure metabolic diseases like type-2 diabetes, blood pressure, and excessive fats. It could also be used for treating heart problems such as cardiac arrest, etc.

At the same time, a number of athletes might look to work on their skeletal muscles and they try to use Cardarine for the same. But the consumption has been prohibited and even warned by the WADA.

It may influence the overall physical performance of the body. That is the reason that it remains to be a perfect choice for professional bodybuilders and several athletes.

Why To Use Cardarine?

The people who consume Cardarine, according to them, Cardarine is a healthy substance.

They also state that It helps them in enhancing the Peroxisome Proliferator activated receptors which are also known as nuclear receptors. 

Peroxisome Proliferator activated receptors are a group of proteins that are found in your cells and said to be used for perceiving steroid hormones.

Many other proteins control the function of different genes in your body. It could be responsible for the growth and development of your body.

You may also experience improvement in blood sugar levels with the consumption of Cardarine as directed.

It may enhance the rate of turning digested food into energy and the metabolism of your body. 

That would help on the days when you are not in the mood to exercise and specifically on your break day.

This may result in elevated protein synthesis of the body which means it will enhance the formulation of lipids in your body which might help in dissolving fatty acids.

Personally speaking, I will never recommend anyone Cardarine consumption. This is because it has not been approved by the FDA as well for general consumption.

Here is an FDA warning about SARMs.

What To Expect From Cardarine?

Regular consumption of Cardarine may help you in accelerating the stamina of your body. It would result in retaining energy and you might be able to work out for a longer duration.

Cardarine may as well enhance your stamina by converting excess fat into energy for a short-term period but it is never recommended for long-term usage.

According to a number of people who speak positively when it comes to regular Cardarine consumption, they state that it might also reduce the excessive weight put on and fat dilution of your body.

You would experience enhanced energy levels by consuming this healthy substance.

They also claim that it might improve the blood flow through blood vessels. With this, your nervous system could get enhanced and work efficiently. By this, you may not feel the need to rest in between the workout sessions.

Cell damage recovery might be enhanced by several enzymes present in Cardalean that would help in protecting the cells from further damages.

Another PPAR just like Cardarine has also been found to be having adverse effects on heart health as well.

For this very reason, it is recommended that one should generally stay away from any kind of PPAR consumption unless they are prescribed by the doctor.

Here is the governmental text on the same.

Who Recommended Cardarine?

In his early thirties, he was working at a government organization. Probably replaced on his father’s designation and it was a desk job. Mostly sitting from morning to late in the evening.

This made him overweight and look bulky. Due to this, he had started feeling anxious that which led to depression.
The majority of the time, he used to feel restless.

Due to the stress of work, he used to have an urge to eat something or the other throughout the day. By this, he looked even more chubby.

Before joining the work, he was into weight training and used to hit the gym every day. His overall strength was up to the mark.
Now because of work he was occupied most of the time.

While on the weekends, according to him, he was left with no will and urge to work out or perform any kind of exercise. Which eventually resulted in gaining more and more fat.

Then one fine day, according to him, he was feeling uneasy since he woke up. At first, he thought he must have slept on the wrong side last night.

This would have been the reason. As the day wore on, he started feeling more uneasy. By the evening, there was a pain in the chest and in the meantime, he did not feel like doing anything.

The next day, instead of going to work, he considered it appropriate to go to the doctor and tell him whatever he felt about the health condition of the past few days.

After listening to everything, the doctor suggested that losing weight should help and also reduce obesity so that you may feel better with time.

After getting advice from a professional, he decided to find and take help from a gym trainer in the evening itself. He started finding a gym trainer living nearby on the internet about the availability for help in the training process.

Meanwhile, he made an appointment with a trainer for the next day. Now he was so determined to work on his weight loss that he didn’t even go to work the next day and went to meet the gym trainer by noon.

There he narrated his painful condition to the gym trainer. After knowing all the complications, the gym trainer said there is no need to worry.

The trainer told him that in weight training, mainly punctuality matters. With this, he added to consider Cardarine as a supportive health substance that would enhance the overall transformation process. As directed, he bought the bottles of Cardarine by the evening.

Cardarine Side Effects

Before starting Cardarine consumption he met with a nutritionist. She made a thorough diet plan according to his needs and suitable for his cutting phase like beans, soup, eggs, sausages, etc.

He used to carry a box filled with nuts, as its consumption may help you reduce your appetite and increase your feeling of fullness.

He used to hit the gym every day in the evening and consume Cardarine along with the proper exercise.
A few initial weeks were normal.

After the fourth or maybe the fifth week of Cardarine consumption, he started feeling a loss of energy and was getting tired easily. This went two weeks more.

In the sixth week of the consumption, he started experiencing pain in the lower abdomen, and later he could not even walk properly. Shaky legs, difficulty walking turned into a daily routine.

While going through such hard times, he decided to consult a gastroenterologist as soon as possible. As a result, he started searching about the same on the internet.

Luckily, he found one who resided just a few miles away from his place. At the same time, he took an appointment with the doctor. So that further processes could be done smoothly.

He had an appointment with the doctor after the next two days. As scheduled, he went to the doctor’s place. He was still in pain followed by other complications.

As he reached the doctor’s clinic, in another minute he was sitting next to the doctor. He told all his ordeal to the doctor. Listening to which the doctor immediately asked for conducting a few tests without delay.

The next day in the morning, he revisited the doctor as it was the results day. He was nervous about it. The doctor informed him about the serious problem emerging from his complications.

Reports were showing that supplements have moderately affected his liver and it may increase eventually and lead to liver toxicity.

He was a bit stressed about the increasing complications. The doctor said to him not to worry and suggested he should go through a lifestyle change, take precautions and most probably lose weight.

For another four months, he was on medication. He reduced his junk food consumption and changed his daily routine. Eventually, it helped him in losing weight. This also enhanced his liver health.

Dosage Information Of Cardarine

Since this was the first time, he was consuming any substance, according to him, he tried to follow each and every aspect of the dosage as per the directions.

As a result, he was very particular about it and trusted the manufacturer’s guidelines. Somehow he was advised to take 10 to 20 mg per day to get all the benefits in a limited period.

Personally speaking, this particular dosage level was really on the higher end when it comes to beginner consumption. I guess, for this very reason he started facing side effects or issues at such a rapid pace.

Alternate For Cardarine

After recovering from his liver complications. He was still determined to lose weight and now started research on a better health substance alternative to Cardarine.

According to him, he found out about the Brutal force’s Cardalean from one of his gym buddies who was aware of the fact that my friend consumed Cardarine and faced side effects.

This time around, my friend researched and learned that it is a powerful fat burner that contains natural ingredients. As a result, it could help him reduce that extra fat that his body has accumulated.

He also mentioned that he was also kind of expecting an elevation in his gym performance as well. After getting suggestions from a different trainer who believed in natural bodybuilding my friend started working out rigorously.

Hence, you could say that he started his training process properly with the controlled diet as suggested by the nutritionist earlier.

From the initial two weeks of regular consumption, he started to feel a slight decrease in body fat with each passing day.

What I feel is, my friend’s initial fat loss could have been his body trying to remove excess water from his body. As a result, this could have motivated him to the fullest.

As a result, his fat loss journey took a decent start and as I write this piece, he has lost a decent weight by following a natural process.

I have also been feeling motivated since the time I came across his Cardarine consumption story and how he overcame the side effects and is finally working towards a better tomorrow.

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