1-Andro Review: Does This Really Helps Improving The Testosterone Levels?

Medically reviewed by William Gonzales, MD FACT CHECKED

In this 1 Andro review, I am going to add my son’s story who was new to the bodybuilding world and started his journey with 1 Andro.

At the same time, I have included his consumption experience and consumption results as well. Personally speaking, I did not like the fact that he never consulted me before consuming this.

Hence, you could say that I learned it the hard way. Everything has been enclosed in this 1 Andro review.

As a result, you might want to stick with me until the very end in order to know if he was able to achieve his goal or not.

A dietary supplement that might increase lean muscle mass and could help to improve the stamina of the body. It contains DHEA, which may help people with depression, obesity, etc.

It also may elevate testosterone levels in the body and might as well help your body in increasing the levels of growth hormone.

Higher testosterone levels might help your body in keeping the bones strong. They could be able to do so by increasing bone density and may as well signal bone marrow for manufacturing more red blood cells.

How Does 1-Andro Tries To Works?

There is not much information available on the official website as to how exactly 1-Andro works.

The only thing that the manufacturer mentioned is that, when and if you may consume 1-Andro pill, the body might try to absorb the same and converts 1 Andro to a hormone.

These hormones are identical to the testosterone hormone. Testosterone can help build muscle, bone mass, and growth of body hair.

The only thing that has been used as a part of the ingredient list is DHEA. As a result, you may say that with the consumption of 1-Andro you could be actually consuming a hormone itself.

This might harm your body’s natural hormone-producing powers.

Ingredients Used In 1-Andro

  • DHEA

    It is an abbreviated form of Dehydroepiandrosterone. It is a steroid hormone precursor. Dietary supplements containing DHEA might help people with obesity, depression, adrenal insufficiency, etc. It also helps in increasing testosterone levels and is said to be pivotal to a young man’s development.

  • Microcrystalline Cellulose

    It is refined wood pulp that originates from deforestation and acts as an emulsifier in food productions. It is white odorless, tasteless powder and is used for direct compression. Acts as a strong binder, tablet disintegrant, lubricant, etc.

  • Hydroxpropyf-beta-cyclodextrin

    It is an alternative to alpha-,beta- and gamma-cyclodextrin and is used as an enabling diluent in pharmaceutical formulations.

  • Phytosterol

    They compete with cholesterol and enhance absorption in the digestive system. They are added to food supplements that enhance heart health.

  • Stearic Acid

    It is a type of saturated fatty acid used as an emulsifier, lubricant. This makes supplements safe to ingest and later helps in absorption.

  • Magnesium

    It is a crucial mineral in bodies function. It helps to keep blood pressure normal, bones strong, and keeps a check on the heart rhythm by controlling pulse rate that would lead to serious heart diseases.

    More on it here.

  • Starch

    After the body completes the digestion process, it later breakdowns the glucose molecules. It gives strength to every cell of the body.

  • Titanium Dioxide

    It is a food coloring agent that is used to make pills white. It is used in very small amounts because adverse effects were seen in the immune system after consumption.

  • Silica

    It is used in the silicon dioxide form as an anti-caking agent that helps to keep ingredients away from sticking together. In supplements, it is added to control the thickness and decrease foaming.

  • FD&C Red 40

    It is a type of red-colored food dye that is used to give foods, drugs, supplements, an appearance. This also defines the texture of the supplement to the person consuming.

Why Did I Choose 1-Andro?

As soon as I reached the age of 18, my father allowed me to join the gym. Prior to that he never allowed me anywhere even near the gym.

Prior to this he always encouraged me to try out sports to make my body flexible and fit. On the other hand, after turning 18, when I joined the gym, it was completely a different experience for me.

For the first six months, I was hitting the gym every day. My weight started decreasing but my muscle mass was unstable and looked bulky.

After observing my health condition, the gym instructor suggested 1-Andro testosterone will be good for me to consume, he added.

As advised by the expert, I thought it would enhance my transformation journey. Hence, I bought one pack of 1-Andro from the e-commerce website, as it was not available in the gym at that moment.

My Experience With 1-Andro

The initial weeks of consumption with weight training were going great, I was getting into good shape. But after six weeks, my health started deteriorating. All the muscle mass gained was getting lost readily. I was becoming weaker.

Week by week, I was experiencing uneasiness, that was increasing day-by-day. I was consuming 1-Andro pill regularly.

Later I started to observe a record high in blood pressure and feeling dizzy all day long. By irregular digestion, I was getting bowel symptoms.

When the pain and weakness were unbearable, I went to see the doctor. After knowing about my health deterioration, he prescribed to immediately stop consuming 1-Andro and admitted me to the emergency room.

He ran a few tests and according to the reports, my testosterone levels were really fluctuating because of this pill.

Afterward, I was on some medication to retain energy. The same thing continued for another two weeks, Post that, I started feeling better and it felt like I became old me.

During these tough times, my family especially my father became really anxious. He could not sleep when he came to know about my condition.

Side Effects With 1-Andro

It is said that 1-Andro works to elevate testosterone levels of the body by absorbing chemicals present in it. The same happened to me as well when I started feeling uncomfortable from the sixth week of consumption.

My doctor also pointed towards the fluctuation caused in my testosterone levels because of the chemicals present in the pill. For me, it was like a downfall in overall health conditions.

He suggested that I should stop the consumption of 1-Andro immediately.

1-Andro Alternative

After consuming 1-Andro and failing miserably. I was now determined and attracted to weight training. I went to my doctor for his sound advice on the subject matter.

This is when he turned me towards a nutritionist. Hence, I discussed all the pros and cons of the health-related products with him.

After knowing all the complications I faced in the last six months, he felt a bit nervous to suggest me something further. After brainstorming and observing everything, he suggested that I  should go for a healthy and clean diet.

At the same time, he recommended me that I should be regular with my gym sessions. In the end, he mentioned that I should try Testogen as well.

It’s a dietary supplement and was much safer as per my health conditions. Since then, I started consuming Testogen and weight training side by side.

There was zero weakness, I felt a boost in my stamina and could observe my body getting into shape like it was never before.

After doing all the gymming and healthy eating along with an external push from the Testogen, I feel that I am on a right track. I personally hope that I would be able to achieve my body goals and get a dream physique as well.

Final Words On 1-Andro Review

I was searching for a health supplement that would help me,  Then gave 1-Andro a try. But after experiencing ill effects, stopped consuming immediately.

Now I have stopped stressing about my body weight and maintaining a lifestyle. Now I’m more focused on my diet and thorough weight training which has helped me a lot.

I learned that blindly following the instructions of an expert is also a bad idea, not looking towards the capability of the body would lead to serious consequences and sometimes death.

For this very reason, now I also take small decisions myself depending upon my body’s requirements. Frankly speaking, this has helped me a lot.

By doing so I am also able to achieve a number of positive results. Not to miss, the importance of an external push that was provided to me by Testogen.

I really consider it as a boon and it has been helping me a lot since the time I have started the consumption.

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