Andro 400 Review – Is It Really #1 T-Booster As It Claims Or A Scam ?

Medically reviewed by William Gonzales, MD FACT CHECKED

This Andro 400 review is not like other reviews that are present about Andro 400 natural testosterone booster all over the internet.

Here, in this article, I have presented my findings and showcased my own personal journey from the day I started Andro 400 consumption, till the very end of the cycle.

Hence, if you read this Andro 400 review till the very end, you would be in a better position to decide for yourself, if you want this testosterone booster for consumption or you would need to look for any other substitute of the same.

Since I am a regular gym goer, I like to see the impact of my had work that I put in each and every day in the gym.

But in recent times, my muscle growth came to a halt. As I was not able to notice any changes in terms of muscle growth.

As a result I was feeling disheartened, seeing my enthusiasm taking a dip, my gym trainer had a discussion with me and suggested a testosterone booster.

Hence, I purchased what he suggested without much of research as I had a complete faith in him.

I started with the consumption and followed each and step that was suggested by him.

A few months ago, I completed my consumption cycle of this testosterone booster which was of 6 months, hence this article.

Before taking you any further into my consumption story of Andro 400, let me discuss some of the basic information about this testosterone booster.

Andro 400

As per the manufacturer, Andro 400 is a testosterone booster that is present in the market since the year 2004.

According to them, it is one of the safest and legal method to increase the testosterone levels in Men and Women.

Manufacturer claims that Andro 400 is pretty effective in melting the body fat. Shooting the libido levels up to 90%.

Accelerating the sex drive to an astounding level, with a 73% increase. As per them, it also plays an important role in boosting energy and vitality.

Also, improving the mood and memory as per the research. All in all, it could be regarded as one of the better testosterone booster according to the manufacturer.

Let us now take a look, how exactly Andro 400 works and what are its main functionality.

How Andro 400 Works?

The process through which Andro 400 works is pretty simple and a natural one. One of the most talked about process with Andro 400 consumption is losing the fat levels.

This process happens when an appropriate combination of amino acid and herbs combine to produce a great amount of heat within the body.

This type of thermogenic reaction takes place with the body and makes sure that the fat cells are converted to energy.

At the same time, various other functionality takes place within the body. As a result of which new fat storage does not take place.

This happens due to the blockage of specific enzymes that helps the cells in accumulation of fat.

As a result, there is complete breakdown of fat taking place and at the same time, no new accumulations are allowed to happen within the body.

Hence, the fat levels starts taking a dip with the proper consumption of Andro 400.

When it comes to testosterone boosting process, a key ingredient Eurycoma Longifolia is responsible for the same.

It helps in elevation of testosterone levels using the complete natural process which is extremely safe and side effect free.

Andro 400 Ingredients

Let us now take a look at the key ingredient that is being used by the manufacturer.

Eurycoma Longifolia

This is a Malaysian  ginseng that has been used by the men in Malaysia since ages to enhance their sexual health, fever and other immunity related issues.

A number of people also call this herb as Tongkat Ali. It also helps in the release of free testosterone to meet the optimum requirement.

This ancient herb is also known for its amazing effects in the treatment of erectile dysfunction problems, and male infertility issues as well.

On the other hand, it helps in improvement of external aspects of human body as well. As it helps in facial and body hair growth.

Helps in deepening of voice. Promotion of bone and strength growth, at the same time, it helps in increasing the libido levels as well.

Andro 400 - My Consumption Story

With the initial phase of starting the consumption, I was pretty pumped up, since this was my first testosterone booster that I was going to consume.

Personally speaking, I had no prior experience with any of the testosterone booster. Having said that, I was also following a strict diet plan.

This was provided to me by my gym trainer as he mentioned that it will be really beneficial for me along with the regular consumption of Andro 400.

I also made sure that, I am not skipping even a single day of dosage. Hence, I wanted everything to fall into its place.

At the same time, I was hoping that, since I was following all the steps suggested by my trainer and also maintaining a proper gym schedule.

Making sure that I am working out as per the workout plan provided by my trainer and under his supervision carrying out my daily workout.

Having done so much, I should see some positive results and benefits. Below are the changes that I noticed after following the proper consumption and a tight gym schedule.

Changes In My Body During Andro 400 Consumption

These are some of the changes that I noticed during the consumption period of Andro 400.

Since, everyone if differently mechanized, these results or changes could vary on people to people basis.

Having said that, I am sharing the changes that I noticed when I was consuming Andro 400.

  • Reduction In Fat Levels

    One of the first and major changes that I felt within my body was initiation of reduction in the fat levels.

    I was pretty happy to see my love handles being reduced in size. At the same time, my fat to muscle ratio saw a great improvement throughout the consumption period.

  • No Muscle Gains

    On this front, Andro 400 was a complete flop show. I was not able to feel even a slightest form of muscle growth.

    Even though, I followed each and every step and procedure that was recommended by my trainer, I was not able to see any positive effect on muscle growth.

  • Slight Increase In Strength

    As the time period in the consumption cycle was increasing, I saw a slight increase in strength.

    At the same time, I followed the incremental weight workout routine. This also supported my strength gains. Hence, I cannot fully credit Andro 400 with this one.

  • No Increase In Libido levels

    Although, my sexual health and libido levels did not need any push. With the consumption of Andro 400, I did not see any changes happening.

    My intimacy levels and sexual life was unaffected with the consumption of Andro 400. My libido levels neither increased nor it decreased.

My Dosage Schedule With Andro 400

When it came to dosage schedule, I was following the recommended dosage levels.

Hence, from the day 1, I started with 2 capsules per day. Not to miss the strict diet plan and regular gym schedule that was being followed by me during this consumption cycle.

Side Effects

On the side effect front, Andro 400 was a complete satisfaction. During the whole consumption cycle, I did not feel even a slightest of side effects.

I was never sick, even for a single day. Although flue season was going on at that point of time.

What are the best supplements for testosterone? [Alternative To Andro 400]


If you ask me now, about the overall experience with the Andro 400. I will conclude that, it did not feel satisfactory even for a single day.

I gave my 100% to the full consumption cycle and all I received in the name of result was a reduction in fat levels.

Hence, I was never satisfied with the results. Post this, I decided to search for a better testosterone booster myself and found TestoPrime and TestoGen.

Within the initial phase of consumption of Testoprime, I was incredibly excited by seeing the changes.

Hence, I did complete the consumption cycle of TestoPrime as well and I can tell you that the results were much better when compared with Andro 400.

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