Ageless Male Review- Does This Testosterone Booster Really Work?

Medically reviewed by Lincoln Carington, MD FACT CHECKED

This Ageless Male Review contains my personal consumption story. I have consumed this supplement for over 3 months. 

In this review, I have also included the other details such as the working mechanism, ingredients list, and possible side effects. 

In this way, you would know whether this supplement produced any good results on my body or not. 

Moreover, I am pretty sure that in the end, you would be able to decide better whether this product is worth it or not. 

In the market, you would get many options to improve your health in many ways. But sometimes it gets tough to choose what best for your health. 

Hence, if you are someone who is looking for a supplement to improve your energy level and aging issues, then you might want to read this information till the end.

Ageless male is one of the popular dietary supplements that help in increasing the testosterone level of your body. 

Due to this reason, it has gained a lot of popularity among gym enthusiasts and fitness freaks. When it comes to me, the body’s ability to produce the testosterone hormone decrease with age. And if there are some pre-medical conditions then you might suffer more in maintaining the same balance for a longer period. 

With low testosterone levels, you might suffer in your sexual life. And this thing might create an error in your relationship and life. 

Besides, with low energy levels, it also gets tough to maintain lean muscle mass and strength. And without energy, it is tough to handle the stress of day-to-day activities. 

In this situation, supplements like the Ageless male might be a great help. This supplement gives an extra push to your efforts. 

and the best thing about this supplement is that it is packed with natural ingredients. That means you would be able to get the results in a limited period. 

And there would be a very rare chance of any side effects. On top of that Ageless male is backed by years of research and has shown its effectiveness. In this way, you might expect better results with the regular usage of this supplement. 

Why Did I Choose Ageless Male?

I have been a gym enthusiast since my college days. But after leaving college I got busy with work. 

Due to this reason, it was tough for me to maintain my body. And the muscles I used to have in the college were nowhere to be seen. 

When I saw my reflection in the mirror, it was tough for me to recognize myself. On top of that my energy level was also decreasing. 

I was getting tired with my office work only. This was high time that I needed to do something. Earlier in the past, I have tried many testosterone boosters supplements. 

And I was able to get the results too. But this time I wanted to improve my body at a little faster rate. 

Hence, I started searching for a supplement that could help me in getting my lean muscle mass back. 

But the market is flooded with so many options. And finding the right one is a tough task. Hence, I took the advice of my friend who is a bodybuilder. 

He told me to use Ageless Male. Besides, he also told me that I would be able to maintain muscle mass with the use of this supplement very easily. 

He has used this supplement in the past and got amazing results. Now I couldn’t wait to try this supplement. I was excited to know that I could naturally improve my health at a faster rate.

Ageless Male

Ageless Male- Working Procedure

If you have been little familiar with the field of body-building you must have known one thing. To maintain the body’s muscle mass and energy level, your body needs enough amount of testosterone level in your body. 

This testosterone hormone occurs naturally in the body. But with time the production of testosterone hormone in our body starts diminishing. And with low testosterone, many health complications arise. 

You might not maintain your energy level throughout the day. Along with this, it might create trouble in your sexual life. 

Hence, it is important to maintain the level of testosterone hormone in your body. And in this situation, Ageless Male might help you in the long run.

This supplement comes with the ingredients that increase the production of testosterone hormone in your body. 

With the increased level of testosterone, your body would be able to fight tiredness and fatigue very easily. 

Along with this, it will also claim to improve the sexual strength and stamina of your body. In this way, you would be able to take full control over your sex life. 

Besides, Ageless Male might help you in decreasing the excess level of fat from your body. Overall this supplement claims to improve your overall health and well-being naturally and efficiently. 

Ingredients Used in manufacturing process

The ingredients of Ageless Male are the USP of this product. Moreover, manufacturers have used unique quality ingredients that help in getting the desired results promptly.

These ingredients are purely natural and come from organic sources. In this way, it doesn’t harm your body in any way. You could take this supplement without having any doubt in your mind. 

Here is the list of its full ingredients-

Vitamin B6

It is one of the important ingredients in this supplement. And we all know vitamins are a great source of energy.

This substance helps in improving the brain function of your body. Along with this, it also helps in increasing the blood circulation of your body. 

As a result, it would be easy for you to contract your muscle at the time of a heavy workout very easily. Besides,

it is also helpful in decreasing the prolactin level of your body. 


Zinc is another mineral that is present in the form of amino acid chelate in this supplement. With the presence of this substance, the sperm quantity of your body would increase. 

Besides, this substance also increases the testosterone hormone production in your body. In this way, this substance improves the physical and sexual activity of your body altogether. 

Moreover, this substance also triggers the production of luteinizing hormones in your body. 


This is an important mineral that is present in Ageless Male. This substance is directly related to the production of the testosterone hormone. 

Moreover, it fulfills the amount of testosterone hormone in your body for day-to-day activities. Besides, with increased testosterone, the last hour in the gym would be easy for you. And it also helps in maintaining the blood pressure of your body. 

Fenugreek Seed Extract

This is one of the most important ingredients in this supplement. You could easily find this substance in many forms. 

And it helps in lowering the blood sugar level of your body. Along with this, it also helps in lowering the cholesterol level of your body. In this way, it improves the cardiac health of your body. 

Overall this substance improves the testosterone level of your body. As a result, you would be able to improve the sexual and physical stamina of your body. 

Other Ingredients

Along with the above-mentioned substances, Ageless Male also contains some other ingredients such as stearic acid, calcium carbonate, magnesium stearate, silica, and croscarmellose.

Overall these ingredients produced a positive effect on your body with minimal chance of side effects. 

Ageless Male- Personal Consumption Experience

When I come to knew about Ageless Male, I couldn’t wait to try it. But to be on the safe side, I thought of researching on my own. 

Once, I was content with all the details, I order the supplement from the authentic vendors. After getting my order, I started using it. 

During the initial days, I took extra care while taking this supplement as I was trying a supplement after so long. 

And I also have some issues with my blood pressure. But I tried to follow everything as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. 

Moreover, to take some extra advantage of this supplement, I started following a diet schedule. And I also joined a gym near my place. 

After using it for two weeks, I didn’t find any difference in my energy levels. But I thought maybe this supplement would take time to show up the results. 

Hence, I continued the consumption. And I was somehow right after three more weeks, I felt a sudden rush in my energy levels. 

I was in the gym and was able to lift the heavyweights without any trouble. Moreover, I was able to maintain the same energy level throughout the day. 

I was elated to know that I can experience all the benefits that it claimed. But more than that, I was unable to experience anything else. 

I used this supplement for more than 2 months but there was not much change in my body appearance. 

And I was getting very irritated day by day. Even my friends asked me about this easiness. I was unable to figure out that why it’s happening to me. 

After experiencing all these symptoms, I consulted with my physician. He told me to stop the consumption immediately. Hence, it was not a good experience.

Is Ageless Male safe?

Personally speaking, it was not a satisfactory experience for me with Ageless Male. After using it for 2 months, I was getting very irritated and cranky. 

After experiencing all these symptoms, I searched more about this supplement. And I come to know about many things that I am sharing here. 

However, this supplement is packed with natural ingredients but the effects of these substances could be different from person to person. 

Many consumers who have taken this supplement were unable to experience all the claims that were told by manufacturers. 

This product helps in maintaining the testosterone level of your body but when it comes to increasing sexual activity it fails to produce effective results. 

However, this supplement is suitable for all age types of men and doesn’t produce any side effects. 

But many consumers have stated that with regular usage of Ageless Male, they experienced some side effects such as uneasiness, bloating, increased heart rate, and loss of smell and affection. 

However, it is advised by manufacturers that if you are suffering from any symptoms for more than a week then stop its consumption and consult your doctor. 

And if you have pre-medical conditions, then you are advised to take this supplement only after the advice of your doctor. 

If I talk about my experience, I was unable to experience the benefits that I was looking for. Hence, it is important to use this supplement only after keeping all the points combined. 

Moreover, manufactures have advised that if you are willing to purchase this supplement then buy from authentic vendors. 

In this way, there would be hardly any doubt on the authenticity of the product. 

Ageless Male - Alternative

After using this supplement, I was disappointed. Along with time, my efforts were also wasted. 

And there were no results. This experience gave me another lesson, that never to use any supplement on someone else’s advice. 

It might work for others but not for you. With different body comes different results. 

Hence, this time I took expert advice and booked a consultation with my nutritionist. 

I told him about my health issues. After listening to everything he told me about many testosterone boosters compound in the market. 

And to increase the testosterone level of my body he told me to use Testogen. Moreover, he also told me that if you want to improve the sexual performance of the body you could use Prime Male.

As of now, I just wanted to increase my testosterone level. Hence, I started using Testogen. In this way, I was able to improve my lean muscle mass and strength altogether. 

Overall, this supplement truly helped me in regaining my confidence and stamina back. Since then I am a regular consumer of Testogen and anyone who wants to improve their body muscle mass could use this regularly.


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