Top 4 Best Penis Extenders For Men in 2022!

Medically reviewed by Eleanor Thompson, MD FACT CHECKED

Are you struggling with the length of your penis? If you want to overcome the same then you have landed at the right place.

In this review, I am going to share the Best Penis Extenders that you could add to your daily life and bring a considerate change.

When it comes to men, they are pretty interested in having a larger penis. I have personally experienced the same. 

With a bigger penis, men take more pride. It adds extra advantage while having sexual intercourse with your partner. 

You could fully take control of your sex drive with a bigger penis. And could satisfy your partner in most sensual way.

So let me first tell you what penis extenders are then I will share the brief details of the best 4 penis extenders.

Penis extenders are an external medical device that stretches the size of the penis and brings out a considerable increase in the length.

Many factors affect the size of your penis length. Such as poor health, genetic issues, unhealthy diet, and many more.

These factors hinder the growth of your penis and make it tough for you to enjoy your sexual drive.

Moreover, this thing further creates a problem in your physical relationship too. You may not be able to enjoy and satisfy your partner during sex.

Though there are many options available in the market to increase the penis size. You could take the help of erectile dysfunction pills and other medications.

But if you are suffering from any medical condition you might not be able to continue with the same. 

At this juncture, these penis extenders might help you in the long run. And also enable you to achieve the desired result.

These penis extenders come with a plastic ring that sits at the base of the flaccid penis and another one just before the glans.

Moreover, the only thing you have to do is wear the device on regular basis and stretch the penis to make it longer.

Additionally, manufacturers also claimed that you would not have any complications while using these devices.

Many people these days are considering these devices to increase their penis length.

So now let‘s move forward to the details of the best penis extenders.

Top 4 Penis Extenders In 2020

Quick Extender Pro

This penis extender is one of the most used and highly popular devices among men. It works on your body safely & effectively to increase the penis size.

And the best thing about this penis extender is that it is the only device that works on the double support strap (DSS) system.

This highly acclaimed DSS system comes with two silicon medical silicon tubes that secure the head and shaft of your penis.

With regular usage of the device, there could be bad odours and the environment which could create a penile infection in your body.

But this DSS system makes sure that there is enough space around your penis. As a result, the skin around your penis would be able to breathe.

And it would be less painful for you. Moreover, these straps would hold the shaft and penis of your head better and would bring a positive outcome. 

Quick Extender Pro

How Quick Extender Pro Works?

This penis extender works around your penis by applying a constant light stretch regularly. 

Moreover, this device approaches the three-way process in your body. and help you to get the desired outcome naturally.

Firstly, it exposes the penis to constant traction and this traction further create microtears around your shafts. These microtears create gaps in the penis tissues. 

Secondly, your body starts repairing these tears with the help of a process known as mitosis. This process further creates the cell decision in your penis tissues. And fill the gaps that are created by traction.

Lastly, with the increased cell division, the length and girth of your shaft start getting increased. Moreover, this whole process is pain-free as claimed by manufacturers.

You could yourself decide for how many hours you want to put this device on your shaft, There is a complete manual provided by manufacturers.

 What You Could Gain?

  • Harder & fuller erection
  • Faster & Permanent  result
  • Improves the circulation
  • Rare side effects
  • Increases Penis length & girth

Size genetics

Size genetics is another penis extender device that has been successfully and safely helping thousands of men to overcome their sexual issues.

Moreover, this device is pretty useful in treating Peyronie’s disease without affecting your body in any way. 

It is clinically proven and tested that brings comfort and satisfaction around your shaft. And the best thing about this penis extender is that it is very lightweight.

Size Genetics Features

How Does Size Genetics Works?

By using this device you would not feel any heaviness around your penis. It flawlessly works and brings the desired results.

Moreover, you may not have to consume any pills and medication internally. All you have to do is use this device regularly and it stretches the size of your shaft.

And the working process of this device is very simple. If you have ever done weight training you would easily understand its mechanism.

When you lift heavy weights you stretch your muscle and this thing further creates tears in your body.

And when these micro tears get repairs your muscle gets increased. This penis extender does the same. 

It may allow your Penis to get longer, fuller and thicker from every side that too naturally. And with the increased size the blood circulation around your penis also gets smooth.

What you Could gain?

  •  Bigger & Thicker Penis
  • Increased blood flow
  • Enhance Libido
  • Safe & Secure to use
  • Increase the sexual performance
  • Stationary results

Male Edge

Male edge is another efficient, safe, and secure method to increase the size of the penis. One of my friends has personally used this device.

Hence, I decided to include this in the best penis extenders list. Whether you have a curved penis or a bent one you could easily use this device to straighten the penis.

Moreover, there are many methods like penis enlargement surgery and medications that may further pose serious threat to your body. 

In this scenario, Male Edge penis extender is a better and safer option to increase the length of penis.

Male Edge Features

How does Male Edge works?

This penis extender works on a very simple phenomenon. When you wear this device regularly it stretches the tissues around your penis.

With the increased stretching microtears starts occurring in your penis tissue cells. And when this tissue gets repaired in your body it takes the form of muscle.

In this way, the size and girth of your penis may also start increasing. Moreover, with the increased size, you would be able to take full control over your sexual drive.

Along with this it also increases the blood circulation around your shaft. And this thing ultimately enhances your libido and erection levels. 

As a result, you would be able to enjoy a fuller and thicker load of orgasms during sex. And the best thing about this device is that you get a proper video tutorial on how o use it.

In a nutshell, you would be able to see positive changes in your sex drive with this penis extender.

What you Could gain?

  • Remove the erectile dysfunction issue
  • Increase the size and girth of the penis
  • Money guarantee & permanent results
  • Enhanced sex drive
  • No risk & side effects
  • Pain-free process

Jes Extender

I have personally used Jes penis extender to increase the size of my penis. As per my view, by using this device you could not only increase your satisfaction but also could enhance your sex drive.

The most amazing thing about this device is that it is clinically tested and proven safe & secure.

You could take the help of pills, creams, and erotic oil to overcome the sexual issues. But these tend to have side effects and might harm you body.

Also you might not get a positive result. As sometimes these pills don’t suit your body type and also do not produce the desired result. 

On the other hand penis extenders are generic product and work externally on your penis without causing any harm to the vital organs.

Jes Extender Features

How Does Jes Extender Works?

This device applies a stray stretch across the penis over time. As a result, the tissue of your penis divide and multiply at a faster rate.

This thing further binds all the muscle together over time and increase the size and girth of your penis.

Moreover, the results of this penis extender stay for a longer period. You could regain the lost confidence by using this device as claimed by manufacturers.

And no matter what is your penis size it is comfortable for everyone. This is because there is an adjustment option in this device.

It perfectly adjusts with your penis size and doesn’t produce any pain.

What could you gain?

  • Treats the male enhancement issues
  • Improve the sex drive
  • Clinically proven
  • Adjustable to each size
  • Efficient results

beginner's Guide To Penis Extenders

If you want to increase the size of your penis without any internal consumption there are certain points you need to keep in mind.

This is because before trying any product it is important to become aware of all its profits and shortcomings.

Here I am writing down some, so that you would be able to decide whether it is suitable for you or not.

  • These penis extender devices work externally on your body. That means you would have to use it on regular basis as per your comfort.
  • Manufacturers and many customers also reviewed that you would not be able to increase the penis size by more than 35 percent. So it would be better to not expect superfluous results.
  • Additionally, the whole process could take some time. So you would have to be patient and regular with its usage.
  • Lastly, you might take some time in adjusting to the device. As you have to use it externally on your penis you might feel odd and uncomfortable in the beginning. But with the constant effort, you could get used to and get your desired outcome.

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