Blood Balance Review- Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Medically reviewed by William Gonzales, MD FACT CHECKED

Are you struggling with your health despite your bated efforts? If yes, then this Blood Balance review might give you the cure if your issue.

It is an advanced formula that claims to lower your blood pressure. And also help in improving your overall health and well-being.

I have personally consumed this supplement. So you would get a real-life experience story in this review. 

As a result, you would be in a better position to decide whether you need this supplement or not. Hence, if you want to improve your health naturally, then you might be interested in reading till the end. 

I have tried to cover all aspects of the Blood Balance formula in this review. As a result, you would be able to know how this formula works on your body. 

Let me start with the basic details of the Blood Balance Formula.

When you age, certain factors may affect your health, such as increased age, medical complications, and an unhealthy diet routine.

And no matter how much you take care of your health, you might fail to keep things in place. Moreover, the same could happen with your health.

This is the reason it might be really mportant to maintain the right balance between your daily life and health. Among all the common issues, blood pressure could be one of them. 

It could affect your health at any age. When your blood pressure is high, it may increase the pressure around your veins.

With increased pressure, your cardiac health may also get affected. And that blood pressure could be the most common issue that is faced by a number of people. 

At this juncture, the Blood Balance formula comes into the picture. This supplement might help you regain a healthy life back. 

According to the manufacturer, the best thing about this substance is that it comes with only natural ingredients. In this way, you might be able to get most of its benefits with hardly any side effects in most cases.

Moreover, the manufacturer also claimed that it could also enhance your body’s metabolism. In this way, you might experience a major energy surge. 

Besides, they also claim that Blood Balance could help you improve your focus and concentration. That may further help you to keep your health in check. 

At the same time, the official website mentions, it could also work in controlling your blood sugar level and cholesterol level. This may give you an extra advantage in terms of cardiac health improvement.

Having said all that, the pace of getting all benefits might vary from person to person. 

Why Did I Choose Blood Balance Formula?

I am a middle-aged man who always tries my best to keep the parameters of health in check. For this very reason, I always follow a particular diet plan and exercise schedule.

But a few months ago, I got seriously ill. Moreover, I took a month’s leave from my office. It was very exhausting for me even to perform day-to-day activities. 

Along with this, I also experienced a sharp rise in my blood pressure during those days. Though with the help of my physician I was able to improve my health. 

After I recovered, I joined my office and started my daily routine. But to my dismay, things were not the same. I started feeling really tired even after little work. Even after taking all the medicine, I was low in energy.

Besides, I also lost my focus and concentration. I was unable to perform even a  little bit of movement exercise. Seeing my condition worsening, my friend told me about the Blood Balance formula. 

He also told me how he was able to improve his overall health and wellbeing by using this substance. Along with this, Blood Balance also helped him improve the blood sugar and cholesterol levels of his body.

When I heard this, I got really excited as I really wanted to improve my condition. 

Blood Balance Formula Working Procedure

As per the claims made by the manufacturer, Blood Balance comes with natural ingredients that try to work on your body naturally. Also, the researchers mention that the best thing about this substance is that it has a great combination of ingredients. 

These ingredients try to work on every aspect of your health issues and may as well help you in improving your overall health. The official website claims that the substance works in a three-way process to improve your overall health.

Firstly, it has ingredients that try to control your blood sugar level. And may as well increase the good level of cholesterol. As a result, the blood may be able to flow smoothly in your veins. 

In this way, your cardiac health may also see an improvement. Hence, there are high chances that your heart may feel no or very less obstruction.

This is when you might be able to say that it might not cause any further complications such as hypertension and heart attack.

Secondly, it tries to decrease the level of bad cholesterol in your body. With carbs and unhealthy food, you might increase the amount of cholesterol in your body.

But Blood Balance tries to make sure that you are left with a higher amount of good cholesterol in your body.

Thirdly, it may as well assist your body in reversing insulin resistance and may as well lessen the chance of type 2 diabetes in your body.

Along with this, it also tries to increases your body’s metabolic rate. As a result, you may be able to keep your body weight balanced. 

Having said all that, if you try to combine all these benefits you could be energetic and your focus and concentration may also see an uptrend.

Blood Balance Ingredients

As per the manufacturer’s official website, the ingredients of this supplement could be regarded as the USP of this product. They claim that they did not use any artificial compound or substance added to this supplement.

You may be able to reap all the benefits with hardly any side effects as claimed by manufacturers. Here is a list of its ingredients-

  • Biotin

    It is an important ingredient that maintains the blood sugar level of your body. As a result, the chances of medical conditions like type 2 Diabetes would be less[1].

    Along with this it also improves the body’s metabolism and improves your overall health.

  • Juniper Berry

    This ingredient has antioxidant properties. It fights inflammation in your body and helps you to stay away from severe health issues such as a cardiac attack.

    Along with this it also helps in treating heart alignment and hypertension.

  • White Mulberry Leaf

    It is another ingredient that comes with hypoglycemic properties. Moreover, It maintains the insulin level in your body. And help you to improve your overall health and well-being.

  • Cinnamon Bark Powder

    Coming from a spices family, this ingredient plays an important role in improving your overall health. It controls insulin levels and helps with insulin resistance.

  • Berberine

    This alkaloid comes with both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. As a result, it enhances your overall health.

    Along with this it also lowers cholesterol levels and reduces the excessive glucose production in the liver[2].

  • Bitter Melon

    This is one of the most important ingredients in the Blood Balance formula. Moreover, this substance has obesity resisting properties. As a result, you would be able to maintain your weight with this substance.

    Along with this it also lowers the bad cholesterol and increases the amount of good cholesterol.

  • Guggul

    It is an ayurvedic herb that has been used by people for ages.  It helps in treating obesity-related issues. Along with this it also helps in improving your cardiac health.

  • Vitamin C

    This is an important vitamin that helps in muscle growth. You could easily find this vitamin in citrus fruits. It aids in increasing your bone strength and energy. Additionally, it also enhances the production of red blood cells.
    Moreover, it also maintains the blood sugar level of your body. As a result your overall health and well-being eventually increased.

  • Gymnema Sylvestre

    You would be able to find this ingredient easily in many medicinal supplements. It comes with hypoglycemic properties. As a result, it maintains your blood sugar level and lessens the chance of Diabetes 2.

    Along with the above-mentioned ingredients it also contains some minerals. Such as Zinc, Magnesium, and Chromium.

    You could easily find these ingredients in many vegetables and fruits. These ingredients maintain the metabolic rate of your body.

    And also balances the blood sugar level in your body and keep you away from disease such as Diabetes. Besides, it also improves your body’s immunity and protein synthesis process.

My Personal Experience With Blood Balance Formula

As soon as I come to know about the Blood Balance formula, I was excited to use it. But it was the first time that I was trying something different than regular medicine. 

I was reluctant to use it. But more than anything I wanted to improve my health at any cost. Hence, I did some research on my own.

I read everything about the substance from the official website. When I visited the official website, those positive reviews were making me curious.

After reading those things, I was getting a feeling that I should start to use this one as soon as possible. 

I also checked the list of its ingredients to make sure that I am not allergic to any. And to my luck, I didn’t find any side effects. 

Hence, I ordered my subscription from the official website and started consuming it regularly. Before using this substance my blood pressure was high. 

As a result, I was hopeful that the Blood Balance Formula might help me to overcome this issue.

Results Of Blood Balance Consumption

In the beginning, everything was on the same point as it was prior to starting the consumption.

I was following all the guidelines that were given by manufacturers. Even I took my dosages as per the instruction. 

But still, there was no improvement even after the 3 weeks of usage. However, I was hoping that results would show up very soon. 

As many times, our body takes time to get used to a new substance. Hence, I continued its consumption.

But to my dismay, there were hardly any changes even after the 3 months of usage. And the same was the result with the third month. 

As I was not able to observe any results, I stopped consuming Blood Balance pills. I was already suffering from my health and didn’t want to worsen my health. As a result of which, I continued consuming my regular medicine. 

Hence, I can state that my experience with this formula was not at all satisfactory.

Blood Balance Alternative

Personally speaking, my experience with Blood Balance was not at all satisfactory. Even after completing my full consumption cycle, I was unable to get the result. 

Moreover, to get the best advantage from this product I started following a healthy lifestyle. From doing regular exercise to cutting carbs from the diet, I did everything. 

But still, the results were nowhere to be seen. After using Blood Balance, I was disheartened with my results. But I still wanted to improve my overall health and well-being. 

Hence, I took expert advice this time. They recommended that I should undergo a testosterone test and check my t-levels. According to them, t-levels may be the reason that I am facing these health issues.

When my results came in, the health expert was pretty much on point. There was a huge gap between my testosterone levels and what should be the ideal testosterone level at my age.

This is when he recommended that I should start using TestoGen. In the beginning, I was confused that whether I should use this product or not. 

But taking the expert’s opinion and then not following his advice might not be a great idea. As a result, I started its consumption. And to my surprise, there was an improvement in my health. My blood sugar level saw a decent decline.

This might be because of my improved healthy diet and increase in the fiber content that I started consuming. Not to miss, I also started consuming millets in some form every day.

Along with this when I went to the doctor he was surprised to see my blood pressure. It was in the right figure. At the same time, I got myself tested for testosterone levels, and the reports suggested an improvement there as well.

Hence, to conclude, I am confident enough to say that, not only did the Testogen also help me in increasing my energy levels, my day-to-day activities were also just like a cakewalk.

Even my focus and concentration get better with regular usage.  Overall it helped me in maintaining my health in a natural and efficient way with no side effects.

Having said all that, I made sure that I am following a proper diet plan and also sticking to a gym schedule as well. As a result, I was able to observe an overall improvement in my health conditions.


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